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De-embarkation in Florida question


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2 minutes ago, Sweety said:

What about the process of taking your own luggage off?

Same as with everyone else basically. You hang out in your stateroom until they make the announcement for self-assist to start. Then you can walk off with your luggage at any point after that. Typically that's the first to be called since they're not waiting until the luggage has been put out in the collection area.

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3 minutes ago, Hagar said:

Self assist in Miami was a piece of cake for us on 10-16 (Symphony). Facial recognition for customs worked well too.

I agree! Our 10/16 cruise on the Symphony was a breeze to disembark. I could not believe just how easy it was going through Customs. Again, not having full capacity had a lot to do with the speed of getting out of the port.

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34 minutes ago, Matt said:

It's really not that much different in terms of time.

You did not mention which port and airport you are going from, but other than the fact you wait for your number to be called in your room instead of a public space, you should be able to disembark reasonably early.

We are getting off in Miami, our flight is at Fort Lauderdale. 

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28 minutes ago, D Alt said:

you can tell your room attendant ahead of time too, if you need to get off earlier due to a flight or if you want to get off later and not rush, right?

The room attendant has nothing to do with it really. It's all based on the luggage tag numbers that you are given. If you are carrying all your luggage off yourself it doesn't matter when you leave. If you need to get off earlier and are leaving your luggage out the night before and having them take it off the ship for you, you can go to Guest Services and ask for an earlier luggage tag number if you have a larger number.

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