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Different types of cruise ship guests:

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I guess both my wife and I are hybrids of the Ghost/Regular/Vlogger... 

"Ghost" is too extreme... maybe somewhere in between. We are friendly, appreciative, respectful, and interact with the crew and have a good time, but we do not go out of our way to interact or distract the crew.

Not quite a "Regular", and you certainly would not want me to take over as Captain, but I am a big researcher before I go on any cruise! I like to know as much as I can before I step foot on the ship so I can relax. We learn so much here on this blog, on Facebook and on YouTube. I joke with my wife that by the time we board the ship we already know the layout and technical specs by heart!

Not a "Vlogger", but an aspiring blogger for our forum/blog, LOL... love to share our experiences with everyone and truly enjoy reading and learning from others! :27_sunglasses:


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I'm more of a ghost I guess. I don't want to make any scenes, or annoy anyone, especially crew. We do the things we like to do, we realize there thousands of other people on this ship and we are no more special than anyone else. We do enjoy talking to the crew a little bit but they are busy and we don't want to be a pain to then. We are always pleasant to the crew because they are incredible people for the most part. 

Now as far as other passengers go, well that is a totally different story. 99.5 are just fine but there are those few, those dam few that are A-holes and think the ship belongs to them and the crew are their slaves. I explain it like this, there is usually 2-3 times on a cruise I want to turn around knock a passenger out for mistreating a crew member. Boy that steams me!

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Guess I'm a mix of Ghost and Go-Getter. To be fair, crew on German cruise lines just isn't very chatty. Good morning/day etc. usually sums up the conversation so  being on a Royal cruise was a steep learning curve. Go-Getter could be anyone, FOMO is a real thing 🙂 On Symphony I had a spreadsheet to make sure we went to each restaurant and bar at least once. I think we only missed Jazz on 4.

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