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  1. So if I book a 3 night dining package; does this mean I can visit 3 restaurants total? Or could I go one night first to Johnny Rockets and then to Chops which would could as 1 night? Is it nights? or restaurants?
  2. Just curious in general about guarantee rooms. We have booked a guarantee balcony on Wonder of the Seas. Looking at our sailing all suites are sold out. If I wanted to book a balcony today I could only pick from about 20 staterooms. This made me wonder : I am sure they have sold more than 20 guarantee balcony rooms. So how does that work? Do they reserve a number of rooms for this that never go into normal sale? I always assumed guarantee cabins were leftover cabins that nobody had picked.
  3. I bought them at 50 and sold at 70 which was stupid. So bought again at 70 and now planning to sell at 100 dollars. Was expecting them to rise because they were up to 96 earlier this year. Just have to wait I guess.
  4. Any other Rcl shareholders on this board? For the last two weeks the shares have been going down rapidly where I would expect the opposite since Royal has started sailing again. Any thoughts at what's going on?
  5. Hi, I have never booked a dining package before and was looking at the prices today. It says on the RC site For restaurants with a la carte pricing, you’ll receive a $35 food credit, with the exception of Port Side BBQ and Playmakers which will be $20. So when you book a dining package you don't actually get to eat where ever you want, whatever you want? $35 per person does not sound like a lot. Do you pay a surcharge for the rest? Maybe I'm missing something?
  6. The news had an update this morning. They said 9 Covid positive crew/workers have now been removed from the ship and the ship has been 'released' and can leave the port if it wishes.
  7. I read this today in my local news: https://www.rtvnoord.nl/nieuws/796055/Corona-uitbraak-op-cruiseschip-1000-opvarenden-vast-aan-boord Since I am sure that you all cannot read Dutch I will summarize: A 1000 people are unable to leave Odyssey of the Seas which is currently docked in Bremen. This is because 5 employees of Meyer Werft in Papenburg were tested positive for Covid-19. The 5 infected staff have been taken into quarantine and are no longer on the ship. Last week the first 2 cases surfaced. The others have been in contact with the first 2 and were infected on the ship. No further cases are expected. Around a 1000 onboard guests and staff are stuck on the ship. This last part surprises me. Who are those 1000 people onboard the ship?
  8. Thank you for the help. Our TA is lifting our cruise to October 7th as we speak (fingers crossed). We had a really low price so glad of this opportunity.
  9. So it would make sense to quickly pay the rest of the amount? I pay directly to my TA and officially i don't know anything about a cancellation yet
  10. Apparently my cruise 7th September Holy Land has also been cancelled. I haven't heard anyting from Royal or my TA. But I saw it in Cruiseplanner. Very disappointed. Does anybody know : I had only paid the $900 deposit. I will be lifting and shifting to October 2022 and I read you then get 125% to compensate. Will I get that over the full fare or just the $900 ?
  11. The Emmssperwerk is not a bridge but a dam / weir. Maybe that's why they have to wait?
  12. Schifffahrt is the words schiff (ship) and fahrt (travel) combined ?
  13. I think the conveyance is really happening. This screenshot is from a website that posts shipping notices. It says something about there being hindrance for other ships on the river Ems due to the conveyance. (my German is not so good sorry). I am going to try and go and take video and pictures to post here. Any recommendations for a good spot?
  14. Hi, I have been on Jewel and Symphony before and both had a coffee place with specialty coffees that were included in our deluxe beverage package. I saw today that Odyssey has a Starbucks. Does this mean that specialty coffees will not be included in the package? Or will there be 2 coffee venues onboard?
  15. Seems to be coming from this : http://www.creative.rccl.com/Sales/Royal/Promotions/Snapshot_of_CruisePlanner_Offers.pdf
  16. I was able to book Odyssey (september 2021) alcohol packages discounted from 57USD to 43USD. Was also able to buy 1 for my husband and refreshment for myself, so the package was no longer mandatory for everyone in the same stateroom. Great deal! Thanks!
  17. Strange that you got this, but now it's nowhere to be found. Seems to be legit, maybe they are postponing a few days with announcing? I wonder why they would make these changes when a lot of these already have bookings? For me keeping my fingers crossed that our Odyssey the Seas will not be altered.
  18. How do you get these offers? We are gold C&A members, but never get any e-mail with any sale offers. I actually never get any mail from Royal at all. Yes, they do have our e-mail adresses and we book directly with them
  19. I live in Europe and have cruised several times in the Med. Although I highly recommend these sailings I do want to say that you won't really see Europe this way. If you want to cruise I would recommend Barcelona to Civitavecchia (Rome) and adding days in front and back of the cruise. If you have time, take a train from either city to Paris. High speed trains are not very expensive if you book in advance. First class one way costs about 100 euro per person. Stay a few days in Paris, take the train to London and visit there a few days and fly back. All depends on time and budget of course. Have a great time with your daughter, sounds like a lovely plan!
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