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Bravo Code on Jewel!


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Crew Center has been informed that Bravo Code was sounded on the Jewel of the Seas at this moment. The ship is now sailing across the Atlantic Ocean to Miami where it is scheduled to arrive on November 14. The vessel is in the middle of the Atlantic which is the worst place to have an emergency situation.

Our source said that all crew members are going to the I-95 wearing lifejackets and the atmosphere is tense. There was a water flooding on Deck 1 in the front section of the vessel, which caused a chemical reaction followed by thick smoke.

Portside Launching team has been called at the emergency stations in order to be prepared for launching of the lifeboats. Launching team has been called to Lifeboat 14, and everyone is on standby, the crew member said.

Shortly after the Captain made an announcement, that the situation is under control. As far as we know there are no injured crew members during this emergency.

Jewel of the Seas is sailing across the Atlantic with only crew members on board and there are no passengers during this voyage.


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On 11/11/2021 at 12:20 PM, MTNeedsAVacay said:

Looks like it was not a fire, but possibly a chemical reaction that caused smoke. Apparently it was resolved quickly and everyone is continuing on their business as usual. https://cruises-info.com/false-bravo-code-onboard-jewel-of-the-seas/

I am glad to hear, I was a little worried about that though all sail dates sound good to go.

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