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  1. Yay!!! I was able to book our shows for our Dec 17 Symphony sailings thanks to a tip off I saw on Cruise Critic boards. This is great news!
  2. If you're really wanting to avoid lines, you could look at purchasing the Key which gets you priority boarding within your scheduled time. Of course, that is an added expense. If you were already getting Voom internet and can get a good deal, then it could be worth it to you.
  3. Hey y'all! I'm wondering if the awesome community here can help me out. I am planning our family's 3rd cruise together, and my husband and I are contemplating buying the drink package for the first time. We did the math on our last cruise and figured out that we were just about at the break even point for getting the package, but that we both held back from getting things like specialty coffees/smoothies/bottled water because we didn't get the package - therefore, thinking it might make sense to get it this time as our next sailing is on Symphony in Dec and includes CocoCay where the package also works. So here's my question - what is the cheapest price you are seeing on your cruise planners for similar 7 night sailings? I'm particularly wondering because I am Canadian but always book our cruises via a US travel agent and pay in US dollars - so I'm a little unclear if the prices I'm seeing when I log into my cruise planner are in USD or CAD (and there is no denomination shown which would help sort this out!). For reference, I am seeing $72.99/pp/pd at the moment. That price is listed as the BOGO 50% deal. Regular price is $98.00 it says. Thanks for your help fellow cruisers!
  4. Least favourite: CATS (we walked out - along with a lot of other people - about 1/2 way through) Most favourite: Mamma Mia, but close second is the Aqua show on Oasis (can't recall the name).
  5. Hey All! Last minute booked on this sailing. Can't wait!!
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