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Hello... about drinking...

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Hello everyone.  I am new here.  In fact, I just signed up to this forum four minutes ago.  This after browsing for a little while.  Looks like a great deal of information from experienced folks.  Way to go!

I have never been on a cruise ship, of any sort.  But, one day I will.  I've seen some interesting videos that talk about the ALLURE, OASIS, SYMPHONY, and such.  I think if I do go... I want to be on one of the biggies! 

Okay, let me get to my question.  Regarding drinking.  If I order a pina colada, will someone there be making one in a blender?  Y'know, a really really good pina colada?  Just asking.  Here, in Las Vegas, most of the casinos (and, some restaurants too) just have the slushy machines & they throw in a shot of rum.  They're very so-so.  But, they let a bartender make a pina colada in five seconds.  Blah.

Anyhow, this is my first post... sorry if it was too wordy.  Thank you!!!  


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30 minutes ago, VegasFella said:

If I order a pina colada, will someone there be making one in a blender?

Yes, it will be made for the most part individually in a blender. Sometimes if multiple people order one they might make a larger batch, still it is blender made.

Also some ships and even bartenders might blend in rum then add a floater while other might just add the rum to the bottom of a glass then added the blended drink on top of it. 


Also, welcome to the boards!

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1 hour ago, marti314 said:

The Pina Coladas are "GOOD" but they just come from the pre-mix sugary ISLAND OASIS carton.  And yes it only takes a few seconds to dump a bunch of ice into a blender with a lot of the mix and have your drink ready.


Changed over to Sunsational over a year ago. Still it is a carton of sugary frozen drink mix...



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I found these adorable silicone straws on Amazon that are collapsible and pack in this cute little pill shaped tube thing for easy bringing your straw with you.    So I picked up 4 so that we will have eco friendly straws that travel small and can be put in a purse or pocket.  They can be boiled to clean them, its safe to put in the dishwasher at home as well to clean.  I just intend to clean my straws in the sink in my room with some hot water.   

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On 5/8/2019 at 10:05 PM, VegasFella said:

Okay... umm, a paper straw?  How can you drink a drink with a paper straw!?

(rolling my eyes here)

Thanks for the advice.  When I do take my first ever cruise, I will pack some NORMAL straws in my carry-on.

We had no problems with the paper straws last month on Grandeur.  We only had a few frozen drinks, but not once did they start to fall apart.  Maybe we just drink our drinks too quickly. 😄 We don't usually use a straw for anything other than the frozen drinks.  We brought our own metal straws with a cleaning brush, and they never left the cabin.  

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