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Celebrity Edge Jan. 30. 2022 Finding Eden


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Cruise Summary

Now that I've had a few days to think over this experience I can best sum it up in one word...  Amazing.

To cancel or not in these crazy times is a personal decision that everyone should make based on their own circumstances.  Like some of you I too considered this leading up to this cruise.  I am so glad I didn't cancel.  

We made all of our scheduled port stops and no shows or events were cancelled on board.  At no point did the pandemic cast a dark cloud over the cruise and it was never something that came up in conversation.

At some point soon ships will begin to fill up again and I don't know if I'll have another opportunity to sail such an amazing ship with so few guests.  I never felt unsafe.  In fact I felt safer on board Edge compared to how I feel running errands around my hometown.  

The crew were all exceptional.  The more I cruise the more I realize it's the crew that makes cruises so fantastic.  Without great crew you just have an empty vessel.  

Edge is an amazing ship that is a great evolution for Celebrity yet you can see the subtle details to remind you it's a Celebrity ship.   

The theater shows were strong and innovative making great use of the style of stage installed on Edge.  The use of the video wall added depth and color.   There were many other live music performers at various venues around the ship.

Eden is a pretty cool space.  It reminds me a lot of the Two70 area on Royal's Quantum class but has much different decor and functionality.  The Eden restaurant was better than I anticipated and the Eden cafe became a go to breakfast alternative.  It's a great place to hang out on a sea day too with those amazing aft views.

I really enjoyed Le Petit Chef.  Such a unique experience and I thought the food was very good.

I didn't set out to capture the pictures and video that I did but with so few guests on board it was an incredible opportunity to learn E-class and take lots of pictures without crowds on board.

I enjoyed this cruise immensely.  I hope you enjoyed following along and I thank you for viewing. 

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Thanks again for blogging your Edge cruise.  We have never been on Celebrity but had 3 cruises on Celebrity moved from 2020 to now 2022.  You sure gave us a very good overview and important information on Celebrity along with great pics as always!  We are Diamond Plus with Royal so will be going on as Elite.  We are going on a 6 night in July in the Retreat on Equinox and an 8 night in the Aqua Class in August.  The Edge wasn't available at that time of year.  The price at the time of our booking for the 6 night was less in the Retreat with the all the onboard credit and premium included than the Aqua Class.  That will never happen again I'm sure.  I'm just realistic not pessimistic.  So we definitely pulled the trigger!   We are more balcony people with an unlimited dining package couple!  We both love to go on as many cruises as possible with limited vacation time.   Retirement can't come soon enough.  Now if we won the lottery we would explore other options too I'm sure!  I love all the great adventures and activities people do.  I love to try many new things that people share!  Please keep sharing all your great experiences Twangster!  Much appreciated!   

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