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    Srp431 reacted to melski94 in My first cruise I have Questions   
    Welcome to the boards!
    1.  You will most likely have 1 dress your best evening.  You don't have to be formal anymore and you will see a variety of attire.
    2.  I personally don't think the Key is worth it but it depends on the cost and if you can buy it for around the internet price.  That being said 2 device internet would be cheaper.  You could probably use whatever money you save on the Key for a specialty lunch or dinner.
    3.  Lots of suggestions for Cozumel if you search Matt's blog posts or the excursion board.  Many people like Nachi Cocum.
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    Srp431 reacted to Bakerette in Voyager of the Seas Owner's Suite   
    The beds can separated into twin beds or pushed together to make a Royal kind bed. 
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    Srp431 reacted to bcarney in Is a culturally enriching cruise a good idea?   
    And smoking, if that's a factor for you.
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    Srp431 reacted to twangster in Is a culturally enriching cruise a good idea?   
    Welcome to the message boards!
    A cruise from Singapore is one thing but a cruise from Shanghai is another matter.  
    Cruises in China are distinctly targeted at the Chinese consumer.  They won't deny a Westerner from booking such a cruise but it won't be the same experience you have on a Royal ship outside of Asia and that's on purpose.  
    Royal is growing their Asia cruise market by embracing the local culture on these cruises.  While other lines are struggling in that region Royal is actually growing and starting to see signs that their Asian guests are now starting to book cruises in other regions.  
    I would expect a cruise from Shanghai to be fully immersive in all respects.  Food, menus, signage, entertainment, announcements, etc... 
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    Srp431 got a reaction from Cruisegirl1976 in There is only one First Time - Mariner of the Seas B2B Oct 14-18, 18-21   
    Agreed , great photos. Looking forward to visiting Coco Cay very soon
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    Srp431 reacted to DDaley in There is only one First Time - Mariner of the Seas B2B Oct 14-18, 18-21   
    Your Coco Cay photos are amazing! (even the overexposed! haha) Thanks so much for the island reconnaissance. I can't wait to hear your thoughts on Pearl Island as it's at the top of my Nassau excursion options list. 
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    Srp431 reacted to Marc Van Niekerk in There is only one First Time - Mariner of the Seas B2B Oct 14-18, 18-21   
    Day 4, Perfect Day at Coco Cay
    Apologies for taking so long to get more posted, it has been some busy times since returning home.
    The good news is that by taking some time to post more photos it allows me to relive the trip.
    I will begin by saying that the first glimpse of Coco Cay post renovation was very exciting.  We have been here several times before and only missed it a couple due to weather but the renovated island is seriously impressive!  Due to our aft balcony we had a fantastic view!

    I will also state for the record that I forgot to change the ISO setting on my camera from the sunset photos the night before (NEWB move!) and the sun was so bright it took me a while before I was able to review them on the camera to see the error of my ways.  As a result things may be a little grainy and overexposed.  The saving grace is that a few days later I will be back at Coco Cay to do it all over again!
    When we exited the ship there were carts at the ready to whisk us down the pier to the island proper.  This is something we greatly appreciate due to the fact that my wife has very bad knees.  It allowed us to save some time and energy.  I will also note that some of the carts have ramps and space for strollers and wheelchairs which is an incredible plus for those who need such special accommodation.

    Signs abound on the island to help you find your way and the paths are paved with specifically colored pave stone to aid in navigation.

    From this point we elected to walk becuase there were no shuttles waiting and we were impatient to get to Oasis Lagoon.  In hindsight we could have waited to again save some time.  IT was hot already before 8AM for this Canadian.
    Along our walk was the entry to the Thrill Waterpark

    and our path was along Sandy Lane which was paved in red.

    This took us past Splashaway Bay

    and to Oasis Lagoon where Up, Up and Away loomed large over the chairs.

    We were looking for the Oasis Lagoon Cabanas which were over the bridge and past the Swim Up Bar which at this hour was pretty quiet.

    In fact, the whole pool area was very quiet still.

    We reached the cabana area and our attendant gave us wristbands and led us to our cabana.

    The cabana amenities are fantastic.  We found several chairs,

    a sofa with towels, a table with an unlocked and lockable cubby in it

    as well as  cooler filled with ice cold water.

    The view from the cabana was rather nice but no direct line of sight to the pool.

    On the table were menus for food and drink

    as well as a call button to page your cabana attendant.  I pressed this before it was explained to me and I was surprised just how fast they responded.

    We preceded to relax for a while and take advantage of the pool area.
    We did press the button intentionally to order the island specialty Coco Loco as well as lunch which was prepared at the Snack Shack and delivered to us.

    I will add that the food was incredible and certainly lived up to the hype from those we had spoken to who had visited the island before.
    After a very satisfying lunch, I set out on a little photo safari around the island to see some of the other changes while my wife took full advantage our our shady cabana to relax and read.
    By this time the pool was much busier but not what I would consider crowded.  I will also add that a DJ plays poolside and you could definitely hear that in the cabana area.

    The beach areas were fairly populated and the floating bar was too.

    The Beach Beds were along the Tram Route near where the construction was ongoing for the Coco Beach Club and looked quite comfortable as well.

    Chill Grill received some attention too since we were here last with fresh awnings paint and food selections.

    I made my way around the island and found a great view of Mariner at the pier 

    as well as a pretty gazebo where weddings are held.

    Daredevil Tower in the water park is certainly what I consider on of the defining landmarks of the island

    There are ample locations to get wonderful photos of the ship

    and I managed to grab a quick shot of some people on the Zip Line

    That pretty much ended my photos for the day.   I returned to the Cabana and we visited the pool a couple more times before heading back to the ship around 4:00.
    This blog will pick up with a brief description of our experience with turnaround on the Back to Back before I return with more photos from our second day in Nassau and an excursion to Pearl Island.
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    Srp431 reacted to Travldworld in Any Updated MDR Menu's Out There?   
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    Srp431 reacted to Atlantix2000 in Cellular data while in ports   
    Verizon offers Travel Pass which extends your service plan to foreign countries for a daily charge of $5-10 depending on the location.  The first time you attempt to use phone/text/data in a foreign country, they send a free text stating the cost and asking you to approve.  If you reply yes, then you have 24 hours of service from that point even if you change locations.  So we would accept service on one island in the afternoon and have service on a different island in the morning after cruising there overnight.  My parents are currently using this in Europe.  You do have to contact Verizon and setup Travel Pass before your first trip.  If you want service every day, there might be a cheaper option but for contacting home once in awhile, I think Travel Pass is great.  Note:  this will only provide service on the islands.  While at sea, your only options are Cellular At Sea which is very expensive or you pay for Royal's Wifi plan (Voom) and use Wifi Calling or Messenger or any other app that will route your calls through Wifi.
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    Srp431 reacted to DJsMrs in Specialty dining restaurants with kids   
    All the specialty dining restaurants offer a kids menu.  Bon Appetit!
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    Srp431 reacted to The Cruise Junkie in Cruise In To Harmony- Not Live Harmony Of The Seas 9/15/19 To 9/21/19   
    After The Sailaway And Some Runs On The Flowrider I Went To The Royal Promenade.
    They Were Filming The Moring Show Then.

    After Diner I Went To The Top Deck To Do A Night Photo Session.

    Also We Passed The Carnival Liberty.

    Todays Radom Thoughts.
    You Get A Wow Band For Free If You Get A Jr. Suite Or Anything Above That.

    Also If You Are In Star Class You Can Cut The Line For The Flowrider.

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    Srp431 reacted to The Cruise Junkie in Cruise In To Harmony- Not Live Harmony Of The Seas 9/15/19 To 9/21/19   
    Ok Here We Go!! 
    We Left The House At 9:45 And Saw Our Home At 11:00?

    Got To The Terminal At 11:20

    And Was On Board By 11:30

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    Srp431 reacted to Andrew72681 in Bugs?   
    I’ve never seen a bug at all in a cruise room. Because of the small environment they are usually meticulous about cleaning rooms as things spread fast. 
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    Srp431 reacted to JohnK6404 in The Key? Is it worth the price?   
    Welcome @LuciaYSL!
    To really over simplify it... how do YOU value the perks? Everyone has their own opinion and perspective... I can tell you that we, along with our friends, absolutely loved the Key on Allure back in May. I can only speak from experience from an Oasis class ship perspective. We are also just Platinum members in C&A and have not booked a suite, so there is no other way for us to experience VIP treatment.
    If you plan on purchasing the VOOM Surf & Stream package for each person anyway and you can get the Key for say $24.99 or less, then in my opinion it's a very easy decision. We got it on Allure for $19.99, just purchased it yesterday for Oasis for $21.99 for MAY 2020 (hope it drops to $19.99 again ), and plan on purchasing it for Symphony for APR 2021.
    In our case after crunching the numbers, effectively for the cost of ONE glass of wine per day, both my wife and I can get all of the other Key meals/benefits (over the VOOM package cost for 2 devices). Remember, like with the Deluxe Beverage Package, that everyone in your cabin must also purchase the Key.
    If you do not plan on purchasing the VOOM package for everyone in your cabin, then the Key may not make sense for you... 
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    Srp431 reacted to AshleyDillo in Cruise Compass help   
    The themes are pretty standard on most Caribbean cruises.  While they are making some changes to the ship, most of the changes won't have a direct impact on activities or themes on the ship.  I would look at a current Compass from a Harmony or Symphony 7-night Caribbean sailing to get an idea of what themes there might be.  Usually I've only see things such as Caribbean or a white theme and then there's usually a 70's or 80's night or both.
    I will be on that Oasis sailing as well so I'm pumped to get to see the all the new changes!
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    Srp431 reacted to twangster in Cruise Compass help   
    Unfortunately we can only speculate.  The cruise director can change many things on board including theme nights.  If the CD has a lot of time on Oasis class in the Caribbean it's possible they will rely on that knowledge of what works and what doesn't.  If the CD has never been in the Caribbean on Oasis class that may influence on board themes.  
    For things like when the Windjammer or pools are open historical data is likely helpful.  Trying looking at Symphony's Med compasses and compare them to Caribbean compasses once she reached America.    
    That won't yield perfect results but it may give you some insight of the types of things that can change between regions.
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    Srp431 reacted to Lovetocruise2002 in Orlando or Port Canaveral pre-departure overnight stay   
    We always stay the the Hyatt Regency inside of MCO.  They have a great restaurant on site, you still have access to the food area and stores inside the terminal, makes for a great overnight stay.  In the morning, we either catch a transfer to the port from the ground transportation area in the terminal or grab an Uber/Lyft.  I have looked at the hotels in Port Canaveral many times but they always seem a bit more run down to me...
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    Srp431 reacted to kimberussell in Live Blog: Enchantment of the Seas 10/16-10/20   
    Final Takeaways: 
    Dress Code: I sweat this WAY too much. People were wearing swimsuits in Windjammer (I think as long as men wear shirts and women cover their bottoms it was allowed), shorts and polo shirts in MDR, and on formal night it looked like at least 1/3 of the MDR skipped it altogether. For formal night I was going to bring a fancy dress that I wore to a few weddings this year, but it wrinkles easily and I didn't want to fret about getting it pressed. Instead, I brought my trusty little black dress which is actually from Eastern Mountain Sports and is made of yoga pant material. Accessorized with a large scarf and bangin' shoes, it fit right in. The maxidresses I left home because I thought they would be seen as sloppy were just right for all of the other events.  As far as swimsuits go, I wore a 2-piece tankini and a strappy-cute one-piece and STILL felt like Hester Prynne at times. 
    Room: A large Ocean View cabin is completely fine for 2 people. I didn't even open up the package of magnetic hooks - everything we brought fit in the closet and drawers without a problem. My only quibble was with the shower, because no matter how I tried I ended up wetting the floor. I didn't use the drybags for our phones because at Coco Cay our chairs were right near the waterline. We also had the concierge nearby so I never felt unsafe leaving my stuff there. 
    Food and Drink: The drink package would have been a waste of money for me. Even with a mimosa, glass of wine, and drink of the day specials, I was under the daily amount, and with the new rules in place that make both roommates buy the drink package it would have been a HUGE waste. My favorite specialty drink: Coco Loco. Least favorite: Royal Lemonade. The food in Windjammer and MDR was fantastic and I don't feel like I missed out on anything by skipping Chops.
    The cane: Everyone was very accommodating to Mom, pulling us to the front of lines, letting us take elevators for muster and immigration lines, etc. When elevators were crowded, our fellow passengers were kind enough to wait and let her on first. (I kept taking the stairs to work off the drinks and breads.) The kindness wasn't exclusive to RCI -- TSA agents, airport employees, immigration & customs agents all went out of their way to make her trip easier and I am ever thankful. 
    Enchantment of the Seas: What a great ship! I think it was just the right size for us, and frankly the pictures I've seen of the larger ships are intimidating! Yes, she's showing a little wear, but no worse than any hotel would after a few years. Our dresser drawers were stiff, and the public restrooms have seen better days. We are definitely going to take another RCI cruise, but I don't know when it'll fit into my schedule. I already have a non-cruise vacation with my husband planned for next October, and I really need to visit my father (in FL, not a hardship) after the new year.
    Familial status: Thanks to this cruise, I think I'm solidly the favorite child until my sister-in-law brings Mom's second grandchild into the world next year. It's good to be Queen!

    (Mom and me. I'm on the left.)
    And one more time: Thank you for the encouragement and kind words. They will buoy me through this bout of post-cruise, mimosa-free depression. 
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    Srp431 reacted to FManke in Live Blog: Enchantment of the Seas 10/16-10/20   
    This was truly one of the funniest pieces of writing I have read in a long time. Kudos to you! I look forward to hearing about future adventures.
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    Srp431 reacted to rjac in Live Blog: Enchantment of the Seas 10/16-10/20   
    I think Matt and his gang should hire kimberrussell as a full time writer!
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    Srp431 got a reaction from kimberussell in Navigator of the Seas 10/21-10/25 Basic Tourist Style!   
    Following have a great trip
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    Srp431 reacted to kimberussell in Navigator of the Seas 10/21-10/25 Basic Tourist Style!   
    Hi! I'm Kim! You may know me from my Enchantment of the Seas trip report 2 years ago. We're baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!
    Me: 47, cruised with Royal Caribbean 2 years ago for the first time and Disney 15 years ago. I love warm weather and palm trees. 
    Mom: old enough to be my mother, cruised with Royal Caribbean 2 years ago for the first time. She also loves warm weather and palm trees.
    We both love to eat. She's gluten-free, I'm gluten-full. We get along very well. 
    We are Basic. We have no Star, Pinnacle, or Diamond statuses going for us. We are our own Genies. We have matching t-shirts that say "Resting Beach Face." We accept every photo op. We lose money on bingo and gambling. All of those things that experienced cruisers laugh at and wonder who they're aimed for? Us! They're aimed for us!
    Our story: we took our first cruise 2 years ago because Mom had a medically crummy summer and I wanted her to look forward to something once she put in the necessary PT work. We had THE BEST TIME and at least once a week every week since she mentioned taking another cruise.
    Mom: Let's take another cruise!
    Me: We could do that. Or we could go back to Virginia Beach! Or find a nice place in Florida...
    Mom: But then we'll have to go out and FIND food instead of just walking to a restaurant and having all the food we want. Don't you remember just grabbing the bag of chips from that stand? And there's no Solarium. And just the hotel is more money than the entire cruise and that's WITHOUT food and...
    I created a monster who wants to be able to grab a bag of Sun Chips and walk away.
    She wanted to take the same exact cruise again, because this time since she's back to 100% and won't have to use a cane. She's even going to the gym now. I know, right? I also know who'll be lugging our suitcases.
    But our beloved Enchantment of the Seas moved to Galveston and the Navigator's 5-day doesn't include Key West. 
    Mom: I don't want a smaller boat than Enchantment, though!
    Me, looking at Navigator photos: I...don't think that will be a problem.
    And here we are, booked on Navigator and headed to Nassau (day 2), CocoCay (day 3) and a day at sea (day 4).
    What we are keeping the same:
    Same ocean-view room. We were barely in it last time and I think that we'd really waste money on a larger room. Same VOOM 2-device surf and stream package.  Still not booking an excursion in Nassau; we're using a map I found online to create our own walking tour with a goal to be back on the ship for lunchtime. I might purchase a bottle of rum to bring home.  Still not booking fancy dining - we were completely happy with MDR and Windjammer last time and I'm excited to add free tacos to our lineup. Can't forget the free chips. Still not buying beverage packages - even when it goes to buy one, get one 50% off, neither of us can sustain the pace to make it break even. And we don't mind regular coffee. What we are doing differently:
    I kind of fibbed about the lack of STATUS. Because we are Crown & Anchor GOLD LEVEL, baybeeeeeee! ha-HA!  We'll be strolling down deck 3 with our four points like this:

    (Which is why we'll never be let into fancy lounges.)
    I bought lanyards from an Etsy shop to replace the "Bristol Meyers Squib" medical conference ones we had before. They befit our GOLD status. My husband is my favorite person but NOT a tropical-loving guy so he is staying behind with my beloved dogs and retinol. He will be driving us to the airport. We are flying directly into Miami the night before to spare me the agita I had last time when we almost missed the plane in Philadelphia. I'll disclose the hotel once we've checked out because I'm paranoid. We are not buying Evian water to be delivered to the cabin - 12 1-liter bottles = WAY too much water. Instead, I'm going to pick up a 6-pack of bottles in Miami to carry on and satisfy Mom's bottled water demands. I'm sure the complimentary C&A Gold status sherpa will help us. (disclaimer: there is no sherpa) I was raised on NJ tap water, so my body has evolved its own high-end filtering system. I pre-rented a floating mat at CocoCay. But with the construction on CocoCay's South Beach we don't have the opportunity to rent a lounger for the day. For just 2 of us, dropping hundreds of dollars on a daybed or cabana isn't cost-effective.  I'm very concerned about snagging seats with an umbrella. Even though the map shows little umbrellas all over, I don't want us to scorch.  I have feelings about CocoCay. It's just ... we had the perfect day there 2 years ago before it became capital-letter Perfect Day. We're not doing the waterpark and my brother would kill me in my sleep if I hooked Mom up to a zipline. I just hope Royal Caribbean remembered that some people's perfect day entails just lying on the beach under an umbrella, drinking and eating. Other than weather, norovirus, airplane crashes, the softening of my jawline, and the ship catching on fire at sea, this is what I'm worried about. I am often wrong, so I'm hoping my wrongness streak continues.
    Flush myself down the Riptide slide. It looks to be 25 seconds long. I can do that. As long as I keep my mouth shut (tall order) I won't drown. Try a Lava Flow.  Have a FANTASTIC time. All that's left is the packing, folks.
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    Srp431 reacted to 741953 in Navigator of the Seas 10/21-10/25 Basic Tourist Style!   
    Oh my...I thought I time traveled and read my own live blog!! ?
    On Nov 4, I'll be on Navigator, with my mom, for a 4 nights cruise. It'll be our very first cruise. 
    For package, we purchase nothing but internet for 2 devices. 
    We both don't drink at all, but we LOVE to eat. It REALLY doesn't matter what to eat. We have pretty cheap taste anyway.
    Gourmet dining environment sometimes actually makes us uncomfortable. Our preferred style is "just give me the god damn food and leave us alone".
    My mom is suffered from chronic knee and back pain, so for Nassau we're just gonna walk around the port, take some photos and maybe buy some rum cakes for our friends back home.
    For CocoCay, I thought about getting myself a Waterpark Pass for the slides. But since it's our first cruise and my mom is not fluent in English, I wanna stay with her as much as possible. Again, we just wanna chill and EAT. That's all. I can already see my mom "stationed" at Skipper's Grill, snacking non-stop while watching her favorite videos and chatting with friends online.
    I have a question. How do you pre-rented a floating mat at CocoCay? I'm too thinking about renting one, but don't see it anywhere in cruise planner.

    It'll be great if you can also upload the Cruise Compass with your live blog. Only if you have the time.
    I seriously can't wait for your live blog! 
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    Srp431 reacted to AshleyDillo in Food Questions   
    It can be, but I've also experienced it be just warm.  It's the nature of banquet-style dining which is basically what the main dining room is at dinner time.
    You are likely to have more luck at the specialty restaurants as the food is more likely made to order.   I've also found that the lunch in the main dining room has a buffet-style options that usually has a made to order station -- pasta, stir fry, etc. which gives you the opportunity to get a hot meal.
    RCCL is also very good with allergies if you note it on your reservation.  They should have someone speak with you in the dining room to go over the menu with you to ensure that nothing has your allergen.  You can also ask for this in the Windjammer (buffet) and they will bring someone out to answer your questions and find something that works for you.
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    Srp431 reacted to raahc in Windjammer Themed Dinners on Harmony   
    OMG!!!! That is ??? perfect!  I must tell hubby this! 
    But, we're usually running to line up for a show right after dinner (to get good seats, even with a reservation).  Might have to wait until after the show ... then my stomach will have settled in for the second round (I do have a separate stomach for desserts though) ?
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