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    cruisestuff reacted to Andrew72681 in Mariner vs. Navigator   
    The one caveat to the Blaster is that it seems to spend a lot of time broken down. The conveyer system the rafts use has been broken for multiple hours on both of our navigator sailings. Last month it was down almost the entire day we were in Nassau. 
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    cruisestuff reacted to JasonL in Mariner vs. Navigator   
    we just went this this. we ended up going with mariner because we wanted to do a day at universal studios. Price was basically the same for us as we had to fly either way. Next time we'll try Navigator for a short cruise. My recommendation is to do both 🙂
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    cruisestuff reacted to twangster in Mariner vs. Navigator   
    Both are great choices.  I have a slight preference for Navigator.  Cabins were touched during the Navigator AMP.  The resort style pool deck is nicer. 
    Mariner does have Hibachi though. 
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    cruisestuff reacted to WannaCruise in Mariner vs. Navigator   
    Yes very true. I should have clarified.  Blaster is tons of fun though (spoken from my kids...I don't go on slides) and better than other standard Royal slides.
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    cruisestuff reacted to AshleyDillo in Mariner vs. Navigator   
    Port of Miami is closer to Miami International Airport than Port Canaveral is to Orlando International Airport.  If you have to fly anyways and Navigator is cheaper anyways, then definitely go with which overall cost will be lower for you all-in.  
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    cruisestuff reacted to Rose City Cruiser in Mariner vs. Navigator   
    Lines for Riptide flowed very fast.  The lines for the aqua-coaster, The Blaster, is long and sometimes stops because it is stuck in one of the various valleys.  Still a great way to spend a sea day!
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    cruisestuff reacted to WannaCruise in Mariner vs. Navigator   
    Been on both (4 night cruise) and loved them both. Mariner us DH's favorite.  Kids also loved the Sky Pad.  Slides are better in Navigator but line ups were longer.
    I like Navigator a bit more for the changes they did with the amplification. The decks are colorful with lots of different seating (loungers, hammocks all around, private circular seats, etc). Main pool is also nice. Food and service both great.  Ice show on both also very good. I prefered the production shows on Mariner but that's just because I'm not a fan of ballroom dancing style that was on Navigator.
    You can't go wrong with either.
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    cruisestuff reacted to Rose City Cruiser in Mariner vs. Navigator   
    Been on both post-AMP'd.  I prefer Navigator.  Has the resort-style pool deck, El Loca Fresh (complimentary Mexican food), and waterslides are better. 
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    cruisestuff reacted to jticarruthers in Mariner vs. Navigator   
    I have been on Mariner (post upgrades) several times and really like it, have heard from others that Navigator is even better but havent been able to convince myself its worth the drive down to Miami to try it out yet.
    Both good options from all accounts, is price/departure city a factor for you ?
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    cruisestuff got a reaction from USCG Teacher in Your Future Vision for RCCL   
    I think a Shake Shack would be very nice on Oasis Class instead of Johnny Rocket's.
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    cruisestuff reacted to FManke in someone else canceling my cruise   
    Wow, I can see why they are your ex!
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    cruisestuff reacted to GregD in Odyssey - Inaugural - YOLO   
    Mine was just as easy

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    cruisestuff reacted to Lovetocruise2002 in Odyssey - Inaugural - YOLO   
    @SpeedNoodles this was our conversation last night:
    Me:  So...You know Royal is coming out with a brand new ship called Odyssey.  We haven't sailed it yet.
    Hubby:  Ok, did you already do something?
    Me: Well, it's a 4 night and a ton of people are going.  I may have put something on hold.
    Hubby:  Do I really have options here?
    Me:  Not really.  Love you. 😉
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    cruisestuff reacted to Matt in “Moments on Mariner” – Mariner of the Seas– August 13-17, 2018   
    Did someone say spaghetti bolognese???
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    cruisestuff reacted to melski94 in Harmony * Labadee incident   
    That's really sad.  How horrible for the family.  Every cruise, I give my kids the balcony/railing lecture that results in a lot of eye rolls.  I think I'll continue giving my lecture.  
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    cruisestuff reacted to Fuzzywuzzy in Banned for Life for Jumping off 11th Deck   
    Yep. All the cruise lines fault. Round up the usual Miami based Maritime Lawyers.
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    cruisestuff reacted to princevaliantus in Banned for Life for Jumping off 11th Deck   
    I'm sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo glad this moron and his friends got banned for life !!! FINALLY!! RCCL got something right!!
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    cruisestuff reacted to twangster in Banned for Life for Jumping off 11th Deck   
    Saw it.  No words.  #timetogrowup 
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    cruisestuff reacted to PocketsRN in Two Cruises to the North Pole Planned for Next Year !!   
    I'm too old and fat to get into the Coast Guard, so it's the GoFundMe for me
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    cruisestuff reacted to Orange Crush in There's MegaShips, then there's SuperMegaShips   
    It needs at least three meters for the unicorns that hold it up in the water
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    cruisestuff reacted to twangster in Federal judge threatens to stop Carnival ships from docking In US !!! YIKES !!   
    It's unlikely this will ever come to fruition but I think I know where the Carnival executive team will be in June...
    Secretly a part of me would like to see a judge issue such an order.  Seriously doubt it will happen though.  
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    cruisestuff reacted to Pima1988 in Federal judge threatens to stop Carnival ships from docking In US !!! YIKES !!   
    A federal judge is set to hurt Carnival big time come June.  Threatening to temporarily block all Carnival ships from docking in the US as a punishment for a possible probation violation.
     They were found to be guilty of dumping grey water into the Alaska Bay National Park while they were on  5 yrs probation and a 40 million fine because Princess dumped oil back in 2017.  I believe it was also alleged of dumping plastic garbage too, and falsifying records for the auditors.  
    Can you imagine...you have booked a cruise out of Baltimore, Miami, NY for Aug. with Carnival and now read this article.  Than add in the AK cruises.  Sure, no impact if you sail out of Vancouver, but sooner or later you need to dock in AK.  Princess will also be impacted.  Princess actually also owns their own private train to Denali National Park for cruisers.  $$$$  I highly doubt it will come to this level, but let's be real, when the Chairman and President are requested to attend, it might also hurt their stocks too.  
    I am a cynic, so I believe in the end of the day it will be another slap on the wrist at worst, and delay, delay delay at best.  There is more at play here bc terminals like I mentioned for sail away will be screaming Bloody murder from a loss revenue aspect.  Baltimore has only  Royal Lady G and Carnival Pride...That will hurt the city and the port revenue and tax wise,  Bayonne would be fine, they could lure NCL out of NYC to take over.
    However, I also believe that if the RCCL CEO is smart, they will make sure that they adhere to all regs.   That, and they may want to think about how repositioning their ships.  If worse came to worse and Carnival can't dock in AK.  Will RCCL now try to capture that market?
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    cruisestuff reacted to princevaliantus in Federal judge threatens to stop Carnival ships from docking In US !!! YIKES !!   
    Interesting to see the outcome of this:
    Federal judge threatens to stop Carnival ships from docking In US
    By Associated Press Posted: 8:08 AM, April 11, 2019Updated: 8:08 AM, April 11, 2019
    Joe Raedle/Getty Images A federal judge has threatened to temporarily block Carnival Corp. from docking cruise ships at ports in the United States as punishment for a possible probation violation.
    The Miami Herald reports U.S. District Judge Patricia Seitz said Wednesday that she’ll make a decision in June, and she wants company chairman Micky Arison to attend the hearing.
        Court filings say Miami-based Carnival has been on probation for two years as part of a $40 million settlement for illegally dumping oil into the ocean from its Princess Cruises ships and lying about the scheme. Despite this, prosecutors say ships have dumped grey water into Alaska’s Glacier Bay National Park to avoid unfavorable findings in court-ordered audits.
    Carnival said in a statement that “environmental responsibility” is a top priority.
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    cruisestuff reacted to 12thman in Federal judge threatens to stop Carnival ships from docking In US !!! YIKES !!   
    Really sad that a company would do this once and then again. Seems like the company cares more about itself than the environment. 
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    cruisestuff reacted to brycemo in Hurricane Dorian Relief Signage   
    If you’ve been following the events of the past few days, you’ve probably seen the huge relief efforts being made by Royal Caribbean to provide aide in The Bahamas. Something that may have gone unnoticed, however, is the interesting signage attached to the crates of supplies leaving Florida ports. The signs say “Relief Supplies” accompanied by the six logos of Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. cruise lines. Except not quite. The fifth logo seen on this signage is that of “SkySea Cruise Line”, which was 35% owned by RCCL between the years of 2016 and 2018. In March 2018, they announced that the final sailing for this brand will be in August 2018, and the brand has subsequently been “closed”. Therefore, why would it be on this signage? My best guess is that this is an old template from the last hurricane relief efforts by RCCL, from at least one year ago, and it was not edited or reviewed. In fact, it is almost definitely from before July 2018, the month in which RCCL bought a 67% share in Silversea Cruises, who are not mentioned on this sign. It’s not a huge deal, simply overlooked, but it is interesting to see that it was missed, even with such a simple fix of replacing SkySea Cruise Line with Silversea Cruises. Let me know what you think of this slight mistake in their signage. Also, I’d just like to say how incredible and prompt their generous response to this disaster has been. A huge well done to Royal Caribbean and all those raising funds to go towards these relief efforts!
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