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Rhapsody of the seas Greek Islands 25 Aug - 1-Sep , semi live blog

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3 minutes ago, Lovetocruise2002 said:

Funny you mentioned this, I just read another post on FB that the orange duck was the best thing ever!  Food is indeed subjective.

Yes, well it was not the best thing I was tasted , it was Ok , 

Most of the other people took the prime rib and were very happy include one that changed her plate from the sea food plate tot he prime rib.

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Day 4  - Athens.

We arrived Athens around 12 PM which allow us to sleep finally until 10 AM (Amazing for me) it was wonderful. We organized, took something quick at the WJ and  went to catch our tour. This time we only took a transfer to Athens nothing else , the only reason we took it is due to the endless strikes Athens known for , did not really wanted to be stuck there so paid the extra money for guarantee transfer. During the time we did our way to the meeting point I finally solved one of the cruise mysteries, when the morning show is being taped, I had some suspensions that its being taped once per route and re playing it again and again but I saw they were taping it around 11 AM and it was for the tomorrow show meaning one day ahead of time.

We arrived after around 30 minute drive which included one stop at the old Olympic stadium for photo opportunity:


 The bust dropped us later near the Acropolises and the Plaka (The old city area). We wanted to check if we can go up the Acropolises but a quick look over the lines changed are minds very quickly so we just went to tour the Palka, nice thing about Athens is the fact that were ever you go there is some old structures or other old interesting thing to watch and it all from around 2500 years ago (beside maybe the Macdonald’s)  , impressive.


After a while we decided its time to eat lunch so we tried  one of the restaurants that was far from the entrance, not before we removed our excursion number from our shirts , hey its not that people can not see we are tourists but we should not go with a big sign on our chest saying “Hey we are sucker tourists which take ship tours and are ready to pay any price for junk/bad food” 😊. The food at the restaurant was absolutely amazing. We took Greek salad (hey we are in Greece after all) a chicken Suflaki and Moussaka which was one of the best I was ever eaten (and I was eaten few Moussakas). We took some coffee for dessert




 Continue our tour, next station was Zeus monument, the National gardens and the parliament  house 




  Next it was time to find a nearby supermarket to buy some authentic local food to bring back home, love to watch local supermarkets to understand what people eat and what are the options they have. Tip  , if you want to buy some stuff from Greece plan to do so at Athens as the rest of the Islands are more expensive. We went back to the ship to eat dinner at the WJ (it was already too late to go to the MDR)



and went  to see the Love and Marriage show, which was fun to watch as always and to your question, here are the answer to the “PG 13 question” : 1. In the car , In the Ocean (ST Thomas if you must know) and on the deck of a cabin while it was snowing). We went to find some comfort food after touring the ship , the only think available was  some Pizza slices at the Park Caffe ,noting else. That conclude our day more and less.


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Day 5 – Mykonos

7:30 am was the time we arrived to Mykonos, its not that I woke up to see its I just learn about it later. We took our time as we did not have any tour planned (Lesson learned) so we slept awhile, eat breakfast at the WJ and went down to the small city. This was the second tendering port during the cruise but since we left after 10 AM it was with zero lines , very nicely handled by RC team comparing to the previous tendering in Kotor which was more crowded. No tickets were required for the tendering boats. The boat leaves us around 50 M (150 F  for the US readers who refuse to follow the rest of the world and adapt the very logic metric system) from the city so it was very convenient to just walk around. We did not have special plans for Mykonos so we just started to walk between the narrow passages, the small city is beautiful all the building are paint white with some blue and red on top of the churches, the street are very clean and we were lucky with the weather that was very good.



We went all the way up to take some pictures of the bay and to try and balance all the calories we are eating on board the ship. The view from the heal is amazing, although the electric wires are in the way of some of the pictures, how so not thoughtful of Mykonos electric company.



We did our way down and seat in one of the coffee shops near the port, we drank the local Greek coffee (again, its exactly like Turkish coffee, but do not dare to say it in Greece) added to it some cold coffee which we saw everyone else are drinking. Word of advice, Mykonos is very expensive , almost twice than Athens.



We decide to go back to the ship and eat lunch. My spouse went to the SPA and booked some of the massage offers they had yesterday I  stayed at the room to answer some of the working related email as I needed to escalate some of the issues (work never ends), I think its better to do it like that and not to return home and have thousands of emails waiting for me to handle but this is only my opinion.




After some rest we went to the MDR for our 6 PM dinner ,the table was full again and we  were happy to see everyone , interesting discussions and  sharing experiences from the day. It was Lasagna night, we enjoyed it ,four  of the people at the table ordered the fish , all of them gave it back and ask to replace to the lasagna as they said the fish was very dry and salty. For dessert almost, everyone ordered the Tiramisu beside me that ordered the Tiramisu and the cheese plate 😊 The tiramisu was  excellent.




after dinner we went  to the high tier event , around 60 people attend the event and almost all the officers were there. No pinnacles on this cruise, in total only 600 C&A are sailing this week.   Post the event we went to see the headliner show , it was some magic show but it all seem the same as other magic shows we saw on board of other ships so we went out at the middle (good we seated near the exit), next we went to the 70 show (I periscope part of it), visit the Casino (no jackpot this time ) and conclude the day at the park café eating pizza.  



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OK, I recognize the scallops carpaccio, Maine lobster salad, and I think the garlic truffle tagliatelle from my own Chef's table back in April. Interesting that they keep at least parts of the menu going for so long, and it seems across the entire fleet.

What is that steak entree you have there? Filet mignon? And how awesome they gave you a special birthday dessert! Was that off-menu, or the provided menu selection with the writing added?

And the most important question -- what wines were served, and how did you like them? 😁

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19 minutes ago, JLMoran said:

OK, I recognize the scallops carpaccio, Maine lobster salad, and I think the garlic truffle tagliatelle from my own Chef's table back in April. Interesting that they keep at least parts of the menu going for so long, and it seems across the entire fleet.

What is that steak entree you have there? Filet mignon? And how awesome they gave you a special birthday dessert! Was that off-menu, or the provided menu selection with the writing added?

And the most important question -- what wines were served, and how did you like them? 😁

Well the wines were from Germany , France and  US  do not remember everything now will try to recall later.

The maon dish was amazing filet mignon, the dessert was the wanderland one and they addedd to that chocolate strawberry and of her small cakes , the birthday cheese cake was not on the menue

Oh and I loved all the wines 

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Day 6 – Argostoli

Arriving at 11 to Argostoli , I like the fact they let us sleep more although it leave us less time at port. Noting special to say about the morning it was the usual ritual of WJ, morning emails, getting organized and off to the port. The port is right near the city so we just went and started and look around, The city is more modern than some of the pervious ports with wide streets and nice lagoon.


 By the way we learned that the word lagoon came from Latin word of Lacuna as the people near Venezia were fleeing from enmities out of the main land into the Venice area as it was water surrounded and empty=Lacuna , to avoid their  enemy invasion. It was quite hot weather so perfect for whoever wanted to go to the beach and I guess many did. After a while we found some nice restaurant to eat our lunch, some variety of Greek cold palter which was good for small bytes as we had big dinner later.


 Post lunch we went back to the ship to enjoy laying in the sun and gain some color, so people back home will know we did not lie going for a vacation 😊. Some rest and getting organized to the last official night. This time we had reservations to the Chef Table to celebrate my birthday. We reserved it online which might been a mistake as they did offer special prices on board. The Chef restaurant was very nice experience, we were joining a group of cruisers from Ireland, 3 couples which all are old time friends (over 25 years) that cruise together. It was very nice conversions and allot of loughs, we were lucky to share the table with them. The food and wine was very good , I loved the pasta with real truffles and the filet minion was the best I was eating (for sure over the RC ships), we got to taste six kind of wine , and when I say tasting I mean full glass of each wine (which added to the party ambient). The dessert was the chocolate ball from wonderland and some other small dessert that follow it (not that anyone could eat anything else). The waiter which  was also the sommelier was very funny and give excellent explanation and tips about the wine. The chef came out between each dish to explain how it was done. I do recommended to try this experience at least once, just take into consideration that it took us about 4 hours to finish the dinner although we did not feel it as time passed very fast.


We missed the quest game (yes they brought the quest to Europe, yeaaaahh , I hope it’s going to be now in all Europe routes. Post dinner , we listen to some music and went to sleep as such dinner can make you very tiered . Tomorrow we are at sea.  

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