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Question: "1 Device"

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I have a question about the Surf & Stream "1 Device" package.

I am allegedly on vacation for my cruise but some of y'all know how that goes.

I have already purchased the S&S 1 Device package as I saw it for a nice $13.99 although I am still keeping an eye on it as I have heard some have seen it as low as $11.99.

I do not plan to deal with work email BUT there are a handful of situations where I might have to in an emergency.

The question is: if I have the 1 device package, I assume I can log my personal cell phone off the network and log my work iPad on in the rare instance I need to check email?

Then I can log that off and back on with my personal phone?

I've already cleared it with my business partners that IF I need to be online/email for an extended period of time doing actual WORK then I just pop down to where ever you purchase things and use my work expense account to pay for a second device (or however that sorts out, net net, work will cover if I need that).

Just wanted to make sure I understood correctly. "1 Device" means one device but I should be able to alternate which device I use?


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I will just pipe in with the fact that you can ensure that you force a log off of a device by going to logoff.com while connected to royal wifi. It will kick off whatever device you are on to allow another to login. Sometimes just logging in on another device will kick the first one off, but in case it gives you an error, use the logoff.com method. 

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A good way to think of the Voom plans is to add the words "at a time" to the end.  So 1 Device "at a time" or 2 Devices "at a time".  There's no actual limit to the number of physical devices you can use.  However, if your multiple devices involve multiple people, you could potentially finish writing a long email (or a post on this blog), hit send, and find that you've already been logged off by someone else in your family and you've just lost all that work!

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5 hours ago, L454S said:

You can also make phone calls while you are on line, not just emails. Enable wifi calling with your phone in airplane mode and make calls to your business as you would at home from anywhere .

Thank you! I am still trying to wrap my head around how that works. I have it on my phone at home but it doesn't always seem to work.

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