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Discount Cruise Option Dicussion

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A. It’s a vacation.... me do the cleaning?!  Heck, I don’t do major versions of “housekeeping”in my own home, def not going to do it on a break.😲😵

B. If I made to eat any meal at WJ then I will find a new way to vacation; to me most of the food is exactly like the food found in the chain buffet restaurants 🤢 (refer to the postings from @Fuzzywuzzy @Pima1988 and @WAAAYTOOO for additional details on this). 

 Once when cruising with my husband and my sister, they both decided that they needed a nap late in the afternoon 😏 The short version of the end of the story is that we were so late getting to dinner that our only option for a meal was the WJ; I promise you that they will NEVER forget just how bad an idea that it is to force me to eat at the WJ 🤦🏼‍♀️🤣😂


Re Cruise Lines - we have found NCL to be a great line, but that is also sailing in the Haven (although even in the Haven we hated Epic). So our experiences on RCCL and NCL have been very comparable in like cabins. Carnival I sailed on once during grad school - we were in the top suite on the ship and it was the size of an RCCL grand suite with almost zero perks; we didn’t return. The last time I was on most of the others (like Princess and Holland America it was so long ago it’s hard to use those cruises as comparisons).  @tiny260  What did you find unpleasant about the non-Haven NCL crusies?

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