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  1. Today was a pretty fun day. After trying to shower and discovering our shower was broken and no one came to fix it. We went out to try and meet up with the cruise critic meet and greet if it wasn't too late. Got to meet some nice people that were still there when we got there. After that we for some lunch in the MDR (mainly because of my allergies but also because its sooo good). I got the Caeser Salad with grilled chicken to start, the beef strip loin for my main and the berry crapes with custard for my desert (it was amazing). Sandra got the roasted burundi over rice for her starter, enchiladas for her main and she also got the crapes for desert. 

    20200309_123625_resized.jpg.75ddfdc19128d3e746100ed6fd40f9a1.jpg    20200309_123511_resized.jpg.add68f7f10790f0682e7505dcceb4a0d.jpg

    20200309_130051_resized.jpg.5df122dcb9f49178b380c9845ed6f7f3.jpg     20200309_130130_resized.jpg.32b062db7bc7e2b32bb9b305a8564099.jpg    20200309_131406_resized.jpg.3c7dbf13fb64f65e0a729f30f34def01.jpg

    Once we finished lunch we went to the casino to see how much credit we had waiting for us on our cards for the slot machine. Spoiler it wasn't much lol. I ended up with $4 and Sandra had $2 lol. We were done within minutes lol. After that we headed to the newly added laser tag in Studio B (side note the stage that was here was removed and the photo center moved into its place).




    After I killed it in laser tag (I was KUMA in our game) we went to watch a presentation on Alaska (We are planning Alaska for our next cruise but still trying to make a game plan) and hoped to win some free stuff (we didn't). We came back to our cabin to do some work and get ready for formal night (bad news shower was still broken, thankfully our room attendant who was frustrated with the plumbers found a temporary solution). Formal night was saved. For dinner I had ordered last night to ensure I got some good desert. I had the pumpkin soup to start, for my main I actually ordered 2, lemon-butter baked cod and roast beef tenderloin. For desert I had the Royal Cheesecake. Sandra also had the pumpkin soup to start, she had the roast beef tenderloin for her main and the grand marnier soufflé for desert.

     20200309_205013_resized.jpg.5be4f2633161707de313116b4ef69240.jpg    20200309_205758_resized.jpg.280379c6f93bc9978e46f5ee390a332d.jpg    20200309_205826_resized.jpg.19f0ccc5a0928e1c697c82b9d5370d7c.jpg

    20200309_211458_resized.jpg.bc52d54d9862f0270a3be7a1172fef50.jpg    20200309_211538_resized.jpg.440f6e8cf37e8f6f2d5bb701e005442c.jpg

    To end the night we went to see Freedoms new show called Marquee (although someone said they had seen this before but not when we were on last). It is a fun musical with a wide range of styles. After that I went to the adult comedy show by Louis Johnson. He was a blast for sure.



    20200309_224654-1_resized.jpg.8a35e2bdbdb9d2a25c65bf9ea4d8021d.jpg    20200309_223523-1_resized.jpg.3b8f5634f477074ce489cc83b13c365b.jpg

    20200309_223022-1_resized.jpg.b4a3ad6f13342ee1e2ba74290482a064.jpg    20200309_225457-1_resized.jpg.60c08606127b2aed7ed9d573e8614465.jpg

  2. 17 hours ago, Srp431 said:

    Thanks for the photos. We're on the March 22 freedom cruise. Following as well.  Really wondering about number of people on the ship and how many cancelled

    MDR staff said its at least 300 people canceled. 

    17 hours ago, gi333 said:

    We are supposed to be on it April 19. We are still undecided. Thanks for posting photos and making me see that people are still having a good time. 

    Ya, its not letting it stop anyone. Although if someone sneezes everyone stares at them lol.

  3. I see you mentioned you go this month so I'm a little late but 7-mile or rum point/star fish point are very nice. I can recommend a few spots on 7-mile if that's what you want to do. I also can recommend some liquor stores to hit before to save some money but still enjoy some drinks lol (except at private property locations). Stingray City is great and is something we do every time we have guests down (my preference is Captain Marvin's but there are many many others out there). 

  4. I know everyone loves food so I thought my next post would be of our Day 1 dinner.

    To start with we had Caeser salad (no photo since everyone knows what that looks like lol). For my main I had the Slow Roaster Prime Rib was supposed to come with potato croquette, but they ended up giving me a baked potato because of my allergies. For desert I just had berries as nothing was safe for me to eat :(. Sandra also had a Caeser salad for the starter. For a main she had the Southern Fried Chicken. She also had the berries as she had some sweets in the Windjammer.

    20200308_205510_resized.jpg.9412cf5b4c904a5e1a61e817f2f33294.jpg           20200308_205446_resized.jpg.09110c88d398a64fb7c71a18cfd92ff6.jpg

    I also got you guys some photos of the Windjammer dinner options.

















    Hope you enjoyed 🙂

  5. Hey Guys,

    I haven't been on in awhile but wanted to give you guys some peeks into Freedom since this is its first cruise after being amped. For those on Periscope I have been doing some posting there too. But there are somethings I know you guys love that cant be easily put on there.

    Yesterday was a good day. When we got on they gave everyone a glass of bubbles (If you were lucky you could also get more :)).


    Since the ship had been in port for a few days it was available right away. We were also able to board right away. Sadly, the rooms weren't updated and ours had a leak in the shower. Some changes are subtle and some are huge.


     20200308_185930_resized.thumb.jpg.507290a760a668521369c6e933942f8a.jpg        20200308_194046_resized.thumb.jpg.e53d14e489955ad93be2fd125201715d.jpg



    (More ship photos to come or check out my scopes)

    After touring for the morning ended up at Lime and Coconut for a Lava Flow.


    After that they had some free shots in the promenade so I had to get in on that. Little sample shots, but hey, they are free lol.

    Then we just pretty much relaxed, explored a little and went to dinner (Food photos will be in my next post). 

    Not too much was going on as it was raining out. The coolest part of the balloon drop was when the new addition of a platform that comes down from the ceiling. (Will need to find a good way to post the video)

    For a ship that was practically sold out online, it is very empty. Super easy to find spots in the windjammer, not many lines, dinner was also pretty empty.

















    After that we pretty much just relaxed and toured the trip until dinner time. (Food post to follow)

    Everything has been pretty nice. Many of the staff do seem brand new though but are fighting their way through it pretty well. The ship does feel empty though since it was sold out online prior to sailing. Many people have been saying their bids were won around the minimum. It was super easy to get a table at dinner time, the MDR was empty except for window seats. I think a lot of people didn't make it due to the virus. (Not gonna stop me though lol).

    I did forget to get some photos while I was scoping yesterday so will try to get those to post. I also need to find a good way to post the video of the balloon drop I took because they added a cool feature where the cruise director is on a platform that dropped from the ceiling (don't remember that from before).

    Let me know if there is anything you guys really want to see and I will try and get it.

  6. I have seen people playing card games and stuff like that during things like music shows in the lounges. I personally plan on bringing the card version of monopoly and clue (has an app add-on you can get for ios) when my wife and I go next. Long as you don't mind the sound and aren't loud you'll be fine. And if you have a few drinks while you are there then they will be very happy lol.

  7. I have never scene anyone care that someone ordered more, even the staff. Once I wasn't sure if i wanted a second main or 2 deserts so the waiter brought both for me. When I first ever cruised someone at our table ordered extra lobster and that taught me I could too. So you may actually help someone. 

  8. When on Freedom we did it and it was a limited menu. As someone with allergies (They knew from my file) I got a separate menu that was designed for me (someone else had a different allergy and got the same treatment). I have to say, they were much better then the staff at Chops in this regard. But it will be similar food just on a smaller scale so it can be made quicker. I think it was like 2 or 3 options since they prepare during the next scene. 

  9. A port will happen eventually not sure it will be as shown now because people are upset because the government fired there environmental person because they didn't like what they were saying and they haven't proven they have done their research fully. I myself do not agree with the current proposal as it will damage some of towns best reefs (attractions people come here to see). I have seen other locations with better solutions to be honest. I do believe its more about the money then anything (some works are not paid as well as you would think especially in the construction field). It will happen just not sure when or if this will be how it will look. I do fear we will lose some of the brands that come here that aren't part of this deal and I honestly don't know if the port is worth it (ports are nice but at that price I don't know).

    *Rant over lol*

  10. i never reserved any time. (to me that defeats the idea of MTD but that's just me) But I have never felt rushed to finish quickly. I tend to leave desert choice till last because I may change my mind. Sometime I also still feel hungry so order another order and never had stuff upset with me. (If they were they didn't show it) 

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