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Casino Royale and wife who does not Gamble


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My status at Casino Royale is Prime and I receive offers throughout the year.

My wife however does not gamble and does not receive any offers.

I only play slot’s and will most likely never get above Prime.


My question is this.

Should I use my wife’s Sea Pass Card in an effort to get her some points so that she might receive some offer’s. 



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They are going to have a problem when you hit that hand pay....and you aren't your wife.

To 'get' around this, I take my wife (who does not gamble) and make her sit at the machine and rinse a little money through on each trip.  I stand with her because otherwise she wouldn't do it ;).  Last trip she ended up $1000 or so on slots.

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Ok, I really need to chime in on this one....  Choice is 1 point to 2,499... Prime is 2,500 all the way to 24,999 & at 25,000 you become signature.. Come on !!!!  That is such a HUGE difference!  I may get 7,000 - 8,000 per cruise, but I am nowhere near 25,000 points, so I absolutely used my wife's card after getting to 2,400 (I may have put 7,000 on mine, then used hers)!   I didn't get a hand payout, so now we will get (2) inside cabins vs. (1)... Playing the system?  Maybe, but come on RCL - why not have a interim break point at 12,000 or so (mid point) for an outside or promenade interior or central park view room.  Maybe if spending didn't have to go from a few thousand pulls to tens of thousands of pulls (I am exaggerating the actual pulls, but there is a significant difference). via a slot machine there would be more incentive NOT to use another persons card (a/k/a something obtainable to shoot for vs. knowing you will never make the next tier).

FYI, I'm not being cheap or factoring what type of machine you play or how much you spend, other than the points system is so broad from level 1 to level 2 (not so hard), to level 3 being VERY challenging, I'm doing this every year I can in order to get 2 cruises vs 1

Sorry  maybe a little out of the rules, but what has RCL done for players who go 300% - 400% of the 2,400 points ?? - You literally have to bet 1000% of prime to get to signature???  I tell every host, they don't control it.  They also don't freak out when I talk with them about it.

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39 minutes ago, Mathias said:

So you get one point per dollar you play, or is it one point per dollar you win? I go and play for 2.500 $ and I automatically generated a new cruise. Do I understand that correctly?

Points for slots is $5 in play gives you one point. Video poker is $10 in play for one point.

Table games, bust out a ouija board for point calculations. Going to vary based on game, length of play, and average bet.

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My wife is Prime with a ways to go before Signature so it is not in our future to get there. She gets multiple offers for cruises all year so we have not paid for one other than taxes and gratuities for the last three years and we go at least three times a year. Only down side for me is she gets free drinks in the casino and I do not. Not a big deal as the total drink bill is less than both of us getting the UDP.

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