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SMH - How Royal Process Credit Card Refunds

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I had to cancel two refundable bookings.  Each had a $250 deposit.  The two deposits were charged separately as two distinct $250 charges. 

 Here is how Royal refunded them:


Only explanation I can think of is that their credit card agreement must contain some verbiage that provides greater relief for processing multiple credits under specific amounts compared to simply refunding the original charges. 

Or... their IT department strikes again.  

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Someone else commented when I made a similar post a year or three ago that they wondered if they credited different things like revenue, taxes, fees, etc. separately since they were assigned to different "departments/accounts" in the RCL system.

It was the best explanation I have ever heard ....

It is only RCL as far as I know, have had refunds from CCL and NCL and both came back as clean single lines ... no math degrees required to figure out if I had my money back or not.

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I had multiple odd value refunds from Royal for cruise planner purchases and OBC adjustments due to a canceled cruise.  The last one occurred near my final payment date and was an over credit to me.   But it was so confusing they couldn't get me a value for the final balance due for almost 4 weeks.   My travel agency kept thinking each time I talked to them it would be resolved within the phone call.   So I had several calls with 1 hour+ waits on hold.    About 5 hours total.  Finally I received a final balance number but they didn't sound confident.  I paid it.   Then on followup call I got another final balance number.  And I paid that.  Crazy.   I now have a final invoice but since I was past the final payment date by weeks I was a little concerned they would cancel despite the issue being their fault. You know like the right hand not knowing what the left is doing.  The travel agents couldn't believe it was so complicated and frankly RCCL had me confused as well.  

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My agent secured an OBC for the confusion.   It was a crazy mess and had me watching everyday to make sure my reservation was still active and not inadvertently cancelled.   If I was a new customer I would have had a terrible first impression.   I am so looking forward to this cruise so hopefully with this behind me it will be smooth sailing from here on out.   

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