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Reading on a cruise.


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I read approximately 4 books on a 7 day cruise. I only bring one with me for the airport, plane and terminal waiting. The rest of the books I get from the library. As soon as my feet hit the deck of the ship I am off to the library to pick up several books. My last cruise, not Royal but begins with a P, the library had only 150 to 200 books, what a let down. The first morning I went to the library to see if any more had been added and James Patterson, about 10 different novels were added and I grabbed 4 of them and read them all. I find it calming, relaxing and if I am not going to port I can spend hours reading. I don't like ereaders, for some reason I want the hard cover novel in my hands when I read.



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I download several books from my local library to my Kindle fire. On Transatlantic cruises, I enjoy spending some time in the afternoon reading them on my balcony or in the Solarium. I can also read on those looooooooong flights over the pond. I can adjust the font size to suit my liking, it is lightweight as others have already pointed out and the screen auto adjusts to the light.


Thanks to many of you for some book suggestions for my upcoming T/A in April!!

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I am a voracious reader (love history and nonfiction) and can't imagine a sea day without a great book (whether it be Kindle, iPhone or hardback) and a deck chair next to the adult pool, looking out at the ocean.  What a relaxing way to spend the day, complete with coffee in the morning, lunch brought back to my lounger from the buffet and a couple of rum drinks in the afternoon.  I even sit in the pool and read when I want to get some sun.  In fact, it's part of the reason we cruise.


It's definitely not high literature by any means, but if you want a fun read try "Cruise Confidential" by David Bruns.  A non-fiction look at the crew behind the scenes.

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The Oasis model is their premium / luxury model, with a genuine leather snap-on case that, when attached, gives two to three MONTHS of battery life instead of the six week estimate of the latest Paperwhite and Voyager models. Also has the automatic brightness adjustment, and is thinner and lighter and supposedly more ergonomic. And it uses eight LEDs for supposedly even better evenness of the lighting.


But the screen on all three is the same size and resolution, and all three use the same display fonts and settings. So it comes down to whether you're willing to pay for the bells and whistles.

I've owned just about every Kindle model since the Kindle 2. Most recently I've owned the Yoyage and use the Oasis currently.


The price of the Oasis is very high and it took me a while to justify it. I ended up collecting a few Amazon gift cards and using that to offset it.


The Oasis does NOT have the auto light sensor. It also doesn't have the haptic page press buttons. In using the Voyage, I ended up not using the auto light sensor anyway - wasn't useful to me. I ended up adjusting the light manually all the time even with the auto sensor turned on. I did like the haptic feedback, though.


Ultimately it was the size and weight of the Oasis that swayed me. The screen is the same size as the other models, but the device is physically smaller and much lighter. I read quite a bit in bed and being able to do it one handed is important - size and weight are important.


The Paperwhite is probably the best device Amazon has ever made. It is the right balance of features and price. For every day reading it is perfect and I still use mine (I handed my Voyage down to my wife) quite regularly. I may end up bringing it vs my Oasis on my next cruise.

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