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Wow.  For those of you (like me) in the IT world... all of these disparate RCI systems (reservations, payment, yadda) were running on IBM ASA/400s prior to launching the new web site.

For those not in IT, ASA/400 series IBMs were rolled out in 1988 and sold through 2000.  So... running on hardware at least 18 years old... up to 30 years old.  Eeeeeeek. 

Cobbling together a web site front end to something like this antique hardware sucks (from an IT perspective) .  I saw plenty of that in the 90s and into early 2000s... front stodgy institutions like banks and airlines... but in 2018? 

That's an IT shop that's been completely ignored and underfunded until things are so broken that it's a serious drag on profits. 

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Maybe when I do finally try to log in(in a few days to spare me the aggravation)  I will be lucky and instead of booked cruises disappeared, I will have free/extra ones added!!!   Trying to

I totally can allow for the complexity of migrating a database to a new architecture, especially if they were previously using an open-source system and now migrating to a proprietary / commercial / e

He was originally going to post it on the RC Website, but then he realised no one would be able access it 

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On 4/10/2018 at 8:39 AM, Traveler said:

Thanks for the article , 

I did not find explanation for what was the issues that made this roll out to a disaster (5 weeks of unstable front-end application is a disaster) .

There was one clue ...   moving to microservices   (and some other buzzwords) it seems that the CIO decided to push every IT buzzword to this new application/roll out.     

What's interesting here is that was under the old CIO, Michael Giresi.  He quit and went to Aramark in September of last year & Royal named Martha Poulter the new CIO just before Christmas.

There's no way this started after Poulter took over, this project had to be in the works well before Giresi left.  But I cannot fathom why they'd move forward with throwing the switch on such a big PUBLIC FACING infrastructure change that early into the tenure of a brand new CIO.  There's no way she's gotten a handle on all the projects going on and what every team under her is working on and responsible for in three months on the job.

This is pure conjecture on my part, but having been up close and personal with some big corporate software-related projects, I bet you that website redesign was horribly behind schedule and fraught with problems.  Giresi either ran away screaming or got pushed out and Poulter was hired on to make the new code ship come hell or high water and that's exactly what she did--damn the bugs, we'll fix 'em as we go.  No way does a brand new CIO do a major release three months in to a job unless that's what they were specifically hired to do.


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Guest toodle68
19 hours ago, mk-ultra said:

For those not in IT, ASA/400 series IBMs were rolled out in 1988

Yes, I noticed that..  The AS/400 is still widely used though. The issue is probably not so much the hardware, but that the application is one massive code base that takes forever to change, test etc.. Their QA and release cycle is probably not weekly, it might not even be monthly. That is likely why there has been next to no updates on the old system over the years.

Still, moving to devops/micro services should have allowed them to quickly release fixes and be up and running in days.. and to quickly re-introduce functionality.  So my theory is they just migrated their massive code base and called it all agile/devops and slapped themselves on the back. I have seen this done many times.

What they should have done is split off small pieces over several months. This is exactly what my IT dept is currently doing.

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Sadly, while planning my upcoming Alaska cruise on explorer (I'm missing the group cruise by about three or four weeks).  Every time I try to plan an excursion or any other thing that's fun, I've been getting this error screen. The other picture was stealthily taken by the photographer as he watched me yell at the internet. That's me working on a yacht, using my hotspot to surf the rccl site and fantasizing about cruising (and not working) on  what is essentially a MUCH bigger yacht. The background blur is actually angel island in SF. But I digress. I keep getting the error page when I want to plan or do anything. It wasn't doing this a few weeks ago. Perhaps another update that hasn't been tested to fix the broken update?? 1st world problems, but  nonetheless, problems. 



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