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  1. Sorry, another question as no one has mentioned it yet, does the Grand Suite include internet whilst onboard?
  2. Thanks everyone for their input, it’s been much appreciated! I have previously only cruised in an inside room so know this experience is going to be mind blowing! Lol. This is my wife’s first ever cruise, she’s going to think this will a the norm Lots of great advice already, thanks so much
  3. Hi all, This morning we found out that our Royal Up had been successful and we are moving into a Grand Suite 1 Bedroom. I’m hoping the wealth of knowledge in here can help me to understand the perks and how to make sure we maximise them. We are departing Australia tomorrow for our Voyager of the Seas cruise on May 1st so being contacted by the concierge (by phone anyway) isn’t going to happen. Thanks in advance
  4. Yes, I’ve logged into the app and also my account on a laptop, unless there is a further site to log into (this wouldn’t surprise me as the app and the desktop are so different)
  5. No it’s not a guarantee cabin, we chose and paid for a selected cabin
  6. I’ve sent the TA an email too, but I’m expecting a delay in responding due to Easter
  7. Thanks everyone for the help and advice, frighteningly I can’t see most (any) of the screens/options being posted on my app or when I sign in….
  8. We sail in 14 days, I can’t find them
  9. I’m lost, I can’t see this option? I can view Set Sail Pass? But can’t see view Boarding Pass anywhere? I’m in the app, is there a different way to access what you are referring to?
  10. Getting closer to our May 1st sailing, I’ve seen many references to people accessing their baggage tags. Newbie question, how or where do I find them? I’ve done the check in but obviously not the health questions yet.
  11. I hadn’t heard this news, hopefully for the people of Finland, and everyone else this is nothing more than a bluff. Hoping it doesn’t affect our Baltic cruise on May 1st
  12. Hi all, First time sailing with Royal, do they have theme nights? If so how can I find out what the themes are? We are on Voyager of the Seas departing Copenhagen on May 1st. Thanks!
  13. This is my fear, I have identified a test centre just down the road from our hotel for the pre-departure antigen test and hope it’s still operating when we arrive (April 29th)
  14. Hello all, We will be on the Voyager out of Copenhagen departing on May 1st. Having never sailed Royal before, nor having sailed in a very long time I’m wondering what the cost of drinks are whilst onboard (indicative anyway) for soda, beer and cocktails. With that info I feel I’ll be better able to make a decision about a drinks package or not. I’ve heard (antidotally) that a beer is now around $10 each??!! Cocktails between $13 and $15. No idea for soda yet. Are these prices roughly correct? Thanks in advance
  15. I have to be careful doing that though, being an Aussie and buying multiple times on the credit card, even after refunds, the poor exchange rate and bank fees really add up quickly. In regards to refunds, I’m still waiting for my St. Petersburg canceled tour refund to come through….
  16. Ah yes, ok I see what’s happening, I thought everyone was referring to all sailings!
  17. Thanks for this, I’m checking the pricing multiple times a day in hope. The link request was for the buy 1 get one 1/2 off as I’ve never seen a sale advertised for such things. This is my first time with Royal so wondering if I’m looking in the right place.
  18. Can someone send me a link for this please? My drinks package has actually gone up I must be missing something somewhere
  19. Just tried by looking online and I can see it there now, but has been using the app previously (I assumed they would be the same ) We booked through a large booking company, so I assume that’s the same as a travel agent. I’d love to see some of the drink packages come up for sale though
  20. Just read the news (might be a bit late with this as it was dated yesterday) stating that Norwegian has cancelled their Northern Europe cruises for this season. We are travelling from Australia to join the Voyager for a week in the Baltic before spending the following 4 weeks touring Europe and the UK. Scared to ask the question, but, what’s everyone’s thoughts on the likelihood that Royal will follow suit? Fingers crossed they don’t cancel, this was/us to be the highlight of my trip
  21. Thanks for this, we sail the 1st of May, I’ve found the cruise planner to be very lacking to date, that or I’m not using it properly. Lots of options still don’t appear available (uploading docs etc). I can see the Main Room Dining options but no option to book anything. Thanks for your assistance though
  22. New to Royal, our booking is for “Open Dining” which I believe is Any Time Dining? Is that correct? Do we just go to the dining area whenever we want? Thanks
  23. I’ve seen many posts that refer to “sales” or %off, where are these? When I look at my booking options they always appear to be the same?? I’ve certainly never seen a mention of a sale anywhere Happy to save some me money if I can!
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