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  1. 5 hours ago, JeffB said:

    Thanks for that. I had not read the details of the EO from the new sources I scan. I didn't think Desantis could touch the cruise ships. However, I'm 100% behind vaccination passports and a requirement for them to enter a business establishment, sports event or concert. Generally, I'm opposed to the unlimited powers granted to governments by a declaration of a public health emergency. That needs to get thought through next time with decisions about extending or canceling the declaration left to a panel of both physical and mental health experts along with panel members that include economists and business people.

    But not vaccine passports. #1 it's an incentive to get vaccinated or obtain a valid doctor's excuse why you can't get vaccinated. You have to have a driver's license, right? Part of that is to make sure you know the rules of the road and operate a motor vehicle safely and held accountable when you fail to do that.   

    Why does a vaccinated person care or need to know if another person is or is not vaccinated? I’ve had the vaccine so I don’t care if Joe Blow didn’t get it, because I'm protected. Just like I get a flu shot but many people do not.  

    Sorry I for one oppose vaccine passports. What’s next? Let’s have mental health passports we should know who takes Prozac or other drugs used to treat depression, schizophrenic, manic depression or even Alzheimers. Majority of mass shooters took these kind of medicines. Right on label it says can cause psychotic episodes so hey maybe people on them should not be allowed in crowds. I know it's easy to say that absurd but it's a slippery slope we are traveling down. 

    Or maybe Government will now use the excuse of general good to give us all kinds of injections!

    Requiring a Vaccine passport means someone who is opposed to getting vaccine will Basically have no choice. A 25 year old women who may want children has to have a vaccine to participate in society. Even though no studies have been done on the vaccines effects on reproductive organs or unborn children. The FDA has not even approved these vaccines. They have only authorized them for emergency use. 

    My Goodness it's frightening to see how easy people buy into the propaganda & fear they will give up their liberty and control. What's especially funny is so many now cry that you shouldn't need an ID to vote.....yet want you to show proof of a medical procedure! Where is the my body my choice crowd? 

    I value your opinion This is just mine. 

  2. We had an April 2020, 11 day cruise on Serenade of Seas booked in an Owner Suite. We had booked two years prior when the date first became available. We paid our cruise off 6 months before sailing with lots of add on’s. 

    Needless to say we were very disappointed when our cruise was cancelled. I looked to find a replacement cruise. Unfortunately in late 2020 early 2021 Serenade was moved and a Vision class ship has been moved in to do this itinerary. We much prefer Radiance class over Vision. We had booked our April cruise based on itinerary/cabin/ship/date so we were down to 3 out 4.  Unfortunately we found only 1 date that still had 1 owner suite still available. The price for that cruise would have have been $5k more even with a 125% FCC. If we had booked it then we’d have had to put cash down until FCC came though (heard that’s changed) I was not laying out any more money out and honestly OS on Vision class seemed very unimpressive. Even with 125% FCC we weren’t made whole so we requested our cash back. It’s been 30 days and still have not received. 

    I have November cruise On Rhaspody booked that I hope goes as planned. Final payment is in August which I won’t make until we are sure cruises are happening. 

  3. The virus is over hyped and cruise lines are responding to the hysteria. We plan on going on our April cruise and think the deal they are offering of a FCC is not a good deal at all for us! We booked our cruise a little over 2 years out and got a great deal on a OS. I just priced the same itinerary closest I found would be on smaller ship in February instead of April and DOUBLE the price for same cabin!  We’d lose our Owners Suite in a Radiance class and only get a balcony on a Vision class! 😞  Plus we’d lose the $500 we paid and not used for Royal Caribbean Insurance! 

  4. It’s just all so heart breaking sad all around. I’ve felt from the start the Grandfather was 100% at fault for this tragedy. I understand his denial it must be a very heavy burden to carry in his heart much less admit to.

    The lawsuit and tv interviews the parents gave were also heartbreaking to watch.   I suppose I can understand the need to blame an outside party for the tragic death of your child.

    Now with the release of the video showing he definitely held little Chloe out an open window. I pray the parents drop the lawsuit and move on. Puerto Rico should offer Anello a plea deal admit guilt and have probation for a set time.  There’s been enough heart break. 

  5. On 12/5/2019 at 12:27 PM, twangster said:

    CBP will sometimes waive the fee if a guest has to leave a ship for bereavement purposes.   A death in the family causing a trip to be cut short however it remains a violation that will be evaluated on a case by case basis.

    I’m curious about this. About 13 years ago we left ship in Belize and flew home; because my Mother had passed away back in the states. We were not charged any fee’s by any one. Only thing it cost us was flight home. It never occurred to us we could have been. 

  6. 4 minutes ago, ChrisK2793 said:

    WOW!!!! They charged him with NEGLIGENT HOMOCIDE?!?!?  Yes, he was at fault, but that seems like way too much of an overcharge.  Involuntary Manslaughter would have been more appropriate if they really wanted to charge him with something. 


    No they charged him with negligent manslaughter which seems appropriate. 

  7. Smokers seem to adjust. They tend to start off kicking and screaming but they adjust. When states all over the country started making smoking inside illegal. Smokers cried it would drastically hurt the bar & restaurant business but it didn’t. When cruise lines banned smoking first in cabins, then balconies and most indoor areas. The smokers still cruised. If they ban smoking in casino the smokers will adjust and still gamble. Only about 15% of the US population smokes any more. Non smoking casinos are coming just a matter of when! 

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