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On our recent Anthem of the Seas cruise we made a nifty DIY door decoration with our name on it.  (Wooden anchor we spray painted red and embellished with white letters spelling out our last name, then glued on magnets to the back of it.)  I hung it above the peephole just incase a little person walking by was tempted to touch it.  Someone took it on the first day during sailaway!  We walked up and down the passageways near our room in case it was a prank and someone put it on a different door.  No luck.  It was really gone!.  We mentioned this to our stateroom attendant who notified the head of housekeeping.  They told us that Security could probably get it back for us because there are cameras every where in the hallways.  We went down to guest services to fill out a request and were interviewed by security.  By the next morning we had a message on our phone that our item had been retrieved.  It had not been damaged.  Hurrah!  (Not sure who would want an anchor with our names on it!)

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Just now, Matt said:

I always thought situations like this are more about moving the signs to annoy the person, than actually steal it.

I had one your "I learned everything about this cruise at roycaribbeanblog.com" magnets stolen off my door.  They left all the other magnets.  

I figured they were too lazy to note the URL so stealing the magnet was easier for them to figure out how to find your site.

The good news is more people learned about your awesome site.  The bads news is a magnet thief may be reading this post.  🤣

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