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  1. Keep in mind that even with The Key, you have to be out of your room by 9am. The lounges will be open but most areas are being cleaned in preparation for the next set of cruisers. I remember on one of my first cruises someone was joking about how you become old news on that last morning. It's so true! I always think about that on the last day.
  2. Also double check your car rental website. We rent from Avis during spring break and use their transponder. The website says it's $3.95/day with a max of $19.75/month plus the tolls.
  3. I cruised with a new friend a few years ago and she pulled out a travel steam iron on formal night. I said, I thought you couldn't bring those? She said it had never been taken and that was her 5th cruise (4 with Royal). Maybe because it's small? I don't ever need to iron so it's not something I would take anyway.
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