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  1. Thanks KevinK and Ryan79. I was a little frantic at first. I wasn't even sure if I had printed out or written down the reservation numbers for all four of the cruises. To say I was a bit panicked is an understatement. LOL! But it's all good now. And I even found all the reservation numbers in my cruise folder.
  2. RESOLVED! Phew! I logged out and back in about four times and then miraculously they reappeared. We have four upcoming cruises scheduled and I just tried to log in to check something and none of them are showing on the app nor if I log in online to the cruise planner. Eeek! Anyone else having this issue?
  3. I didn't see a roll call for this sailing. Anyone else going to be aboard? It will be our first time sailing to Alaska.
  4. Yes, I have noticed that as well. For our few four-day cruises we have taken out of Los Angeles on the Navigator, sometimes it was offered and other times it was not. Seems there is no rhyme or reason behind it, at least from our perspective. I'm sure RCL has a reason.
  5. We only show a few (and most sold out) for our Alaska cruise in June 2023 for the Juneau port. Hoping more come soon because we are feeling our hands are tied a bit.
  6. I had previously asked about Shore Excursion Group, but this is an updated question after some research. We are planning our June 2023 Alaskan cruise. Royals' excursions for Juneau are very limited. Two are sold out and the other few we are not interested in. I did see a company called The Shore Excursion Group which offers an excursion we would like to do, but when I researched a little more about the company, they seem to have a lot of complaints which has me worried now. Is there another company that someone suggest?
  7. Thanks! We are using an MEI TA for this cruise and I didn't even think to ask her. Great idea.
  8. Thanks! I think we're going to give a go and use them.
  9. Great. We just booked Alaska on the Ovation. Haha! But seriously, we did just book that. Anyway, I'm not worried about the ship. We're finally going to Alaska and I know we will have a marvelous time no matter what anyone else thinks about Ovation. Good times are what you make of them. We just feel blessed that we're going at all!
  10. We are booked on an Alaskan cruise this coming June. A lot of the RC excursions are sold out. I found this Shore Excursions Group and was wondering if anyone had any experience booking through them instead of RC. They have some excursions we are interested in. Their website is: https://www.shoreexcursionsgroup.com/ My biggest fear in not booking directly with RC is the "return to ship guarantee" which you know you have with RC. This group says they have it as well. This is a big trip for us and I am slightly overwhelmed with all the options. Eek! Thanks!
  11. Oh, my! What a great review. Thank you so much. A relaxing, all-adult (late 50s/early 60s) trip is what we are wanting and seem that that will be just what this will offer. I appreciate the help. Thank you! You've helped make up our minds.
  12. Has anyone sailed recently on the Solstice? We're looking to book our first Celebrity cruise for April 2023 (7-day Pacific Coast; roundtrip from Los Angeles). We're not familiar with the Celebrity ships at all. Mostly have sailed on RC ships and twice on Princess and once on NCL. Any input? Thanks!
  13. Yay! We've been on this ship many times before. You will LOVE it! If you have any questions about the ship/terminal/whatever, let me know. I'm happy to help.
  14. My husband and I will be sailing on this cruise. One of our casino-comped rooms. Yay!
  15. Anyone else going to be on this cruise? My husband and I will be cruising, as well as my sister and brother.
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