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    CDunninTX reacted to Matt in Cruise Compass - Does it change much from cruise to cruise?   
    In general, the Cruise Compass does not change much. A past cruise compass will give you a ballpark idea of what to expect.
    Certainly movies or headliners will vary, but you will find more in common between past Cruise Compasses than different.
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    CDunninTX reacted to FManke in MEI Travel   
    I just wanted to add my two cents to this thread. After reading this thread I decided to contact MEI Travel. Now, I already had booked on my own back on 4/1. After I was contacted by Danette from MEI and had given her all the info, not knowing that RCCL doesn't allow a transfer to a travel agent after 60days of booking, I received a e-mail from RCCL stating this fact. I e-mailed Danette thanking her and apologizing for wasting her time. She then said hope was not lost and she was going to contact another dept and see what she could do. Low and behold about 10 days later, my reservation transfer was approved and on top of that, she got me a price drop of almost $500 off my original reservation price, 4 months after my initial reservation and first payment, along with a OBC as a gift from her. The savings would have been more than enough. 
    That's what I call service! I will never go it alone again and always recommend MEI Travel!
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    CDunninTX reacted to AshleyDillo in Sorry--transportation question--FLL   
    Just got off Allure at Port Everglades.  Taxis were all lined up and ready to go. 
    We got off the ship at around 9:30am and ordered an Uber and passed FLL airport around 9:45am.  The port is super close to the airport and Uber/Lyft will be quick and the most economical, but taxis are readily available with zero wait.
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    CDunninTX reacted to Matt in Sorry--transportation question--FLL   
    Absolutely, yes.
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    CDunninTX reacted to WAAAYTOOO in Sorry--transportation question--FLL   
    If your friend has an early flight (11:30 is not particularly early for FLL...the airport is very close to the port) then I recommend Lyft, Uber or a taxi. As you mentioned, the shuttle service can be VERY slow.
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    CDunninTX got a reaction from BTE in MEI Travel   
    We love Michelle too!! 2 more big 👍s !!
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    CDunninTX got a reaction from Skid in When is your next cruise?   
    cdunnintx; September 22-29, 2019; Allure of the Seas
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    CDunninTX got a reaction from Ken23 in MEI Travel   
    We love Michelle too!! 2 more big 👍s !!
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    CDunninTX got a reaction from AnnetteJackson in MEI Travel   
    We love Michelle too!! 2 more big 👍s !!
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    CDunninTX reacted to HeWhoWaits in Loyalty Points   
    You get C&A points following the cruise. They usually show up on your account about a week to ten days after you return.
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    CDunninTX reacted to CruiseLifeRick in Current Cruise Director & Activities Manager List   
    Yes, Cecy del Razo.  Thanks for the confirmation.
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    CDunninTX reacted to CruiseLifeRick in Current Cruise Director & Activities Manager List   
    Thank you very much, Ken!  Any intel on Angelle's replacement?
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    CDunninTX reacted to cookingyo in Current Cruise Director & Activities Manager List   
    I asked the very lovely Angelle Rutten van Hemert, activities director on Empress.  She said this was the last cruise for Carlos Torres as CD, and Elvis Pinto will be the permanent Cruise Director going forward. In addition Angelle's contract ends Oct 1.
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    CDunninTX reacted to monctonguy in Current Cruise Director & Activities Manager List   
    Awesome.....lets hope we can keep this current!....great idea!
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    CDunninTX reacted to CruiseLifeRick in Current Cruise Director & Activities Manager List   
    Thanks, Matt.  Going to do my best.  25 ships and only 4 more on order...should be cake. 
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    CDunninTX reacted to CruiseLifeRick in Current Cruise Director & Activities Manager List   
    Hello All,
    I wanted to see if we could commence a running Cruise Director and Activities Manager list here on the Royal Caribbean Blog Boards.   As many of you know, the Cruise Director can be very influential in providing a fun and interactive experience while on a cruise and for this reason the question is often asked "who will be the cruise director on my sailing?" However, as with any position of importance, the Cruise Director also enlists the assistance of his or her Activities Manager to host a number of events throughout a sailing (e.g. trivia, bingo, karaoke, etc...).  Therefore, I would also like to keep the list updated with the current Activities Managers whom many of us develop strong relationships with based on our varying degrees of participation in ship events. 
    While I know there are similar lists maintained elsewhere on the internet, my desire is to provide an easily accessed (thanks in part to the long-term edit function of these boards) and more user friendly document than what currently exists.  In addition to receiving regular updates from the fantastic blog community that fill these boards with Royal Caribbean knowledge everyday, I also hope to leverage Kat's evergrowing Periscope community to obtain real time and accurate updates as to who holds these very important positions throughout the Royal Caribbean fleet.   Below is my first stab at a draft of the list based on information I was able to retrieve from various social media and online content.  As you can see, there are some blanks, which I am sure many of you will be able to assist with filling in.  Please feel free to respond here with any list updates or any comments as to the format or layout of the document.
    I would like to thank all of you in advance for any assistance you can provide with making this list a useful resource for Royal Caribbean cruisers.

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    CDunninTX reacted to Bob_KY in MEI Travel   
    2 👍s for Michelle..  
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    CDunninTX reacted to Brobbins246 in MEI Travel   
    Thumbs up for Michelle at MEI
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    CDunninTX reacted to CruiseGus in MEI Travel   
    Not an MEI customer (not yet anyway),  but I was pretty impressed on how fast [email protected] responded to the initial question
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    CDunninTX reacted to Crabbycruiser in When is your next cruise?   
    September 11 2019,  Enchantment of the Seas  😁
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    CDunninTX reacted to Momof4crazytocruise in When is your next cruise?   
    Enchantment of the Seas 9/25-9/30 - our 10th Anniversary cruise - FIRST without kids! WOOOOOOOOOO
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    CDunninTX got a reaction from Ala_Paul in When is your next cruise?   
    Our daughter is getting married on the Allure of the Seas - Sailing September 22, 2019. There are 11 of us now.
    We signed up for the Prohibition Event for the first time ... looks like a blast. I'll send pics. 🙂

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    CDunninTX got a reaction from Fireman973 in Galveston Nearing Deal On Oasis Class Ship, New Terminal!   
    Naturally, because Texas rules. js
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    CDunninTX reacted to twangster in Dogs on Board   
    It's a situation that's occurring more and more in society.  Part of the challenge for any company is that they have limited ability to challenge a guest's assertion they have a disability that requires a service animal.  No company on land or at sea can require anyone to prove a disability.  I could sit in a wheel chair and make all sorts of claims about a disability and no store, or theater, or amusement park or cruise line can legally challenge me.
    As many people note when flying that an airplane can solve many disabilities.  Some people claim the need for assistance to board and/or priority boarding for their ailment then miraculously by the end of the flight they can jump up and walk off the plane like a fully abled body person can.  The miracle of flight.  This is what our society has come to.  
    Airlines and cruise lines have noted the abuse of the service animal policy and are trying to deal with it as best they can but people will go to great lengths to fake a need.  It is really unfortunate because there are truly valid needs that are being impacted by the fakers.
    Princess has them too.   
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