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  1. Sorry, another question as no one has mentioned it yet, does the Grand Suite include internet whilst onboard?
  2. Thanks everyone for their input, it’s been much appreciated! I have previously only cruised in an inside room so know this experience is going to be mind blowing! Lol. This is my wife’s first ever cruise, she’s going to think this will a the norm Lots of great advice already, thanks so much
  3. Hi all, This morning we found out that our Royal Up had been successful and we are moving into a Grand Suite 1 Bedroom. I’m hoping the wealth of knowledge in here can help me to understand the perks and how to make sure we maximise them. We are departing Australia tomorrow for our Voyager of the Seas cruise on May 1st so being contacted by the concierge (by phone anyway) isn’t going to happen. Thanks in advance
  4. Yes, I’ve logged into the app and also my account on a laptop, unless there is a further site to log into (this wouldn’t surprise me as the app and the desktop are so different)
  5. No it’s not a guarantee cabin, we chose and paid for a selected cabin
  6. I’ve sent the TA an email too, but I’m expecting a delay in responding due to Easter
  7. Thanks everyone for the help and advice, frighteningly I can’t see most (any) of the screens/options being posted on my app or when I sign in….
  8. We sail in 14 days, I can’t find them
  9. I’m lost, I can’t see this option? I can view Set Sail Pass? But can’t see view Boarding Pass anywhere? I’m in the app, is there a different way to access what you are referring to?
  10. Getting closer to our May 1st sailing, I’ve seen many references to people accessing their baggage tags. Newbie question, how or where do I find them? I’ve done the check in but obviously not the health questions yet.
  11. I hadn’t heard this news, hopefully for the people of Finland, and everyone else this is nothing more than a bluff. Hoping it doesn’t affect our Baltic cruise on May 1st
  12. Hi all, First time sailing with Royal, do they have theme nights? If so how can I find out what the themes are? We are on Voyager of the Seas departing Copenhagen on May 1st. Thanks!
  13. This is my fear, I have identified a test centre just down the road from our hotel for the pre-departure antigen test and hope it’s still operating when we arrive (April 29th)
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