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  1. 22 hours ago, Lacey said:


    my driver’s license has my married name and my birth certificate has my maiden name. My marriage license has my previous  married name and my divorce decree also has my previous married name except within the decree it states my maiden name. Would I have any issues boarding if I bring my DL, my birth certificate, my marriage license, and my divorce decree highlighting my maiden name in there? My cruise is in 18 days! Please help! 

    No i just did this and it was fine just bring it all

  2. 2 hours ago, CruiseMom82 said:

    Really sorry to hear about your experience! We boarded the day you got off, and I almost considered cancelling based on your description, but we went through with it. It makes sense now why it took so long to board the ship. We stayed in 8138. Not sure how many were sick on our ship as they never discussed it. Staff members were all double-masked, but many passengers were not. People did use the hand sanitizer a lot. We basically felt great all week and tested negative Sunday night to fly home to the US Monday. We had already had omicron in January, after being vaccinated, so we weren't too worried about getting sick. Praise God we did not have to quarantine and made it home to our children.

    Im so happy you guys have been ok! If the boat had 2000 passengers and there were 50 in the "covid room" the chances of getting it are still low ish. 
    this hasnt deterred us from cruising and will hopefully be doing the 7 night pacific coastal in sept if all goes well. 

  3. 9 hours ago, IzzyB said:

    I am paying a lot for this cruise, they better not eat pizza and hot dogs all week lol

    But we have been telling them all the cool things on cruises.  I told my son he can order shrimp cocktail every night and his eyes lit up.  And so I think hyping up the adult food will get them to avoid the junk.  Plus I assume we will do enough buffet lunches they will get the junk out of their system for those meals.  If I remember the buffet lunches is all burgers and other stuff like that.

    Totally. Windjammer lunch was our pig out on junk then the dinners in the dining room were real fine dining. 

  4. 5 hours ago, GatorCruiser said:

    @leesam82 agreed which is why I find it odd with all the pearl clutching when it inevitably does happen. People should know by now what they are signing up for when they cruise now. 

    We totally knew what we were signing up for, and that covid was a poissibility. Were fine with getting it. The quarantining in the room part is hard though. 

  5. On 5/19/2022 at 4:03 PM, Cgifford said:

    Would you mind sharing where your cabin was? We were in 8572.. I totally believe it’s being spread through ventilation as well as in person. Just curious if  you were close to us. My husband tested positive Tuesday when we got home. 

    We were in the other wing 86--

    i did see others from deck 8 in the covid disembarkment area after you all left the ship. We all had to leave last. 

  6. 2 hours ago, IzzyB said:

    So typically kids menus, so we won't be ordering a ton from that.  I could see them doing one kids menu item, but doing a lot of the adults stuff.

    Ya i mean thats not really sustainable or healthy for a kid to have junk at every meal. Im glad mine chose some stuff of the adult menu cause i didnt want him eating pizza and hot dogs for a week

  7. 21 hours ago, IzzyB said:

    So when I do the 3 meal package it charges at the kid price and states they have to order off the kids menu.  It is really why I was not doing any specialty this cruise.  I feel my kids will do much better in the main dining where they can order from kids or adult menu.  None of my kids are full on kids menu kids.  Don't get me wrong they like Mac & Cheese and pizza, but they really prefer steak, seafood, etc.  My most kid's meal kid loves soups and so she is excited to try all the various soups.  She loves Clam chowder.  My son loves shrimp, so shrimp cocktail is going to be his thing I see him ordering a lot.  My oldest loves salads, steak, and seafood.  So she will love the salad at every meal for sure.  I just don't see them ordering a ton from kid friendly food in the main dining room.

    Only specialty one I have considered is Japanese because two of my kids absolutely love Sushi and the 3rd loves Hibachi style steak.  But I really wasn't sure if it was worth it since we have such great Hibachi places here in Orlando.

    My almost three year old was the same on this last cruise. Most of his food was off the adult menu in the mdr. Shrimp cocktail, escargot, steak, apple blossom a la mode

  8. 3 hours ago, smokeybandit said:

    It's entirely possible he got it before he boarded the ship.

    Its totally not possible as We fully did not go anywhere for 10 days before and he had to get a pcr test 3 days before the cruise and an antigen test on embarkation. Also he started getting symptoms on wednesday night which would put the incubation period monday when he spent the entire day at adventure ocean. 

  9. 8 minutes ago, OCSC Mike said:

    Sorry for everything you went through onboard but this part is great news based on your earlier comment!

    We literally were so well taken care of on board that we dont even mind now that we can still work tomorrow. That was the only part of the experience that made my stomach sink and regret cruising. We knew the risks on board but didnt know about the quarantining. Well of course not, because silly RC sent us a printout that expired last summer. 

  10. 7 minutes ago, Pattycruise said:

    These are the  numbers I have seen post cruise positive in my facebook groups(since March)  and that's of those who belong to the group and bother to share their positive status.  Just takes one positive to take down so many, as we know on a ship, airplane, restaurant....


    Ya to me and how full the boat was i was really surprised there wasnt more. Also my son was the only child in there so people with kids either arent testing and reporting or they arent getting it. Seems weird as we suspected he got it from adventure ocean. 

  11. Hey ya we were actually all crammed into a room when we were trying ti disembark, and also counted the cabins on the list. Could have been a bit more or less but around 50. 
    if we had really known the risk we wouldnt have cruised. 

    also found out the 14 day quarantine info they gave us was almost a year outdated. We do not have to quarantine. 

  12. 15 hours ago, Pooch said:

    Happened to my son (not on a cruise).  His son tested positive just before Xmas.  My son’s company required a 14 day quarantine (ridiculous especially because son never tested positive).  Gets 1 week covid pay, nothing for the second week.  Goes back to work for a week and his daughter comes down with it.  She is able to go back to school 5 days later but he’s out for another 2 weeks this time with no pay at all.  And he still never tested positive!!  Tried to apply for unemployment for the three missing weeks but was rejected.  Just a mess.

    Not scientifically backed nor does that make any sense. Im sick of these no science rules. 

  13. 15 hours ago, Kirsten said:

    I'm so sorry that happened to you!  Glad your son is feeling better. The new variant seems to be highly contagious, but relatively mild.

    Ya he literally hasnt had symptoms for 2 days now. We are still on the boat waiting to disembark. We will be the last ones off with the other covid people. I will try to count and get an estimate of how many of us were in quarantine. 

  14. 16 hours ago, ChanaC said:

    How is the food service? I was following someone on a different forum (I think they are on the Ovation) and they had mixed things to say about the food - sometimes it came perfectly on time and was great, sometimes it took two hours for the food to arrive and it is cold. 

    Also, did they mention you get any kind of refund or future cruise credit?

    Hope your son is feeling better, and you don't catch it either!

    We get a pro rated refund of our cruise. 
    our room service always came when it was supposed to. You have set meal times when you are in quarantine. They call you 2 hours before the meal time to collect your order. Then your food comes at 7, 12:30, and 6:15. Ours was always on time or early. Annoying part was for breakfast they didnt collect the orders the night before. So we would get an early wake up call each morning. The food was always fine. Not dining room quality as i suppose it sat for awhile. But still the same food just lack of presentation and freshness. 
    you could also order outside of meal times and they would bring it to you about 30 mins later. You could order anything off any menu during times when they were open. 

  15. 7 hours ago, Peter D said:

    Next week we are driving from Seattle to Vancouver for Radiance.  It seems there are two possible point of entries available: Douglas (840) and Pacific Highway (813).  Does anyone know if one is better than the other?  If you complete the ArriveCan form for one, and end up at the other, is that going to be a huge problem?

    Do pac hwy or peach arch border crossing. Not douglas. 

  16. 38 minutes ago, Pattycruise said:

    wow, just looked up where Serenade is, it's a roundtrip from Vancouver.....will the Canadian govt let you disembark?  I thought they were quite strict there.

    We live a 40 min drive from the cruise terminal so we are allowed to quarantine at home. According to the canadian government we have to quarantine for 14 days once we disembark even though we are negative and fully vaccinated. Quite ridiculous and literally going to put us into poverty as we are a young family that got a great deal on a cruise, havent ever gotten to travel before or do anything like this. We dont get paid unless we work no vacation or anything. So we were able to plan for one week off unpaid, which has now turned into three. The rules dont make sense and i dont agree with them but i still have to follow them. 

  17. 37 minutes ago, Pattycruise said:

    Was it by choice you are in your room?  I thought you could "test out" of isolation. 
    Did they move you all out of your cabin?
    What do you mean by a lot of positive cases? and how did you come by that statement (figures?)

    Thank you for sharing with us.  I hope you are able to make it home ok. (which leads me to ask about the disembarkation process for those in quarantine)

    Because our son is positive and we are in the same cabin the whole cabin has to isolate. 
    cabin answered above

    i dont want to answer the third one to protect the cruise employee who told us this. I dont know exact numbers only that they are "overwhelmed" with it. 
    i looked on the cdc website yesterday and we are level orange. It may have increased today. 

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