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A new Twangster blog!! A new Twangster blog!!! I don't care if it's completely fake and all the pictures have been seen before, IT'S A FREAKING NEW TWANGSTER BLOG!!!!!

A new fake feature is the Royal Transporter.  I dropped by just in time to see some new guests arriving from another ship. 📷 :CBS/Paramount Pricing: For $79.95* (plus 18% gratuity)

I have a fever but it isn't from COVID-19.  I have cruise fever and an itch I can't scratch.    So why not join me for a wild and impossible cruise itinerary involving teleporting between cabins,

Posted Images

Day Three

Riding in the Royal Transporter is a lot like riding the Ultimate Abyss.  Keep your elbows in at all times but otherwise it's a fun ride.

Now onto the next ship on this virtual fake cruise...

  • "The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated?" - Mark Twain
  • "It ain't over till it's over." - Yogi Berra 
  • "I don't have to believe everything I read on the internet.  Only time will tell" - Me

Given the rumor mill that has been in full swing I'd thought I'd return to my favorite little ship with the biggest heart - Empress of the Seas.  

For those that haven't heard speculation fed rumors have Empress leaving the fleet.  Royal Caribbean denies these rumors so I'm going with that.  Just in case, I'm planning this next segment of my virtual cruise on my favorite little ship.

As long as she is being offered I'll keep booking cruises on this little gem.  Debating her fate can be experienced in other threads, this is my small tribute to her and I thank you for keeping this thread that way.


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All the Empress photos remind me of something that has always boggled the mind - the public spaces on the smaller ships have so much more room to move around. In particular, the Schooner Bar has less chairs and tables in what appears to be MORE space than on some of the newer, bigger vessels.

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