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3 hours ago, LetsTryThisTech said:

I ordered both the apple pie and the strawberry cheesecake and Sandra had an apple pie. They were both great except for the apple pie having like 2 raisins in it which made absolutely no sense.

Ummm, you sure those were raisins? I heard that Alvin, Simon, and Theodore were on board this sailing. :3_grin:

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So on board now. Got in around 3:15 after running around doing last minute shopping (we do not shop much at home as its expensive). Only really took us 15/20 minutes to go through security and check i

So today was Laberdee. I have to say coming from Cayman it really isn't much for us. My original plan for today was to go to the floating bar and have a Laberdoozy. We got off the ship a little before

So its food post time :). Today was actually kind of fun because they brought out the kitchen staff to parade around and introduce themselves. It was also lobster night. Sandra and I ended up splittin

Posted Images

So I did a much better job tonight on my photos lol. The pools were mostly all closed but the solarium due to bad weather today. Ice skating was also cancelled. I heard it was so bad that on some of the smaller ships it tossed people out of bed. I can tell you as large as freedom is, its still getting tossed pretty good and makes you walk as if you were drunk lol. They whole ship has been creaking like crazy.

We saw The Las Vegas Tenors and they sounded great. They even got people up and dancing to a love song. They did a great performance.IMG_20180305_193606-1344x756.thumb.jpg.a7800fe950f2b8af2001525587e22326.jpgIMG_20180305_192432-1344x756.thumb.jpg.d527141ae50706c4edccdf80e5ff2dfd.jpgIMG_20180305_193610-1344x756.thumb.jpg.0b9d34faae8ba6085225a86e1d604cbf.jpg

Walking around the promenade I noticed an Izume express. Didn't expect it but they had sushi in to go containers. Pretty interesting.IMG_20180305_180543-756x1344.thumb.jpg.8ec9527460db14963631c997ec3dc3b6.jpgIMG_20180305_181100-1344x756.thumb.jpg.ac88a91553837c8140dde6448c27f13d.jpgIMG_20180305_180602-756x1344.thumb.jpg.145d03192e463eb440f0d34ea1a0d66d.jpg

For dinner we hit up the MDR again. Here is the menu for today.IMG_20180305_203441-1344x756.thumb.jpg.51795516ad782e4541f979c36fa2a7c2.jpg

To start I got the ceaser salad which was good and Sandra got the seafood cake which she said had good flavor but was on the dry side. IMG_20180305_204557-1344x756.thumb.jpg.66a9bc73eaf8c035508031f2b0ea1a7f.jpgIMG_20180305_204543-1344x756.thumb.jpg.e9c9ab0e810c3da12eaa583718ba7810.jpg

Next I had the steak (which I ended up getting a second order of), first one was perfect but second one seemed a little tough in parts, and from what our waiter told us it wasn't the only item they had complaints of tonight (maybe a new chef or something different tonight). Sandra got the chicken cordon bleu which she says was not very good and only took a few bites of. IMG_20180305_205848-1344x756.thumb.jpg.82d22b2f7ea1ce32da0c2451a8a077ac.jpgIMG_20180305_205837-1344x756.thumb.jpg.de12837de168a685bb3066a426cd14b5.jpg

For desert I ordered only one tonight lol, I got the chocolate cookie that was served with ice cream and I would compare it to the taste and texture of the outer shell of a lava cake (which is one of my favorite deserts) and even though wasn't exactly cookie like to me was still very good. Sandra tried to avoid sugar and got lemon panna cotta with strawberry sauce and she thought it was pretty good.IMG_20180305_212202-1344x756.thumb.jpg.30fefeaa4c0035cc0f51db5bc94fc9b4.jpgIMG_20180305_212226-1344x756.thumb.jpg.262636d46a6d5b03018d46063bf9d746.jpg

When we got back to our room we found this little guy :)


Also for reference is today's menu for saborIMG_20180305_181445-756x1344.thumb.jpg.d64c91403e67276b7895f7387b9ef505.jpgIMG_20180305_181453-756x1344.thumb.jpg.4f02d2a95e86aea529da50fbf5bcdb86.jpg

Now I'm going to try and catch the end of the 70s party. Although might have a better view from our room.IMG_20180305_224537-756x1344.thumb.jpg.f21caf9589f69c9722d425510b3e805a.jpgIMG_20180305_224203-756x1344.thumb.jpg.9999ab3a5e6af0d7e78a705f6a13461c.jpgIMG_20180305_224224-756x1344.thumb.jpg.1bf84bbfe7e798412c98ed0bb624180a.jpg



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9 hours ago, melski94 said:

Looks like a fun night. Sorry to hear seas so rough.  Any port changes for you?

Not so far, all our ports are docked so we should be in the clear. I am sure some excursions may be cancelled though, although we don't have any water related ones so we will be fine. Being in St. Kitts now all seems well.

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Interesting that there is now the "Izumi Express" on Freedom. I guess this takes the place of the old "to go" sushi section in the Windjammer (Jade?). I'd personally be a little nervous about how long that had been sitting out there, but if it's of the same caliber as what I can pick up at my local Stop & Shop it's probably going to be OK (if a little stale / bland).

Thanks for posting the MDR menus, too! Good to know that the "all in one" menus are on Freedom now as well as Liberty. I've let the family know to expect that when we sail.

And lastly, sorry to hear about the rough seas! Not something I would have expected to be an impact from a nor'easter, I had no idea that those traveled all the way down the coast and didn't spin out to the middle of the Atlantic after slamming the northern coast.

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13 minutes ago, JLMoran said:

Interesting that there is now the "Izumi Express" on Freedom. I guess this takes the place of the old "to go" sushi section in the Windjammer (Jade?). I'd personally be a little nervous about how long that had been sitting out there, but if it's of the same caliber as what I can pick up at my local Stop & Shop it's probably going to be OK (if a little stale / bland).

Liberty also had the Izumi Express trolley.  Times are posted in the cruise compass.  I'm not a sushi fan so can't speak to the quality.  I didn't see bottles of beer in the trolley on Liberty though.  

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5 minutes ago, twangster said:

Liberty also had the Izumi Express trolley.  Times are posted in the cruise compass.  I'm not a sushi fan so can't speak to the quality.  I didn't see bottles of beer in the trolley on Liberty though.  

Ah, so it's scheduled times only. At least that makes me feel a little better about the timeliness of the prep and that it hasn't necessarily been sitting there for hours on end. I'll have to let my kids know about this, they'll both appreciate a chance to grab any kind of sushi as a snack.

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2 minutes ago, JLMoran said:

Ah, so it's scheduled times only. At least that makes me feel a little better about the timeliness of the prep and that it hasn't necessarily been sitting there for hours on end. I'll have to let my kids know about this, they'll both appreciate a chance to grab any kind of sushi as a snack.

On Liberty it was available at lunch on sea days,  port days around dinner, listed under specialty dining:

Sea Days 11:30am - 1:30pm


Port days 5:30pm-7:30pm


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3 hours ago, JLMoran said:

Thanks for posting the MDR menus, too! Good to know that the "all in one" menus are on Freedom now as well as Liberty. 


I would like to add my thanks for posting this as well @LetsTryThisTech.  My husband and I are on the Freedom for the 3rd time in April.  We had these menus on Oasis last September.  Very happy to see that they are on Freedom!  Enjoy the rest of your cruise!

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Thanks guys :) we should be going again later tonight. I also have a few photos from today that I'll try to get resized and written up :). Two things, Ziplines were amazing only complaint is there should be more lines lol. Second thing I can confirm gigsky sim works and actually did a pretty good job. I did get some go pro videos that I hope turned out lol. Will post those when I get a chance. I have to say its nice being in a warmer area that's temps are much closer to cayman. Ft. Lauderdale was just way to cold. @JLMoran in Cayman we get many Nor'easters this time of year and causes a lot of rough conditions which causes us to get missed. 

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So good morning have an early start to our ATV tour in St. Maarten. Just wanted to show a few pictures from zip lining yesterday. Also wanted to share which beers I had in port. So for the beers, I started with the Carib which is their main local beer. It was actually pretty good and reminded me of a Caybrew which is our local beer in Cayman. Very similar in tastes. I bought this at the excursion for $3.IMG_20180306_143904-756x1344.thumb.jpg.fd25b6f36929a45b3ef6211b47e65a8a.jpg

I then had the Stag and I thought it was a horrible flavor and have nothing to even compare it to. I'm glad I tried it as that's what I do but I'm also glad I had an extra Carib after (I got 3 for 5 at the port or if you buy a shirt some stores offer free beers with them). IMG_20180306_152132-756x1344.thumb.jpg.5baf49e51e7c685d81ee26827098b198.jpg

Below are just a few photos of the zipline itself.


Below are a few photos of the plantation where you start and end the zipline. 


and lastly some photos of the trip to the plantation in no real order.IMG_20180306_114549-1344x756.thumb.jpg.00f3337ead5fe8cd17b606f8b21bf5b5.jpgIMG_20180306_115104-1344x756.thumb.jpg.2603cfb9a9ea349bbf5ae675d116852a.jpgIMG_20180306_143759-756x1344.thumb.jpg.8eefc068ddaf19109b80907449a2eb3c.jpgIMG_20180306_115721-1344x756.thumb.jpg.4bc686b8290d38651ca597fc0cac58dd.jpgIMG_20180306_115318-1344x756.thumb.jpg.2f401949064908dd8a0eb9a8cade04cb.jpgIMG_20180306_114900-1344x756.thumb.jpg.c3b8d87ff540df6ca373604752016d8c.jpgIMG_20180306_115508-1344x756.thumb.jpg.6bf68ca49c9d471b7c6ccce6b858dd69.jpgIMG_20180306_114838-1344x756.thumb.jpg.28d30ae551f0f56794e34724ffd220e2.jpgIMG_20180306_120101-756x1344.thumb.jpg.df3b46ebd98f5b97ffd156d067bb869c.jpgIMG_20180306_115551-1344x756.thumb.jpg.84f8c82efad8b3abcfda58cc8bd8de68.jpgIMG_20180306_115322-1344x756.thumb.jpg.c4a4ed392ba0889fc4461efd33c9f859.jpgIMG_20180306_143549-756x1344.thumb.jpg.3d6e4ba3524e94d9c0e00efa03d19c88.jpgIMG_20180306_115008-1344x756.thumb.jpg.c3419f2c90bd10bac00257cb32088cc5.jpgIMG_20180306_120045-1344x756.thumb.jpg.899a81c39ed5074f7c9b7979f52611f3.jpgIMG_20180306_115636-1344x756.thumb.jpg.1ee02d2997b49c7e58620a54c22b593c.jpgIMG_20180306_115425-1344x756.thumb.jpg.2a185d78406746d18a9f4e5b63332d44.jpgIMG_20180306_115720-1344x756.thumb.jpg.5478dd731f10d840af0ba8e0c6046280.jpg

hope to take some video and photos along the way today.


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8 hours ago, jjbescher said:

Was the ziplining in St. Kitts?  What did you think of it,  Planning on taking my daughter in April, 2019.

Yes St. Kitts, it was amazing, the guys were great, the setting and views we mesmerizing. My only complain is it needs more lines lol. They do have a weight limit but there was a little girl who was 7 and had no problem. I took some go pro video I'll have share once I get the time to post it on YouTube.

6 hours ago, Matt said:

Thanks for sharing photos of the zip line. 

Did you experience any beaches in St. Maarten?

We were at 4 beaches, Maho beach, Frier Bay (not sure spelling on that one) and Orient Bay (the nude side and boy were there some um.....sights..... Lol) and Great Bay Beach. After dinner (maybe after the show) I'll try to do a bit of an update on what I thought about them. I just want to say, do not be afraid to stop here. They have come a long way and shops, bars are all open even if still damaged. We drove around the entire coast and I was surprised how well it looked. Still not perfect but knowing how a cat5 effects you its not bad. Most of the places severely damaged are older buildings that may not have the newer hurricane rating standards. There was a brand new building that actually looked barely touched right next to an older building that was practically destroyed. They are ready to take our money and we are ready to give it to them. Also the ATV tour is something I would highly recommend.


1 hour ago, Floski said:

Awesome pics!  Thanks

This is an interesting looking ship...


It was even weirder in person. Looks like you took an older river boat and slapped some sails on it. Its kind of why I took a picture of it in the first place lol.

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As promised here are some photos from St. Martin. So to start the tour we went to a rental property that had been ruined.


We then headed to the national flag pole on the dutch side. The sites you get from this are quite nice.


On our way to Maho we stopped at a flipped over boat and say a few others damaged near by.


We then worked our way to Maho beach (sorry forgot to take pictures but I did a scope from here you could see).


After Maho we went to the French side and worked our way through the French streets to Fort Luis. Really neat place with amazing views. Its crazy how different the island is depending which side including languages.


After the fort we went to Friers Bay. The had a small little restaurant to grab a quick lunch. A little warning the food wasn't that good in our opinion and the prices were higher then I expected (5€ [yes the French side is based on the euro] for fries). I couldn't get too many photos here as people were sunbathing topless here.IMG_20180307_122625-1344x756.thumb.jpg.24259a82274f08af945921b261b86c7f.jpgIMG_20180307_122622-1344x756.thumb.jpg.a10db69662904cb08011c7abf8dccbfe.jpgIMG_20180307_122628-1344x756.thumb.jpg.74aa755ecf9bed2b5e3a108518a3a91c.jpgIMG_20180307_114000-756x1344.thumb.jpg.929649a6438cb637c53a5f110cd27f6e.jpgIMG_20180307_114019-756x1344.thumb.jpg.bf94e19a89bad931bb64dd9cd039ed29.jpg


After Frier Bay we went Orient Bay. The tour took us to the clothing optional area so I was not able to take photos here (nor did I want to.....) This is definitely the area that looks like it got hit the hardest. There are a few places open however, many converted shipping containers as temporary bars or shops and others using tents. There were also a few temporary options for the bathroom facilities. Not the perfect solution but is definitely a start. We got back on the ATVs and went back to the start where I visited Great Bay Beach (right near the port and is the many shopping district). These conditions where really good in my opinion. Everything is pretty much operational and even saw a hotel open here. We walked back to the port after getting a new shot glass. IMG_20180307_141833-1344x756.thumb.jpg.4b595f582c32d15e205d6d72f5713f3a.jpgIMG_20180307_142348-1344x756.thumb.jpg.3b715f99eb222d8f0be8d759ad40a9c7.jpgIMG_20180307_142354-1344x756.thumb.jpg.8843199f62fa26909b41098498227c19.jpgIMG_20180307_141829-1344x756.thumb.jpg.a08ed5d875d3d56cfefdaec44179deae.jpgIMG_20180307_142407-1344x756.thumb.jpg.42e1ef93500b0f0fa38300c088b36fcf.jpgIMG_20180307_141028-1344x756.thumb.jpg.3bc8ae416e7e99f7dca1644005bf4184.jpgIMG_20180307_141025-1344x756.thumb.jpg.594b95a71aba9de3fa063c5d3ecc1380.jpgIMG_20180307_142405-1344x756.thumb.jpg.c6275ce5e0aa868b4ce00fe2c3b460cc.jpgIMG_20180307_141831-1344x756.thumb.jpg.952f1051b45f77c2e80eaa2310db56e0.jpg

One thing I forgot to mention is that if you plan to use bubbles (tour company) then you are best just to confirm with the information desk as there are no actual signs.


I would actually recommend this tour to anyone who's up for a nice drive with some wind in your hair.





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Now for another food post :) So tonights dinner was a little different then I expected but in a good way. So I always thought My Time Dining was always you and your group get a table to yourselves like a normal restaurant. However, I found out tonight that they also do pairings so we got paired with another couple and made dinner different tonight. So guess what I got extra pictures for you ;)

So I got the caesar salad again, everyone else got the Asian style pork tacos and they all agreed it was good.IMG_20180307_175655-1344x756.thumb.jpg.8d736bbabd4de4033cb7b32e52fc09ad.jpg

Then the main course came. I got the lamb, Sandra got the steak Diane, the other couple got the chicken parmigiana and the tiger shrimp.IMG_20180307_182521-1344x756.thumb.jpg.69185f075abb162a50b70754db92cb5e.jpgIMG_20180307_182624-1344x756.thumb.jpg.655ad37057b92ed61d431861e47e5e48.jpgIMG_20180307_182555-1344x756.thumb.jpg.38d2bdc85929e086d5398063c02f231f.jpgIMG_20180307_182606-1344x756.thumb.jpg.b6a66b0a702477e4981221794db88095.jpg

For desert Sandra and I got the Tres Leche which was a little different then what we are used to but was still so good.


We are on our way to San Jaun now but heard Allure couldn't dock today so worried about us tomorrow. Waves have picked up and is pretty rough already and will get worse around 12/1am we were told. Hoping for the best.

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7 minutes ago, Floski said:

Love the pictures!!!

Did you happen to see how this church on the boardwalk fared through the hurricane?  I hope this pic isn't huge


I think we may have seen it. I'll check with Sandra tomorrow to confirm. Don't remember the condition of i t so hopefully she remembers.

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