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  1. We sailed with a group of 19 family members. We were seated at 2 tables - a table of 10 and a table of 9 - right next to each other. Each table technically had different wait staff (which was amazing!) but we were encouraged to sit at either table each night so we had a chance to visit with everyone throughout the cruise.
  2. Thank you for this! I can almost feel the sun on my face instead of the fluorescent work lights in my eyes.
  3. On our 9-night Christmas cruise 2 years ago, there was a priest on board to perform mass each morning and Christmas Eve Midnight Mass. The Midnight Mass was pretty amazing. Our cabin attendant and one of our waiters came and sat with our family as mass was well attended by crew members. They were definitely missing being with their families and it was nice being able to spend time with them. It's the only cruise I've been on where Mass was held every day.
  4. Happy sailing! Hope you have a fabulous cruise!
  5. Thank you for all the gorgeous photos and awesome blog. This is a bucket list cruise for me and I can't wait to book it.
  6. @Linda216 You're welcome - I'm happy I was able to help. Hope you have a great cruise!
  7. Could this be the reason why? https://legendsofpittsburghcruise.com/
  8. Thank you for sharing your cruise with us. Your blog was fantastic I really enjoyed following along.
  9. We were docked in St. Maarten this past Christmas. Like the others mentioned, there are lots of holiday theme activities onboard and the ship was beautifully decorated. You may find that some businesses will be closed in port. You'll have a great time. We had a blast on our Holiday Cruise.
  10. Yay for the flight change! Looking forward to following along. Safe travels!
  11. Amazing pictures! Thought my next cruise would be to the warm Caribbean.... I think it needs to be to Alaska instead. The eagles did it.
  12. Have a great cruise! Looking forward to following along.
  13. All of your pictures are fabulous! Old San Juan is such a beautiful city. I can't wait to get back there.
  14. Awesome blog and wonderful pictures. Thanks for sharing.
  15. We cruised with a family group of 18 (teenagers to grandparents) on Indy over Christmas. We had a table of 10 and table of 8 side by side. We were worried that 5:30 traditional dining would not work for our group but it actually ended up being fantastic. Only one night of the nine were we missing anyone -- and that was due to too much rum punch on our excursion earlier in the day. Our waiters encouraged us to rotate tables every night so we were able to have dinner with everyone throughout the cruise. Most nights we had dinner, then went to the evening show together before the group split up for the night (teens made lots of friends and were usually out until the 1am curfew and the adults would hit the casino for a bit or head to bed).
  16. Fabulous photos! We were also on this sailing and had a fantastic time! Even spotted our group swimming in one of your shots in St. Maarten. This was my first RC cruise and I can't wait to book my next. I sailed with 18 family members -- celebrating a Christmas birthday and my parent's 50th Anniversary. We met the husband of the couple that missed the ship in St. Kitts while on a catamaran excursion in Antigua. Before we departed the ship that day, the captain announced that he extended the all aboard time by an hour so they thought all aboard time was 5:30 instead of 4:30. They returned to the dock at 5:10 but the ship left at 4:55. They felt absolutely horrible -- the wife has a condition that doesn't allow her to fly and she uses a ventilator for part of the day. The captain absolutely made the right decision to return to get them. I think I need a week to recover from all the fun. Just made it back to California yesterday and can't wait to go through my photos and finish my notes. Thanks for all your beautiful photos!
  17. Really enjoying this blog. Hope you are continuing to have a fantastic cruise!
  18. Independence of the Seas, December 21, 2017 First cruise, family reunion, can't wait!
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