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Same Bat Time, Same Bat Channel !!

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NCL also put their ships in semi cold storage so it would take them weeks to bring their ships up to have reinspected. November would be really tough for them to sail even if they started reactivation today. Gambling that the combined safety panel gets approval by end of September it would take them at least 6 weeks to bring back up and inspect the ships plus bring back the crew. November for them is a no go. We have had word that some of the crew for Royal has been contacted to report back to their ships. So I am still holding out for our end of November & December cruises. 🤞

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4 hours ago, princevaliantus said:

Seems that NCL has cancelled all their November, 2020 cruises...will RCG follow suit?? Stay tuned ...

Image may contain: text that says '2020 January 2021 February March January April February May March June April July May June August July September October August November September October December November December'

Not saying that this is happening,  but I could potentially see a day (probably next year) where the lines have to stop selling cruises that are out in the schedule because they are over capacity. 

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