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Shareholder question


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10 minutes ago, Marga said:

Any other Rcl shareholders on this board? 

For the last two weeks the shares have been going down rapidly where I would expect the opposite since Royal has started sailing again. 

Any thoughts at what's going on? 

I am wondering the same thing, but I am not going to lose sleep on it.  I believe when cruising is "really" back the price will jump back up.  

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I was just thinking about this (not from a shareholder position, just from curiousity) and was going to start a new thread. Lost in all the positive news about restarting is the fact that cruise lines are still bleeding money, possibly even worse than when all the ships were in layup. Their operating costs are going up at a rate that I am sure is much faster than any revenue finally coming in. It is amazing that these companies have managed to survive!

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Market is forward looking. Share price almost hit $100 in February then again in June. Both times optimism was high but shortly after it was realized the price didn’t support reality and share price regressed. I’m playing the long game, I went big when price was in the $20’s and set a sell floor at $15 which wasn’t hit so all shares still owned. I think in a few years the price will be up to $150. This being due to pent up demand resulting in much higher fare prices as well as more large ships which I understand break even at 30-40% passenger load. 
I purchased because I like to own shares of brands I consume and enjoy.
At a bare minimum one can achieve a quasi dividend each time they sail if 100 shares are owned. 
For what it is worth I’m a farmer not a financial planner so if you are still reading this and have a lawyer, disregard all above information. 

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I bought them at 50 and sold at 70 which was stupid. 

So bought again at 70 and now planning to sell at 100 dollars. 

Was expecting them to rise because they were up to 96 earlier this year. 

Just have to wait I guess. 

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Yesterday (Tuesday) I think the stock did a nose dive because the CDC is appealing the Florida case about cruising.  Follow through for today.
As stated by others, prior to this and today is also macro-overall market going down, and for cruising stocks- higher overhead (including gas prices very high) and Carnival has another stock offering to raise capital and all travel stocks going down because of fear of the Delta variant. 
I also think RCL will hit $100 eventually and should have already.  Now is a great time to buy more as the fall and 2022 will be a great time to sail. 

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14 hours ago, Esmom said:

We were able to use our shareholder credits on our upcoming cruises in Aug and Feb.  it wasn’t a problem. 


16 hours ago, BrianB said:

Wondering if anyone knows… 

Is the Shareholder Discount still being applied to cruises post-Covid? I don’t know why it wouldn’t but I haven’t heard anything either way. @Matt?

Me to, no prob.

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