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Cruise compass out of order since one wouldn’t post initially.  We made it on the ship easily. Shuttle from hotel was 10:30, we were on ship by 11:30. It could’ve been quicker but we had to wait

It's finally here!!!! Seven night cruise to Bahamas, St. Thomas and St Kitts. Harmony! Besides visiting a friend in Texas a bunch of times I haven't been away or on a cruise since Adventure in Februar

Yikes !  Hoping you did not get sick.  Nothing worse.  Well, yes, there is something worse - being sick and NOT being on a cruise is worse.

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Cruise dayyyyyyyyy!!!!! 

Didn’t sleep well, up at 5:30. Plenty of time for sleep this week. Went on the elliptical for a bit at 6, showered and met up with friends for free hotel breakfast. Good moods all around. Walked over to shopping center for 3rd time and bought a few forgotten things. While this hotel is just okay (Hampton Inn) I picked it for its locality. I was able to go to supermarket, liquor store and dinner easily. There’s a nail salon here too which I wish I knew instead of frantically getting them done between work days.

Almost ship time. We’re using the hotel shuttle. If I was alone I may Uber/Lyft/taxi but there are five of us so I’m going along with the crowd. 

Side note: there are only 20 something of us instead of 35-40. I was misinformed.

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Cruise compass out of order since one wouldn’t post initially. 

We made it on the ship easily. Shuttle from hotel was 10:30, we were on ship by 11:30. It could’ve been quicker but we had to wait for people. 


Braved Windjammer for lunch. Got to my room. On third drink. Drink  package already worth it. 

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47 minutes ago, ellcee said:

On third drink. Drink  package already worth it. 

22 minutes ago, rjac said:

Well, it certainly sounds like you're enjoying your cruise......and you haven't even left port yet!:3_grin:

More drinks, the more entertaining "Operation Little Bear" becomes.

Just hope the muster station is one that you can sit at...

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Last night was a table for 15 for dinner. We had a rude rep trying to see if we could even bother and he basically said no...the table was ready for us and we were confused  but happy. Our attendants were nice and friendly and bent over backwards for us for service. Dinner was pretty good tonight. No menu pic, too busy chatting. A few glasses of pinot Grigio Shrimp cocktail, Horseradish salmon and decaf coffee and cheese plate.


Most of us were exhausted so we walked around and then went back to the rooms. Netflix and sleep. With all i drank i was never drunk, everything was spaced out. Lol. A few bottles of water and one coffee, drink package was smart. 

Today is Bahamas. Got my latte from Cafe Promenade and about to go to gym with a few of the group. Plans are to go to the Straw Market then lay by pool to nap and read.


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Pretty much did what I said I would for the day. Spent a while by the pool, went in, drank and read.

walked the track for a bit after lunch at Izumi. Loved it and worth the extra $$. 

Had a hair appt for 5pm- they had a great deal onboard for $69. Wash, blowout, some treatments called Red Carpet. I was very excited to not do my hair for formal night. Unfortunately they overbooked and I had to cancel after 20 mins of waiting. When I made the appt I made it clear I had to leave by 545 for dinner- still needed to throw on the slightest bit of makeup and change in my dress. The lady took a color appt before me so there was no time. That means I had to run back to my room and wash, dry hair and still get ready. Not happy. Made it to formal night dinner on time but needed a few to relax. (I have a lot of hair)

after dinner we went to Vintages for a few glasses of wine (I still had OBC so I tried some very nice and expensive ones that my package would my fully cover. Later we went to the smoking deck for cigars and chill. (None for me). The breeze was lovely. Left around 10:30 for casino. 

Overall beautiful day, still a little pissed about hair but that ruined nothing except the time I had to get ready.

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Day 3 was a Sea Day. My routine is to get a soy latte, wake up a bit and meet friends at gym. After gym was pool day from 8:25 to 2pm with a break for breakfast. Some moodiness from one of us so stayed away. Breakfast at Windjammer and lunch at Park Cafe. A lot of drinks all day but again spaced out so I rarely felt anything. 

Dinner the last two nights has been surprisingly good. Beef tenderloin was like butter, i was shocked how good. Bolognese was pretty good. 

Weather has been funky, can feel the boat now for a full day. I don’t mind it though last night getting a glass of wine at Vintages then trying to walk to meet everyone on 15 was a little interesting.

today is St. Thomas. My throat is a little funky so skipping gym. Will walk the track in a few then we have All Inclusive St John’s snorkel and beach. Hoping I’m just tired. 

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21 hours ago, Boston Babe said:

I think your attitude is something we can ALL learn to do, go with the flow!! LOL  So glad you're having a great time!

I appreciate that. I try to be in the moment - which is why I keep forgetting to take pictures- and try to be thankful. 

Everyone is so nice and for the most part bend over backwards to make you happy, I can’t get too upset about anything. 

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Well, I wound up with a cold or a sinus infection that’s knocked me around a bit - same for a few others in the group but we’re all pushing. As @WAAAYTOOO said I’d rather be here sick than at home. 

Ill update days when I get back.

Stray thoughts-

No 10 drink cards have popped up. 

Chair hoggin in full effect. We’re doing it too but no chair is unattended for long unless we’re in  the pool. We take turns guarding and have been considerate in my opinion. On sea days I give up my chair around 2ish to go eat, nap run, etc. 

food’s been good, no real complaints. 

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