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  1. I intend to walk onto that boat and straight to the Excursion Desk...LOL. Then swagger over the the closest bar!
  2. After thinking about it, regardless of being vaccinated, I actually find some peace in the idea that RC is testing EVERYONE for COVID before boarding. Having an uninterrupted vacation is most important to me. Anyone who may be trying to sneak on with fake documentation will at least be tested before boarding. I'm good with that!
  3. I have decided the family will be going Mr. Sanchos instead of the Dune Buggy excursion I have booked with RC in Cozumel. I am getting pretty tired of the cancel excursion/wait for refund process. So, I am thinking it to be smarter to just wait until we get onboard and cancel the RC excursion (which is scheduled for three days after boarding). I believe my plan would result in getting an OBC of the refund amount...which I would prefer to use to offset my sons' drinking bill anyway. Is there any problem with this plan?
  4. OK. I am obviously not as aware of the testing requirements as I should be. So... I added one extra day after the cruise to stay in Nassau, since our return flight to US was rescheduled two hours earlier and I was worried we may have trouble making our flight upon return to mainland. So, we actually leave Sunday morning. We are all fully vaccinated. Will the test we take on RC be correctly timed for our department to US?
  5. Are we confirmed yet to be able to book private excursions?
  6. I have not seen either of these cabana type lower in price...at all. Sorry! Our cruise, the price actually went up $100.
  7. Formal Night: Ugh! I was afraid of that. I did not want to dress up after Coco Cay days. So be it... Baha Mar transportation: We have a party of 4 adults so we would probably not be an option for splitting. Sorry!
  8. My family of four, including two 20 year olds will be onboard! Very very excited!!! We arrive the 18th and will be staying at Grand Hyatt Baha Mar for a day before the cruise. I realize this it may be subject to change, but does anyone know when the 1st (and 2nd) formal nights will likely to occur? Thinking of setting up a massage and hair appt before the 1st one.
  9. So are you putting in a May date of arrival, then assuming a 45 day approval? I am not able to get the calendar to extend to June (when we actually cruise on the 17th).
  10. I am also double booked. Allure 6/20 and now Adventure 6/19. Allure is fully paid and I will need to pay remainder of full payment on the AOS in a few days. Obviously, I would rather RC cancel the Allure, so that I can get the 125% credit. Is there any reason I should worry about paying the full payment on Adventure and let the Allure reservation lie until it is cancelled by RC? Worst case, I can cancel it myself within 48 hours, right? I am embarrassed to say I am not sure if my deposit refundale for Allure. Is there an easy way to tell? Regardless, the CDC seems to have guaranteed the demise of my Allure cruise on 6/20.
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