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How many sunscreen bottles to bring?

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8 minutes ago, jaedam0820 said:

Our 7N Caribbean cruise would be the longest we'd be out in the sun. We have excursions on port days too. Based on your experience, how many sunscreen lotions/sprays is needed for 2 adults and 1 kid? 

there's a lot of factors that determine that. like your skin tone - how used to the sun is your body - what SPF you plan on using (higher number longer coverage) & the overall weather during your cruise

just overpack & make sure you have enough bc otherwise you'll be paying a pretty penny to buy some onboard or at port


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I find that the lotion goes a lot further then the spray on. So, I bring one bottle of lotion sun screen (50 SPF and waterproof) and that will most likely cover 2 to 4 people for a week depending on other factors. But then we bring 1 bottle of spray on per person as our quick and easy re-application if needed. We dont like using the spray in our room or even on our balcony because it gets everywhere and causes a mess; and if you try to do it in the bath/shower, it can get really slippery. (ask me how I know) lol. 

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I am taking reef safe sunblock - SunBum brand (smells INCREDIBLE) to use and I have 5 bottles of the spray kind for 2 adults & 2 tall teens. I would rather overpack with a sunscreen I know works for our skin than have to risk getting something that we never tried before. Plus if I have too much I will have all summer to use it up! 

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45 minutes ago, octaviocloss said:

If you run out you could always buy some more while on board. Im certainly sure you could also get some Aloe Vera; either on board or at any port. 

OMG!!  don't buy it on the ship. Wait until you get into a port to get some more if you really need it. It will cost you 10x what you will pay on land.

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