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  1. This cruise is SO far away!! Still though, as people book, come say hi! Super excited, will be my boyfriend's (and his families') first cruise!!!! My fifth...I think lol. 648 days left, and counting...
  2. Thanks! We are booking with a travel agent so definitely got some discounts in that way! Having previously cruised with and without the use of agents, we've discovered that we love our travel agent and will never go back to not using her!
  3. Hi everyone! Does anyone know the max table sizes in the main dining room? I'm sailing on Harmony of the Seas in 2023 (I know...a long way out and too early too be worried about things like seating in the dining room lol) but right now our party is at 21 people, and we are trying to figure out how many of us can sit together, and if we add more people, how many people could potentially sit at one table? This will be my fifth cruise with Royal so I feel like I should know this one but I just can't remember the biggest tables I've seen. Thanks! Heather
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