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2 cruises or a suite?

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Depending on which ship you're going on, I would say two cruises. On many ships the Junior Suites are just a small bit larger than the balconies, and many of the newer ships (Oasis and Quantum class) have huge balcony cabins. Unless you want a specific benefit of the Jr. Suite, such as the extra points or the bathtub, I say go two cruises!

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I agree with what @nate91 said.  The worth of a JS really depends on which ship you are sailing.  Other than the double points and extra space, if the ship has Coastal Kitchen, it might be worth the upgrade.

There are other factors to consider as well.  What type of cruiser are you?  Do you enjoy time in your cabin?  If so, the upgrade to a suite might also be worth it?  Does the JS have an aft view (some do), if so, that might make it worthwhile to upgrade as well.

Personally for me, my work schedule really limits my cruise time.  So the suite always wins out because I simply cannot squeeze in the extra cruise or two that many others can when they save by forgoing the suite.

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For me price is a big factor in the cruises I pick.   However it does depend on itinerary and if it is a cruise where I have done many of the ports already.  Also, is this a cruise where you are celebrating a personal event such as an anniversary?  Those types of factors may lead you to consider the upgrade.  

My run rate is roughly 30% in suites so it's something I am selective about.  In many cases I would rather complete two cruises over one in a better cabin because I don't spend a lot time in my cabin.  

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After our first cruise, we realized we spent very little time in our cabin.  All we honestly did was sleep, shower, and change in there.  After the this, we made the decision to go for quantity over quality. 😄 

Seriously though, staying in a cheaper cabin allows us to cruise more often.  

I saw a back to back mentioned up there.  I second (or third?) this idea. It's a great experience.   I did my first back to back in Jan of this year.  I now have 2 planned for 2021.

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