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Jared M.

Empress & Majesty of the Seas leaving RCI??

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Is Empress of the Seas and Majesty of the Seas leaving Royal Caribbean?

These ships only have sailings until the end of 2019 available to be booked, yet for the rest of the ships are offering sailings through 2021. Why is this? I understand that these are RCI's oldest ships, but they were both refurbished not too long ago.

If RCI were to no longer use these vessels, this would make the "Vision Class" the oldest class in the RCI fleet, allowing for the Grandeur of the Seas (b. 1996) to be RCI's oldest ship.


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I think its a result of Cuba being blocked, as to why they don't have any itineraries available right now.....I think they will keep these ships for awhile yet.....there is a market for them.


They will be gone eventually though...even if they are sailing full they don't make Royal enough $$$ as there isn't enough stuff on them to make ppl pay to upgrade for...lol



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1 hour ago, Jaymac Radio said:

I Did Some Looking And Found That Majesty Is For Sale  But Not Empress.

That site is anything but legitimate listings. People bring it up because you find like half of RC's fleet in there. Bottom line, it doesn't mean anything.

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These sites and others like it are notorious for misinformation.  If you believe this site then Radiance is also for sale.


Yet they are refreshing Radiance in 2020 and sending her to Brisbane after that and into 2021.  

And Brilliance is listed:


And Rhapsody


And Celebrity Millennium (that they just millions on)



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