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Another interesting point about The Key on my sailing on Symphony on 11/2...I purchased it originally at $19.99 and later cancelled it to use the money for more specialty dining...when I looked afterwards, it was showing as sold out. Now, today, it is for sale again at $29.99...it had hit a high of $34.99.

I wonder if they added capacity for it or if people are cancelling it leading up to the sailing.

With the prospect of Chops/Jamie's embarkation day lunch being in in the MDR, it isn't interesting to me any longer. I wonder if it's the same for others.

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On 10/8/2019 at 3:56 PM, gwbaker said:

I purchased The Key for our Oasis of the Seas trip, 2/9/20 for $24.99 last week.  Today and email came stating on sale.  Not sure if other dates/ships are affected, but it is currently $21.99.  Saved almost $50 with a refund and repurchase.

I am on the same sailing and I bought The Key about 2 weeks ago for $21.99.  I keep looking daily to see if it goes down further.  That in addition to the drinks package.  $55 daily is just too much. 

Glad you saved money! 

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