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20 tips for a Royal Caribbean honeymoon cruise

03 Jun 2022

A Royal Caribbean cruise is a wonderful way to honeymoon. Everything is taken care of for you, from dining to cleaning, entertainment, and transportation.

Being able to sit back and relax with your new husband or wife is a stress-free way to kick off your marriage, but there’s a lot of planning behind the scenes to ensure you have the best honeymoon cruise possible.

From choosing a ship to splurging on a stateroom and shore excursions, here are our top 20 tips for planning a Royal Caribbean honeymoon cruise.

Choose a cruise ship wisely

The first step to booking a honeymoon cruise is choosing which ship will work best for your preferences. Not all Royal Caribbean ships are built the same, varying in size, amenities, dining options, itineraries, and entertainment.

Reading through our guide on each class of Royal Caribbean cruise ships can be a great starting point to determining which type of ships seem most interesting to you. Smaller ships, like Vision or Radiance Class, may not have as many bells and whistles, but offer fascinating itineraries around the world.

Royal Caribbean’s largest ships, like Quantum or Oasis Class, truly follow the mindset that the ship is the destination. From water slides to ziplines, countless bars and restaurants, and unique entertainment venues, big ships offer many amenities not found on other ships in the fleet.

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Each type of cruise ship has its own pros and cons, so determining what you value in a cruise vacation can help you make a decision. Speaking with a good travel agent can be helpful as well, as they will be able to gauge your interests and cruising style to better help you pick the best cruise ship possible for your honeymoon.

Pick the best itinerary for you

Royal Caribbean offers itineraries around the world, from the fjords of Alaska to the beaches of the South Pacific. It’s important to choose your itinerary wisely to ensure you aren’t left disappointed while on your honeymoon.

Beach lovers will be pleased with either a Caribbean or South Pacific cruise, but individual islands can vary in terms of what activities are offered. Reading through reviews of ports and shore excursions can be a solid starting point for picking a cruise itinerary.

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Islands like St. Thomas and St. Maarten offer a totally different experience than the Western Caribbean ports of Costa Maya and Cozumel, whereas some itineraries will focus more on Royal Caribbean’s private destinations than others.

If you’re not a fan of laying at the beach, look for itineraries in more active destinations. Mediterranean cruises, for example, tend to focus more on visiting historical sites, monuments, and towns along the coast.

There is no “best itinerary” when it comes to a cruise, so taking a look at what types of activities you prefer doing when on shore is the first step toward picking the right itinerary for your honeymoon.

Splurge on an amazing stateroom

Say goodbye to interior cabins and say hello to balconies and suites. While it’s totally fine to cruise on a budget, consider splurging a bit more on your honeymoon. It is your honeymoon after all!

A balcony will be especially nice to have on a honeymoon cruise as it provides a private outdoor area where you and your spouse can relax, have a drink, and enjoy each other’s company.

If you’re looking to treat yourself even more, though, look into suite options for a more luxurious cruise vacation. Suites can vary by ship, but they all include benefits such as priority boarding and departure, concierge service, Suite Lounge access, priority dining reservations, luxury bathroom amenities, VIP pool deck seating, and more.

Oasis and Quantum Class ships have the Royal Suite Class, which provides all of the benefits above plus complimentary access to the suites-only Coastal Kitchen restaurant and–depending on your suite category–access to a Royal Genie.

If you're wondering whether or not a suite is worth it on your honeymoon, check out our YouTube video:

Use RoyalUp

While booking the biggest suite in Royal Caribbean’s fleet may sound nice, it’s definitely not in everyone’s honeymoon budget. If you’re looking for the chance to upgrade your stateroom at a lower cost, try bidding through the RoyalUp program.

RoyalUp is Royal Caribbean’s bidding system that can be used to make “bids” on upgraded stateroom categories. If you booked an interior room, for example, and are hoping to upgrade to a balcony stateroom, you can make a bid through RoyalUp. If your bid is accepted, you’ll be placed in the upgraded stateroom category.

RoyalUp is a bit of a gamble, so it’s not recommended to rely on winning a bid every time. However, if you want to try upgrading stateroom categories without spending as much money as booking the stateroom outright, it’s worth a try.

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Consider an Alaska cruise for your honeymoon

While the word “honeymoon” tends to stir up images of sandy beaches and palm trees, a cruise to Alaska can be an unexpectedly amazing honeymoon idea.

Alaska cruises are undeniably gorgeous, with mountains, lakes, waterfalls, and wildlife around every corner. Unlike in the Caribbean where days at sea will have views of, well, the ocean, Alaska cruises almost always have picturesque scenery surrounding the ship.

Cruises to Alaska sail through the state’s Inside Passage, so you and your spouse can enjoy a peaceful morning in bed or on your balcony while viewing colossal mountains and glaciers. Alaska cruises make for some unforgettable shore excursions as well, from helicopter tours to whale watching and kayaking.

The weather on an Alaska cruise may be colder than what you’ll experience on a tropical honeymoon, but it offers the perfect excuse to cuddle up with a blanket in bed with your new husband or wife.

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Book with a travel agent

Booking a Royal Caribbean cruise with a travel agent is always a good idea, but especially for a honeymoon cruise. With all the stress that comes with planning a wedding, you don’t want to worry about organizing all of the details of your cruise vacation, too.

A good travel agent will cost nothing extra and will be an extremely valuable resource for you and your spouse before and during the cruise. They can offer advice on itineraries, ship choice, things to do in port, and onboard amenities. If you have any questions or concerns for Royal Caribbean, they will be the ones to contact the cruise line, meaning you won’t have to waste time figuring out your own solutions and waiting on hold on the phone.

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Book a specialty dining package

While you can enjoy plenty of complimentary dining options on a Royal Caribbean cruise, celebrating your honeymoon onboard is a great excuse to book a dining package. Whether you book the 3-night Dining Package or Unlimited Dining Package, you’ll have the opportunity to try Royal Caribbean’s diverse and high-quality specialty restaurants.

Specialty dining venues cover a wide range of cuisines, from Italian to Japanese and classic American steakhouse fare. Some of our favorites include 150 Central Park if you’re in the mood for an elegant meal or Izumi Hibachi if you’d rather have a more lively dining experience.

If you’re on the fence of whether or not to purchase a dining package for your honeymoon cruise, our video on the pros and cons of a dining package should help you make a decision:

Book a beverage package

Just like a dining package, a Royal Caribbean drink package will also enhance your honeymoon cruise. Being able to order wine, cocktails, beer, and spirits without worrying about the cost of each individual drink will make your day to day onboard less stressful. Three types of beverage packages are available: the Soda Package, Refreshment Package, and Deluxe Beverage Package.

The Deluxe Beverage Package is best for passengers who drink alcoholic beverages, as it covers all alcoholic drinks up to $13. Nonalcoholic beverages are included in the package as well, such as fresh squeezed juices, soda, and specialty coffee drinks.

If your honeymoon cruise visits Royal Caribbean’s private destinations of Perfect Day at CocoCay or Labadee, your drink package will work on shore as well, giving extra value to your purchase.

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Treat yourself to amazing shore excursions

While it’s fun to treat yourself onboard with dining packages, an upgraded stateroom, room service, and spa treatments, don’t forget about booking amazing shore excursions while in port. Royal Caribbean cruises visit some incredible destinations, each of which has a plethora of activities to fit all interests.

It’s important to research the ports you will be visiting and make note of any activities or places that look interesting to you. You want your honeymoon to go as smoothly as possible, so having a general idea of what you plan to do each day will be helpful.

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If you’re in the mood for a fun-filled beach day, an all-inclusive day pass at a resort or a catamaran tour may be of interest. Adrenaline seekers may consider ziplining tours, snorkeling, or scuba diving. History lovers will enjoy visiting Mayan ruins, ancient European cities, and local museums.

If you’re visiting Perfect Day at CocoCay, a day pass at the Coco Beach Club can be a really nice enhancement to your day on shore. If you value having a more secluded, private area to enjoy with your spouse along with a delicious Mediterranean lunch at the Coco Beach Club restaurant, definitely look into spending the day at the Coco Beach Club.

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Start a Honeymoon Registry

Why book shore excursions, specialty restaurants, and massages yourself when your friends and family can purchase them for you? Royal Caribbean has its own Honeymoon Registry program, where you can start a registry tailored to your specific cruise ship and interests.

You can register for as many activities, room upgrades, shore excursions, dining packages, and other cruise addons as you wish. Your registry will have its own link, which your friends and family can access to purchase items from your wishlist. Purchases will be “delivered” to you via onboard credit during the cruise.

Reserve a private cabana

If your honeymoon cruise visits Perfect Day at CocoCay, consider reserving a cabana for your day on shore. Cabanas are available around the island, whether at Oasis Lagoon, Thrill Waterpark, Chill Beach, or the Coco Beach Club.

Cabanas offer a private enclave on the island, with seating, hammocks, shade, complimentary beach mats, lockable storage, cabana concierge service, charging outlets, and more.

If you’re really looking to splurge, reserve a floating cabana at the Coco Beach Club. These cabanas feature comfy seating, pool chairs, an over-the-water hammock, waterslide, freshwater shower, drink cooler, and cabana service. They also include lunch at the Coco Beach Club restaurant, which you can enjoy at the restaurant itself or from the privacy of your floating cabana.

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If a cabana is too expensive for your budget, a daybed is a nice alternative, although Perfect Day at CocoCay has so many chairs and umbrellas that spending extra money is not totally necessary.

Cabanas are also available at Royal Caribbean's other private destination, Labadee, and may be available in various ports of call as well.

Consider booking a photo package

Once onboard your cruise, you will notice photographers who are available to capture memories of your cruise vacation. Having your picture taken by Royal Caribbean’s photographers is completely free, but purchasing the photos will come at an additional cost.

A photo package can be purchased ahead of time on Royal Caribbean’s Cruise Planner website. Prices can vary, but expect to spend around $150-200 for packages with 20-100 photos, which can be delivered in print or digital format.

While you will likely take many photos on your phone, purchasing professional photos onboard can be a nice way to remember your honeymoon and all the fun memories, both onboard and in port, that went with it.

Request a private table in the Main Dining Room

If you’re hoping for a more intimate dining atmosphere in the Main Dining Room on your honeymoon, make sure to request a private table for you and your spouse. With so many passengers onboard, it’s not always guaranteed that you will, by default, be seated at your own private table.

While dining with strangers and making new friends can be nice, having a private table will mean more quality time to spend together.

Treat yourself to room service

Not much feels more luxurious than breakfast in bed with views of the ocean outside your window. Whether pancakes at breakfast or salmon at dinner, ordering room service on a honeymoon cruise is a must.

Royal Caribbean’s room service is not free, with the exception of continental breakfast. However, it comes at a price of only $7.95 per order, per room, so ordering room service occasionally is almost always worth the extra cost for convenience on any honeymoon cruise.

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Book a spa treatment

A honeymoon is all about treating yourself and enjoying time together as newlyweds. Why not book a spa treatment together to enhance your cruise? Royal Caribbean offers a variety of couples treatments at the Vitality Spa, from a deep tissue massage to aroma stone therapy. Whichever treatment you choose, you’re guaranteed to leave the spa refreshed and relaxed.

If your ship has a thermal spa onboard, this can be another nice splurge on a honeymoon cruise. Thermal spas include hot stone loungers, steam rooms, saunas, and rainforest showers that bring the ultimate feeling of relaxation and luxury to a cruise vacation. Thermal spa passes can be purchased for the week and there’s often a discount if you buy a pass as a couple.

Go on a sunset stroll

All of Royal Caribbean’s ships offer plenty of places onboard to relax with a beautiful view, and heading outside for a casual stroll at sunset is a nice way to spend an evening on a honeymoon cruise.

The outdoor promenade deck or pool deck make for a nice walking path where you can take a few laps around the ship to take in the ocean and sunset views. Sometimes the most romantic of memories on a cruise vacation are found in the simplest of activities.

Purchase The Key

The Key is an addon you can purchase before a Royal Caribbean cruise that gives passengers exclusive amenities throughout the cruise. Benefits of The Key include:

  • Priority access into the terminal on Day 1
  • Carry-on bag drop off in the Main Dining Room with stateroom delivery
  • Exclusive embarkation day lunch in the Main Dining Room with the Chops Grille menu
  • Private time at onboard activities such as rock climbing and the FlowRider
  • Early access at entertainment venues
  • VOOM Surf & Stream internet for 1 device
  • Exclusive breakfast on disembarkation day and choice departure

There are pros and cons of purchasing The Key, but it can be a nice way to enhance a honeymoon cruise. Priority boarding, exclusive time at activities, and private meals can help bring that feeling of exclusivity to your honeymoon and allow you to experience more onboard with less time waiting in lines.

Surprise your spouse with a treat

Another addon that can be purchased prior to your cruise are surprises that will arrive in your stateroom on embarkation day. Plates of chocolate covered strawberries, champagne, chocolate cake, cheese trays, wine, and more are available to purchase on the Cruise Planner website.

Purchasing an item ahead of time means it will be delivered to your stateroom on the first day of the cruise, offering the perfect start to your honeymoon and a nice way to surprise your spouse with a treat.

Fly in the day before your cruise departs

One of our top cruise tips at Royal Caribbean Blog is to never fly to your cruise departure port on embarkation day. It’s always a better idea to fly in the day before your cruise begins. If your cruise leaves Miami on Monday, for example, make sure to arrive on Sunday.

Weather delays, flight cancellations, technical problems, highway congestion, and other unexpected circumstances can cause you to miss your cruise if you don’t leave enough buffer time. Flying in a day ahead of time gives you more wiggle room to catch a later flight or figure out alternate transportation options in case of delays.

It’s better to fly in a day ahead of time and spend the night in a hotel than to miss your honeymoon cruise altogether!

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Spend extra time on land before and after the cruise

Our last tip is to consider spending extra time in your cruise departure port before or after the cruise to make the most of your honeymoon. Royal Caribbean cruises tend to depart from cities or areas with many activities, beaches, culinary scenes, and nightlife to explore.

Whether sunbathing in Miami, sightseeing in Barcelona, or visiting Disneyland in California, spending an extra day or two prior to your cruise in your departure port can be a fun way to kickstart your honeymoon.

Royal Romance:  How to plan your dream wedding at sea

27 Oct 2021

A wedding onboard a cruise ship or in an exotic port of call is the epitome of romance.  If you are considering tying the knot or a vow renewal, you may not have any idea where to start. 

Here are some helpful tips for getting married on a Royal Caribbean cruise

Where to begin

You will first contact the Royal Weddings department.

The weddings department require a minimum of 90 days prior to your sail date but advise that you contact them even earlier than that, if possible.

You will choose your package and any add-ons that you desire.  Then you’ll be assigned a shoreside coordinator that will work with you to customize your ceremony and reception to your specific needs.

They can also assist you with getting your marriage license. On embarkation day you’ll meet with your onboard coordinator that makes it all happen! 

Who can Royal Caribbean marry?

Pretty much anybody, as long as you’re familiar with the rules.  If you get married onboard the ship, your marriage will be legal in the Bahamas as that is where the ship is registered.  Same goes for any port of call you choose to have your ceremony in.  

Same sex marriages can be performed on shore in the U.S. or any other port abroad that legally recognizes them. 

Since the Bahamas does not allow same sex marriages, those could not be done legally on the ship itself.  However, you can have a symbolic ceremony at sea if you wish. 

What does a package include?

There are many packages to choose from.  A sample can be found on Royal Caribbean’s website.  There are a few variations here and there but for the most part you can expect these to be included:

  • Priority check in at the pier
  • Non-denominational wedding officiant
  • Bottle of Moët & Chandon champagne
  • Pre-recorded musical accompaniment
  • 3 Tier wedding cake
  • Dinner for the couple at a specialty restaurant
  • Chocolate covered strawberries
  • Mimosa breakfast in bed
  • One hour of photography service
  • Stateroom decorations
  • Keepsake certificate with the date, ship or port name
  • Private wedding venue


A Royal wedding - Royal Caribbean Blog Podcast

If you really want to go all out you can add on, for an additional fee, salon services that include hair styling and nails for the ladies or hair cuts, shaves and beard trimming for the gentlemen.

You can add more hours with the photographer that includes all of your photos digitally.  You can also arrange for a live band or a DJ at your reception.

Speaking of receptions, you can book a venue and add bar services, hors d’oeuvres or food stations.  You can make it as simple or as elaborate as you wish. 

Vow renewals

You don’t have to be getting married to have a ceremony either!  Why not renew your vows in a picturesque setting?  That’s exactly what we did.  We got married on land and had our honeymoon on Freedom of the Seas.  Since we love cruising so much, we decided to celebrate our 10 year anniversary with a vow renewal on the ship we took our honeymoon on.

We wanted it to be just the two of us.  Our onboard coordinator took care of everything! We chose our vow renewal to be held the day we were docked in Labadee.  We added extra time with the photographer so we had photos done on the island before the ceremony. We had the ceremony itself in the Cloud 9 card room on Deck 14 (which is now the suite lounge). 

We provided our own music so we had a sound technician present that played the songs through a speaker system.  Our onboard coordinator also preformed our ceremony.  Afterwards we had a champagne toast. We requested to have the chocolate covered strawberries and the cake delivered to our room.  Next, we took photos around the ship.  Even though it was October 28th, the ship was already decorated for Halloween. 

Our amazing wedding coordinator followed us around, deflating the decorations so we didn’t have ghosts and vampires in our photos then set them all back up again.

The photographer was happy to take photos in all of our favorite venues: Vintages, Giovanni’s Table, The Diamond and Viking Crown Lounges, even the Next Cruise desk!

The one place I suggested that surprised our photographer the most was the main dining room.  I love its three story staircase and the giant chandelier.  It turned out to be some of my favorite photos of the day.

Later in the cruise we had our certificate delivered with our names, the date, the name of the ship and signed by the Captain.  The whole experience was even more perfect than we planned.

But what does it cost?

That’s hard to answer because there are so many variables that affect the price. 

Packages that include the couple and 10 guests start at $1950.  Packages that include up to 50 guests start at $3850.  Up to 75 guests start at $5600. 

For us, the experience and memories were worth every penny. 

Royal Caribbean Blog Podcast Episode - Getting married on Royal Caribbean

13 Nov 2019

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Have you ever thought of getting married on a Royal Caribbean cruise? This week, Michael shares his experience tying the knot while on a Royal Caribbean cruise.

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Royal Caribbean Blog Podcast Episode - Royal Caribbean wedding review

09 May 2018

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Have you ever dreamed of getting married on a Royal Caribbean cruise? After all, combining the memories of a wedding with the backdrop of a Royal Caribbean cruise seems like a match made in vacation heaven.  This week, we talk with a Royal Caribbean Blog Podcast listener who did just that and had her dream wedding onboard Harmony of the Seas.  We talk about why she chose to get married onboard, what her experience was like, and what other soon-to-be-weds should consider.

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Royal Caribbean wedding commercial prominently features gay couple

31 Jan 2016

Royal Caribbean produces a lot of commercials, and one of its newer commercials features a gay couple getting married on a Royal Caribbean ship.

Royal Caribbean wants everyone to consider getting married on a Royal Caribbean ship, and uses couple "Gabriel and Blair" to show how fun and special a wedding at sea can be.

Royal Caribbean describes this advertisement simply as, "You’ve never settled for the ordinary. Your greatest adventure yet should be no different. Venture far from the beaten path with a Royal Caribbean wedding ceremony. Royal Weddings amenities include complimentary planning to ensure every moment becomes a cherished memory for you and your special someone. Discover the breathtaking possibilities onboard and across the world."

Tip of the hat to Instinct Magazine for alerting us to this commercial.

10 tips for an amazing Royal Caribbean wedding

27 Aug 2015

Did you know you can get married on a Royal Caribbean cruise?  It is true and if you want to tie the knot onboard your cruise, these tips may help you in the planning process.

1. Spread the word about your wedding registry but watch the calendar

Royal Caribbean will provide you with a wedding registry, just like most stores.  On there, you can list shore excursions, beverage packages, specialty restaurant reservations and more.

You can also put up your bios on the internet-based registry and it is a great tool to send to guests and friends about your wedding, even the ones who may not be able to join you onboard.

The important thing to remember about a wedding registry is let your guests know that the registry will close one week before your sail date so all the purchases made can be sent to your ship.

This means, all purchases need to be made before one week prior to your cruise and friends and family tend to wait until the last minute to make purchases, so you will want to warn them of the deadline.

2. Wait to make pre-cruise purchases

With the wedding registry, once the gifts start coming in, you might be tempted to start pre-booking things on your cruise but you should wait.

Services, packages and gifts that can be pre-purchased before your cruise, such as spa treatments or beverage packages, should not be purchased until you receive the complete list of who bought you what.

This usually occurs a week before the cruise and if you happen to purchase these items before you get the list, you will have to pay for these items out of pocket.

3. Wait to send thank you cards until after the wedding

When someone purchases you an item off your Royal Caribbean wedding registry, you will usually get an email with a notification that it happened but you should wait for the full list.

While the email notifications are helpful, in practice not all purchases end up generating an email notification, so before you start sending out thank you notes, wait for the complete list of what you received off the registry to ensure you do not omit a gift someone purchased for you.

4. Use a travel agent

If you are the bride and groom, you have plenty of things to worry about, so coordinating your friends and family's cruise reservations should not be one of them.

In general, we are big fans of using a travel agent to book a Royal Caribbean cruise but when you are traveling with a wedding party, use a travel agent that can help you and your group all along the way.

Very likely you will have new cruisers, who tend to have lots of questions.  A travel agent will be there to answer those questions and all of this makes your life easier.

Remember, travel agent services are free to you (Royal Caribbean pays them), so you have nothing to lose and lots of your own time to regain!

5. Consider creating a group booking

Along the lines of using a travel agent, if your wedding party is large enough, consider creating a group booking.

You will need to have at least 8 staterooms to get a group.

By having a group, it makes coordinating lots of Royal Caribbean activities much simpler, such as dining arrangements.

In addition, groups can sometimes qualify for lower pricing or other specials.  

When creating a group, be sure to use a travel agent because they should have experience in this and it will be one less thing for you to worry about.

6. Ask LOTS Of questions

As you might imagine, there is a lot that goes into any wedding and a Royal Caribbean wedding is no different.

Be sure to call the Royal Romance department multiple times and ask lots of questions BEFORE you pick your wedding package.

Ask them about every detail and any concerns you have.  You want to ensure what you want is what you are booking.

You should call multiple times to verify what you are looking for.  It is important before you put any money down that you ask all the questions you might have.  

7. Read the marriage certificate requirements

When you are deciding if you want to get married on a Royal Caribbean ship or in port, there are different government requirements depending on where you select.

Some locations (such as at sea), you have to go to the Bahamas within 60 days to get your license.  If you get married in port, such as your embarkation port, you only have to travel to somewhere in the state from where you leave.

8. Consider getting married at one of your port stops

While you can get married on a Royal Caribbean ship or at one of their private islands, you should also at least consider the option of getting married at one of the ports you are visiting.

By expanding your wedding location search to the ports you are visiting, you can not only get more choice in your wedding location, but also more flexibility in price.

As an example, you could pick a resort at one of the ports you are going to and potentially save a lot of money or expand  the options of your wedding location beyond what Royal Caribbean can offer.

9. Be prepared to plan quickly

When you book a Royal Caribbean wedding, your wedding planner will call you around 30 days before your wedding and then you will have until about a week before your sailing to plan it all.  

This means you have a 3 week window to plan your Royal Caribbean wedding.

You will need to know the details ahead of time so you can plan as quickly as possible.

Your wedding planner is available via phone and email but email might be a better idea so you have your discussions in writing.

10. Be flexible

This may be the most important tip: try to be as flexible and adaptable as you can be with the entire process.

Unfortunately, things can go wrong in the process between your planner at Royal Caribbean headquarters and what ends up on your ship.

You have to be flexible with the process. Perhaps there was a hurricane that means the island you were planning to visit is no longer an option or the cake you ordered is not exactly what gets delivered.

Speak to your onboard wedding representative to coordinate the process.  They are there to help, so try your best to "go with the flow" and understand things can change or be impacted so be as flexible as you can.

Royal Caribbean offers new weddings at sea

31 Oct 2012

Royal Caribbean is now offering weddings and vow renewals in a new program called "Sweethearts at Sea".  The Bahamas has cleared Royal Caribbean to conduct legal weddings aboard their cruise ships while at sea.  

Couples wishing to share this special moment with friends and family can enjoy the Sweethearts at Sea promotional offer, inclusive of a ceremony performed by the Captain, photography and more, when booking 12 or more staterooms on a 2013 Royal Caribbean International sailing during the special introductory offer.

Royal Caribbean CEO Adam Goldstein commented on the news, "Thanks to the support of the Bahamas, our guests can now be married during the course of their Royal Caribbean cruise and bask in the romance of the sea as they exchange their vows. Royal Caribbean's staff and crew will cater the affair with our world-renowned friendly and engaging Gold Anchor Service to help make the day extra special for the couple and their guests.”

Couples will work with the Royal Romance team of wedding specialists that will work with you to create an event that reflects the desires of the bride and groom.The Royal Romance team assists in wedding planning services, including any legal requirements pre-departure, and once onboard, the Royal Romance Coordinator ensures every last detail is taken care of for the special moment.

Brides and grooms looking to marry onboard a Royal Caribbean ship will be married in a manner that is legally recognized by the Bahamas through the newly passed Marriage Act. The act allows for marriages while in international waters, which is defined as outside the 12-mile limit of the territorial waters of any nation. The actual location of the ship when the marriage takes place is then recorded in the Marriage Record book of the Bahamas.

Couples have several customizable Royal Romance Package options that celebrate their big day and include all the essentials for creating the perfect wedding. For example, the Royal Romance at Sea package includes: the ceremony performed by the ship’s captain, a groom’s boutonniere, a rose bouquet for the bride, freshly-made cake, recorded music and a live soloist during ceremony, wine at the ceremony, dinner for the bride and groom at an onboard specialty restaurant, photography services, plus champagne and strawberries in the couple’s stateroom.

The Sweethearts at Seas promotion offers couples a complimentary Romance at Sea package when they share their happy memories with family and friends and their wedding party books 12 or more staterooms on a 2013 cruise of five nights or longer. Those couples booking 25 or more staterooms can enjoy the above, plus a complimentary stateroom upgrade, bar service and an hors d’oeuvres reception.

The Sweethearts at Seas is now available to be booked for cruises starting January 1, 2013. For more information about the Royal Romance Programvisit us at or call 888-WED-RCCL (888-933-7225).

Royal Caribbean offering wedding packages in Brazil

12 Jun 2012

Royal Caribbean will offer in 2012/2013 cruise season the option for customers to get married onboard its ships.

Splendour of the Seas arrives in Brazil on December 9 and will offer three choices of wedding packages: Royal Package, Royal Happiness and Royal Romance Eternity.

The ceremony lasts approximately one hour and is performed by one of the officers of the ship while the ship is moored in one of the ports allowed - Santos, Rio de Janeiro or Salvador.

In addition to the guests who can accompany them on the cruise, the couple can invite up to 40 guests not cruising to attend the celebration, and reservations must be made ​​up to two months in advance. 

More information on the Brazil wedding packages are available online.

Royal Caribbean offers wedding packages for Brazilian cruises

23 Aug 2011

Royal Caribbean will offer options in the 2011/2012 season to perform weddings onboard their ships that sail from Brazil. The bride and groom may hold the marriage ceremony on the Splendour of the Seas or Vision of the Seas, with three different package options: the Royal Happiness, the Royal and Royal Romance Eternity.

The symbolic ceremony lasts approximately one hour and is performed by one of the officers while the ship is moored in one of the authorized ports - Santos, Rio de Janeiro or Salvador. In addition to the guests who may accompany them on the cruise, the couple can invite up to 40 guests not to attend the celebration and reservations must be made up to two months in advance.

The partners Bedaque Marina Barbosa and Tamara were responsible for all training of the crew that will perform the symbolic ceremony.  There is also the choice of suppliers - as a band, cake and favors - enclosed in the package.  

Weddings on a cruise a rising trend

11 Jun 2010

Destination weddings, or weddings that take place somewhere other than home, have always been an intriguing option for couples looking to tie the knot but according to a recent report by, weddings on cruise ships have increased in popularity by 10% in the past few years because of affordability, the convenience of having your wedding and honeymoon in one place, and the exotic locations you can have your wedding held.

Valery Rene, manager of on-board revenue for Royal Caribbean says that they handle "about 1,000 weddings a year and can meet many other special requests.”  Certainly it's hard to argue with the price as the average cruise wedding ceremony and reception with Royal Caribbean costs about $10,000 for a 100-person event, excluding the cruise costs and airfare for sailing guests. Considering the average cost of a wedding in the U.S. is now between $21,000 and $24,000, that is a real bargain.

For those looking to get hitched on their next cruise, the basic wedding package on Royal Caribbean starts at about $2,000 and includes three hours of planning with a consultant, priority check-in, non-denominational official, ceremony, recorded music, bridal bouquet, marriage certificate, photographer (but not photos; they’re purchased separately) and more.

We help the couple decide whether they would like a shipboard or shoreside wedding and then choose which destination and ship that works for them and their budget,” says Rene. “We often do weddings that cost more than $20,000 and a recent lavish wedding we did was well into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. There were about 180 sailing guests.”

Given all that $10,000 gets you, it's hard to go wrong with that option and it's hard for your wedding guests to argue with "forcing" them to go on a cruise.

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