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Rhapsody of the seas Greek Islands 25 Aug - 1-Sep , semi live blog

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On 8/25/2018 at 9:09 AM, twangster said:



Where do you even randomly find these shots from?  @Matt, I think @twangster is the true Canadian here as I cannot just produce a picture of a bear, baby seal, moose, beaver, etc. to use as a live scope example 😜

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Just now, Lovetocruise2002 said:

Where do you even randomly find these shots from?  @Matt, I think @twangster is the true Canadian here as I cannot just produce a picture of a bear, baby seal, moose, beaver, etc. to use a live scope example 😜

That's a bear wearing an RCMP uniform, shocked at a mid-day twangster sighting.

Of course Sabrina if you didn't refuse to cruise to Alaska you too could take pictures of bears...

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4 hours ago, Traveler said:

For sure it's the nicest place I have sell away from .

I watched it on replay with my daughter. I really need to get back to a Med cruise that includes Venice.  That was my favourite port to sail from, Miami is second.  

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Day 1 – Venice

After waking up too early as it always happens on embarkation day we finish packing and I did not found my driver license which was quite stressing as one of my plans to the post cruise was to rent a car (which might be challenging without the driver license). After some nerve breaking minutes and almost giving up I found it stuck in the master electricity switch (the one you need to push a card so the lights will be enabled) , I guess I pushed it in when we just arrived instead of the room keys. We went down to eat at the hotel buffet (as practicing ourselves for the WJ) and went to complete the checkout. As I wrote before , we had a problem with the shuttle (it was just not there) but the hotel gave us a free ride to the port due as compensation and that’s why I booked the 9:30 shuttle and not the 10:30 , it proved itself. The port is not something special it contains several old terminals, there were 3 or 4 other ships beside the Rhapsody. Inside the terminal there are 3 lines , suites and pinnacles, Platinum up to diamond plus and all the rest. There were no lines when we arrived, and we got boarding ticket number 2, interesting no health form were required to be filed (which was good as my spouse is recovering from cold and we do not like to lie on the forms).


 Not like in many other ports the security is after you are being called to board. We set for about 10 minutes when they call our number  at 10:45. Boarding was very quick and again no lines. Once again the main important  @matt tip (well after using a TA) proved itself , always come early to start the cruise as soon as possible. We were boarding at the centrum and went directly to the internet “office” to get our WIFI code which we did not got while checking in.


We conduct a quick tour at the ship and went to the solarium to rest until the WJ will open. The WJ opened around 11:15 , it was the usual first day food but no decorations or welcome cake, word of warning for the addicted people , no honey sting chicken.


 After lunch we went to the SPA tour to add ourselves to the raffle and to pass the time until the rooms will be opened. The rooms opened at 1:15 , on the way to the rooms we located our luggage which was nice. Quick unpacking , for two people there is enough space to store everything, the only thing I was missing were the open shelfs inside the cabinet. We successfully pushed one of the suitcases under the bad but the second one was just too big (although in other ships we could pushed it also) but there was enough space in the main cabinet to store it. Many hidden places to store stuff and the room is well organized.


We also got a bottle of sparkling wine and some fruits to our room which was nice surprise 


As we were tired we decided to take a power nap before the muster drill, another benefits of being on a small ship, no many attractions you feel you should run and do on the first day to beat the crowds , so you can sleep 😊 The muster drill was one of the worse I was ever participate , they really packed us very tied, it was not that comfortable, I like at least to get to know someone before, have a coffee, go out to dinner or something before being so intimate with them …

After the muster ended we went to try our luck in the SPA raffle , strange , but we did not won. The ship started to move so we went to deck 10 for the sale away, the ship is going around Venice and the sites are amazing. There were many people on the deck so I had to clime one of the chairs to periscope and take pictures. Few minutes after it started to rain so I went to the WJ and took some pictures out of the windows.


Quickly it was the time to go to the main MDR were we seated at a table with 8 other people from different countries, one of them won the SPA raffle, it was very interesting chatting and time passed very quickly , food was very good, better than I remembered. As we were the only veteran cruisers ,I handed many tips (love to do it) like the fact you can choose to change your dish or even ask for several of them (people use it when we got the dessert). Post dinner we went to one of the game shows at the Centrum it was “finish that lyric”, fun to watch and try to see how many songs we know.

Later we visit the Casino, sorry  @JLMoran no crap tables but they enter some new machines ,very tied machines. I play some 3 card poker and for sure , once I lower my bet I got a strait flush, the dealer was more annoyed than me for the fact that one hand before I had more money, but I was happy for winning. As always for the first day we were very tired so went to sleep , after all we still have 6 more full days ahead of us.























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Until now I tried periscoping using the Voom , as you can see the quality was quite low. Now I finally got normal  cell data  and it's much better . Will try to give Voom another chaance (and yes I got the surf and stream pakage).

For now here is a nice view from the golden fox restaurant at Corfu 


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26 minutes ago, twangster said:

Sorry I missed your scope, I'm GMT -7 so it was quite early for me.  

Has Voom been working good otherwise (with the exception of scoping)?

Voom is working ok , many tome it can slow but I can still upload photos, read my emails, connect to the work VPN and even participate in some conference calls via Skype for business. I will run some speed tests later although I know some ISP cheat with this test

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