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Problems printing SetSail pass


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Getting ready for our Jan 9th cruise. I always like to print my SetSail pass. The problem is that when I try to print it, the actual pass gets split between two pages. I've had this problem on both of the cruises that I've already taken this fall. I do download the pass into my iPhone wallet but just like having paper copies of things. Anyone have any ideas around this? I don't have a PDF editor so can't manipulate the file if I download it. 

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3 hours ago, TeresaMc said:

I do this and then put mine and hubbys on the same page. We never separate before we get into our cabin on embarkation day so it’s fine. 

I did this last time, and we never seperate either, but they just tore it in half because they wanted to keep our individual records paperclipped apart from each other, so now I'll print on separate sheets.

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When it was time for me to print (last month) it was on 3 pages, with the Pass on pg 3.  I printed 1 whole set, so we had all of the e-doc, then just the pass for the remaining 3 people.  Less paper to waste, less paper to bring. We all have the app (3 cell phones, 1 tablet), but I'm a belt & suspenders type -- always have the written copy of EVERYTHING (including Cruise Planner purchases) to make sure

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