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24 minutes ago, 1Meandoreen said:

Does Royal Caribbean Cruise still make towel animals?


Welcome to the forum. Yes they do. Although they used to do it every night, now it is usually every other night or sometimes less. Check out the live blog section...lots of pictures there.

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HI, just did the bucket list one cruise in a lifetime HOTS. Our attendant was awesome & made towel animals almost every day AND ####+++** there was an EVENT TO LEARN TO MAKE TOWEL ANIMALS, of course I missed it. It was 10am on I think day 4 for us.   FYI the green long luggage tags are what you put on your luggage the last night, place your luggage in the hallway by 9pm. Take a picture of ALL your luggage so JUST IN CASE your missing one or forgot your number, viola. Then the next morning when you dissembark, and get to the terminal, you go to your number & pick up your luggage. At that point, there are extra handlers scooting around with rolly carts to assist those like me that had allot to carry. He guides you to the shortest lines all the way to your car or to your shuttle destination. Tip if you are so inclined, or I had cold drink for him.


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