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Reservations Needed???


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Hello all!

Like many/all of you, I'm REALLY hoping cruising resumes this Summer and beyond. We are scheduled to go on Symphony in October 2021. One of the stops will be Cozumel. I've recently started looking for things to do and since my wife loves beaches, relaxing and drinks, looks like 2 good options are Nachi Cocom or Mr Sanchos.

My question for those of you that have gone, do I need to make reservations ahead of time? I do realize that Nachi is a much smaller resort and tends to cap the attendance. I just had concerns about their websites might not be the most secure. Anyone here reserve online? If we get in early, can we just show up and get in? Just trying to figure which resort is better regarding amenities and should I reserve online or just show up?


Thanks all! 

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21 minutes ago, CJS2766 said:

Of the 2 resorts, which is better? Which one offers more than the other???

People like both, Mr Sanchos has better stuff for kids if that matters and a more lively atmosphere. If you want to pay as you go, Paradise Beach is an option.

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On 6/1/2021 at 9:00 AM, CJS2766 said:

I just had concerns about their websites might not be the most secure.

Many credit cards have "virtual cards". This is a one time card number that can only be used once or, once used, can be disabled without affecting your normal CC number. When I am the least bit concerned I use this feature. 

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We love Nachi Cocom. I use paypal to pay the deposit - that adds a level of security. We have had no issues. The deposit is refundable up until a few days ahead of time. In my opinion, it is worth the $8 deposit to know I have a spot. Plus $39 for all you can eat, drink and beautiful beach. I'm ALL in. 



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