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    Did you have the drink package on this cruise?  🙂
    Just kidding...
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    I bought the luggage tags based on a previous discussion and felt they were a worthwhile investment.  For those looking for a link:
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    I often see a lot of confusion between Cabanas, Beach Bungalows and Beach Loungers.  This will change with Perfect Day and the addition of over water cabanas but if nothing else this post will document what was here before Perfect Day.
    First let's look at Cabanas. 
    The Cabanas area:

    The cabanas were moved prior to my last visit so that the Cabanas could have direct beach and water access. Historically they were not water front.  This area is largely unchanged from my 2017 summer visit.
    I asked the Cabana check in person if I could zip in for a few pictures and she said it was okay.
    There are two rows of Cabanas.  The front row has a deck in front of the cabanas, the back row has a deck beside the cabanas.

    Each cabanas is pretty much equally equipped, location is the only difference.

    Floating mats are included.

    There is also a separate lounger area near the bar in this private area.

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    Fantastic Live Blog and I loved your pictures.  Appreciate the time and effort to share your cruise experience.
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