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Restart Dates

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9 minutes ago, MichelleB1234 said:

Ok, so if cruising in the US restarts March/April 2021 and Matt and others had previously suggested a phased restart, would the Alaska 2021 season started on time or be delayed?  Can someone check with magic 8 ball because we are scheduled to go to Alaska in June 2021?

The magic 8 ball has broken and is no longer functioning...............thanks 2020.  Pick a random yes or a random no to answer your question about the Alaska 2021 season.  Both answers are correct, potentially.  (Of course, no one knows what is going to actually happen.....)

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On 6/11/2020 at 5:47 PM, Jill said:

Oh man, if this is the case, I’m barely squeaking in my October 17 Symphony 

Guess I would believe the North American ports w/Carribean before any of the European routes.  I think they'll still be arguing about who gets let in for tourism through 2020.   I'm wondering if we see Apex pulled from Europe and deployed in Carribean this year.

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13 hours ago, Jill said:

If schools open in August in Florida and it goes well, we will be cruising by October.

My daughter's college here in NJ is also planning to open in early August instead of September, as a way to try and be ahead of any fall spike that shuts the schools down early. They're taking a lot of precautions, including having all voice majors do their vocal training and rehearsals outdoors under open canopies to minimize the risk of spread as much as possible. Yes, singing causes more spread than coughing or sneezing in some cases!

We'll see how it goes, but I honestly think it's going to take more than the college kids being responsible to get a broader reopening in the fall. Though it might be a bit easier to pull off in Florida, where fall means comfortable outdoor weather every day (when there isn't a storm blowing through, anyway).

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