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  1. I volunteered. I'm in the travel industry (a separate branch from cruising) and have family in the amusement park industry. The sooner we can find ways for people to safely enjoy these activities again the better. And I desperately need to see the "line where the sky meets the sea".
  2. Unless you see something that is a really exciting alternative for you, I think I'd wait another month or so. We had booked back up vacations for all our trips through Jan, but we're waiting a bit longer on our July trip. I think/hope/pray things will feel less murky in a couple of months and at that point we'll feel better prepared to make a decision for something that far out.
  3. I agree with longer is always better! For my first cruise, we went on a 3-night because I was worried about whether I would enjoy cruising. They literally had to pry my hands from the hull as I was disembarking because I didn't want to leave! There are different aspects to larger vs smaller - and as the others have posted - that article is a great place to get you started thinking about what's important to you and how you like to vacation.
  4. Thank you! Just saved $25 each on our excursion in Victoria!
  5. We cruised the Freedom to the ABC islands last October. My favorite memory was the day we spent at the Renaissance Aruba on their private island! I hand fed flamingos and when we were at lunch, we were entertained by the tiny birds helping themselves to the fruit garnishes left on drink glasses after guests left nearby tables.
  6. We're on the 8-night Anthem cruise with that itinerary that departs NY on 10/30/21 next year if that helps any.
  7. We talked about this and I have been threatened with bodily harm if my Mom doesn't get to eat in the buffet (in whatever form it's taking in the new world) at least 3 times.: I like the Solarium Bistro, too - so we'll make sure we enjoy that a meal or two. However, we weren't thrilled with the MDR, so having this plan will be a great option for us!
  8. Ours isn't quite that low - we're on the Anthem Oct '21 and got it for $199 - but when you figure it's an 8-night cruise it's less than $25/day!
  9. Thank you both! Between the lunches and the dessert suggestions, we've decided to YOLO Book it!
  10. Thanks! I thought that might be the case, but couldn't find anything that said so clearly. hmmm.. back to the pros/cons list for us. That was the point that bumped us over from the 3-night package to the unlimited financially. I appreciate the info!
  11. Hi all! I've tried to confirm this, but I"m not asking search the right way... If I purchase the unlimited dining package for my anthem cruise, does the $35 a la carte credit cover things like the upcharge desserts at La Patisserie? Thanks!! mp
  12. We booked a room at the Aruba Renaissance to have access to their private island for the day. They'll still allow you to go to the island even if your room isn't ready. The island is beautiful and the flamingos are very friendly.
  13. We rented a car in St John's and Halifax. St. John's was fantastic! We took a beautiful drive out to St. Andrew's, had a lovely lunch and got to walk on the sea floor (we saw about a 25 foot tide difference in the couple hours we spent there. FWIW, we didn't like Peggy's Cove. We were among the first off the ship, got our car and headed straight there. We still were unable to park and saw several busses that had beaten us there. it was so crowded we couldn't even enjoy driving through the little village. Next time, I think we'll wander around Halifax itself - there seemed to be plenty t
  14. If you're not doing self-assist, I wouldn't book before 3pm out of Hobby. Last year our boarding group was about 1/3 of the way through and we didn't get through Customs until noon. Unfortunately, if there are other ships in port, the Customs officers are split up and they probably won't have a full complement available for your cruise. (Oh, and no fog issues on our return.)
  15. If you love flamingos, you might consider getting a room at the Renaissance Aruba right by the port. They have a private island available to guests that has a small (5-7) flock of wild flamingos who have figured out that living the rock star life on that island is very, very good for them. LOL! They are very comfortable near people and the island is absolutely amazing!! This isn't my site - but it's one that I used while researching our day there. https://www.myfoodandhappiness.com/5-reasons-to-visit-flamingo-beach-aruba/ They do offer day-of day passes, but only if the resort occupan
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