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  1. On our last cruise there were people who showed up and simply walked off with a excursion group. When asked they simply said they lost their stickers. We had priority tendering but they simply led us down and put us in line with everybody else. So much for that
  2. Lots of people like to spend lots of money on cruises. It's a vacation so why not splurge? On the other hand some people see cruising as just a getaway. They don't spend a dime more than they have to. That's okay too. In fact saving money like that may allow them to do more cruises.
  3. When we made diamond we went to the C&A office and asked for them. The guy reached into a drawer and handed them to us without even checking who we were or whether we had even earned them. I would imagine you could go and collect them all except perhaps Pinnacle. We stashed them away with all our other mementos of cruising. Don't have a problem with anyone wearing them. It seems like everybody and their brother are at lease Diamonds these days so having a D pin isn't much of a thing anymore. And.... I should have added...so why would anyone care if anyone else wore them or not?
  4. Or is it more snooty to wear the pins or list every cruise you've ever been on in your signature?
  5. So is it more snooty to wear them, or to look down on somebody who does?
  6. You should buy Royal stock using your Costco visa. Double bonus
  7. Well, if we didn't live 1500 miles from a port we'd probably be D+ by now.
  8. We're diamond. Just need 11 more cruises to get to D+ so maybe in 5 years we'll make it at the rate we do cruises. Less if we do a Jr. suite once in awhile. We do have two cruises coming up. One in early Dec, one next Feb. The issue is we've been all over the east, west and southern Caribbean multiple times so that means Europe, the med, maybe Alaska. We spent a month in Alaska camping a couple years ago we've never cruised there.
  9. We primarily use Cru Con. good agents and added perks. They'll assign an agent to you. We lost our long time one during covid but got another who is really good.
  10. No tipping on ships. The tip is already added, that's enough.
  11. Also be aware that the lines tend to be shorter when in various ports when a lot of people go ashore on excursions. Personally I don't think you need to buy lessons. Just go with the flow and you'll pick it up soon enough.
  12. There are so many diamond/elites on X now that it has pretty much become meaningless. We were on X three times this year. A 7 nighter, a 10 nighter and 12 nighter. Had drinks as part of our inclusive package so the happy hour drinks meant nothing and they didn't serve appetizers on any of the cruises. We did get the laundry done on our 12 nighter, but not on the other two. We did go to the Captain's party fpr elite and up on one of the cruises but it was so packed you could hardly move. We skipped it on the other two.
  13. I bought a hundred shares this summer when it was 32. It is at $50.72 today. I also bought 100 shares of Carnival @ 9.37 at the same time because we may go back on Princess once in awhile or maybe Cunard or Holland America. You get the same benefit as RCL. Carnival is at 10.74 but it's bound to jump up higher. It was at 27 a year ago. Just been looking at NCL as well. We started cruising on NCL back in the day. Have 4 cruises with them including two in Hawaii, the last one in 2018. It'll take us forever to get to diamond + on RCL so we were thinking of trying NCL again depending on ship, itinerary and price. NCL stock was at 59 in Dec 2019 before covid, currently at 15.09. It's bound to go back up.
  14. Just thought I would throw this out there. We just booked a cheap ocean view cabin on this cruise back to the ABCs. We were on the Explorer in 2001 for an eastern Caribbean cruise. Back on her again in 2017 for the ABCs which was one of our favorite cruises. Looking forward to both the Explorer and the ABCs
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