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  1. 3 hours ago, DViz said:

    I'm booked for Aug 1 on Symphony.   I can tell you I do not feel good about this at all.

    The idea of being on a 7 day cruise wearing a face mask is not my idea of enjoying myself.  I certainly do not want to be surrounded by people who won't be wearing masks either.  Furthermore, I do not want to be their guinea pig.   This is a nightmare to me.

    I want my money back in cash, not a future credit.  My family with whom my husband and myself were booked cannot find a time in the future when we can get together again.

    I’m also on this cruise and am slightly uncomfortable with being among the first to cruise under questionable conditions (assuming we sail) but I am brave !  Somebody has to be first !

  2. We always fly into Newark.  While the other 2 NYC airports will work, the logistics of getting to NJ from those airports is significantly more complicated (so I hear.  We have never done it).

    We have cruised out of Port Liberty 4 times and never yet spent the night in a hotel prior to the cruise with the unfortunate exception of our last cruise, which was Anthem, Feb. 15, 2020.  It was the cruise that was delayed/truncated due to a CV-19 scare (which was unfounded).  So while I cannot give you a recommendation for a hotel, I can recommend one to avoid.  We stayed at the Marriott Courtyard, Newark.  The hotel itself was fine but the location was - well, not fine.  I have read that it is generally best to avoid Newark entirely and perhaps stay somewhere else, like maybe Elizabeth, NJ.  

    The port is fine.  Easy in, easy out.  We used Uber to get to/from the port from the airport every time except for once when we used the Royal bus/shuttle.  Both are fine.

    If your Agent has recommended this as possible L&S then I assume he/she has already confirmed that it will qualify.  I didn't think there were any 7 night cruises from Bayonne that included Coco Cay (I thought those were all 8+ nights) but I must be mistaken.  The one thing that they seem to be very strict about is that the # of nights must be the same on both cruises.  Good luck !  I think the L&S seems to be a great option for those who want to postpone their cruise.

  3. Yippee !  Michelle is the BEST.  I’m so glad you are working with her.  You are in for a wonderful treat with the ATS.  Having a true separate bedroom for the kids will be wonderful.  The views back there are amazing and the Genie...oh my goodness. We aren’t going to be a Star Class on the Oct 3 and 10 cruises but nice to know a new friend will be !

  4. Remember...it is unlikely that Chops will be open on Oasis on boarding day.  When we were in a Star Class last December, we had to choose a different restaurant for embarkation lunch b/c Chops was closed.  It worked out fine though as I didn’t want filet twice in 1 day anyway.  I certainly realize there are other menu choices besides the filet at Chops but that’s usually what we order.  Since the CK filet is better (IMO) than at Chops, we just waited and had the CK filet on the first night.  I think we ended up eating lunch at Giovannis on embarkation day.

  5. I’m a bad one to ask about refunds as I have heard zip about my cancelled Majesty Cruise.  ...but it is technically still cruising around out there somewhere, without me on it.  It will “end” this Sunday, at which time it will be officially cancelled in their system. I fully expect it to be another 45 days before I receive any FCC. If I’m lucky I may get taxes, ports fees and gratuities in a week or so. I Don’t look for any FCCs for some time.

  6. 13 minutes ago, Cile said:

    I just cancel October cruise for my daughter and RC told me they will give only $100 back and rest will be credit for future cruises. My daughter is not big fan of cruising and I am not sure she will go in future . I think it is not fer now with virus to tied money or even let you transfer to other member of family ? Do you have same experience? 

    I am very surprised to hear that they gave you ANY kind of cash refund.  The Cruise With Confidence program offers only a Future Cruise Credits.  I guess you are lucky to have gotten $100 in cash back.

  7. 5 minutes ago, cookie10* said:

    The final payment date did move but they are showing a large partisal payment  (almost all the balance) due on the original final date in 2020? 

    I see.  I think it's possible that they are looking for the remainder ($300 ??) of the "normal" deposit.  Since the "normal" deposit would be $250 each = $500, and you have paid $200, they must be looking for the balance of $300.  That makes sense.  

  8. 2 hours ago, RockerDom31 said:

    RC will give the deposit back as FCC minus $100 each, which ultimately means we net out at $0.

    You should not lose anything.  IF you cancel, you are covered by Cruise With Confidence, and the deposit will be refunded to you in the form of a Future Cruise Credits (FCC) (1 for $100 for each of you).  If Royal cancels, you will get to choose whether you want a 100% refund or 125% FCC so either way, you will not lose any money.

  9. 12 minutes ago, cookie10* said:

    I successfully got our Alaska cruise L&S from August 2020 to Septembe 2021. But it looks like they still are requesting my final payment in May 2020? Does Royal require you to make the final based on the original cruise schedule??? Has anyone had any experience with this? 

    No.  If your cruise has been successfully moved to Sept. of next year, your final payment will be due in June 2021.  Whoever told you that your final payment is still due is wrong.

  10. 36 minutes ago, BryanCruise said:

    Is it possible to transfer our fully paid cruise reservation to a TA? I have a booking on Majesty of the Seas 6/27 New Orleans and thinking to Lift and Switch to a Florida ship. Is this possible? What would be a good cruise to Lift and Switch? We have 3 children ages 10-14. Thank you in advance.

    If the cruise is paid in full you cannot transfer the booking.

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