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camouflage? what else is illegal?

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Just read (and a google search confirmed) that it is illegal in Caribbean and some African countries to wear or even accessorize with the "camo" pattern (shorts, hats, bags....).  Does anyone know of any other little-known illegal or tricky issues that could get a traveler in trouble??  

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20 hours ago, Ray said:

Tattoos !!!

There are a number of countries where having tattoos can cause issues. 




Not just Tattoos but what the Ink portrays. Being born at Naval Hospital Taipei in the 70's I have an R.O.C. sun emblem on my forearm. I have been asked to many times to count if it says "Made in Taiwan " on my birth certificate, so it is on my arm instead.  I would definitely be very careful to wear long sleeves on a far east cruise these days. 

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Tattoo stories…..

When I was 18 I got the obligatory USMC tattoo.  I served 5 years active duty in the Air Wing as an Avionics Tech. 

When I was 26 and my inactive reserve time was up, the Navy actively recruited me because they needed ATs and I was trained. 

My potential reenlistment was going great until they told me I would have to submit an explanation of what my tattoo meant and show proof it wasn’t gang-related.   I walked out of MEPS. 

I guess the joke was on me though since I could have retired at 38.


Five or six years ago I was asked asked to cover it up when attending a video game convention with my son because it could be deemed offensive. 🙄

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