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  1. The pier you are looking at probably isn't the one you will be embarking from. The pier closer to old San Juan is usually used by ships in San Juan for the day. The pier next to a small airport is where we have always boarded. We have been very pleased with Uber when we are in Puerto Rico.
  2. We sailed on a spring break cruise once. It was fine, but we like to tell people there were so many kids in the pool that when one jumped in, two were squirted out!
  3. Is this true for Bayonne as well? Our train gets to Newark Penn Station at 9:30. thanks
  4. October 5th is sold out. I was hemming and hawing and finally called one morning last week. There weren't any balconies left, just an inside and a suite. They called back that afternoon that a balcony was available. I took it. At that point in time the suite and inside were gone.
  5. Mine come when called, although I do wonder what the nearest neighbors think when I am calling "horse critters " versus "boys" for the dogs and "girls" for the sheep. I will have to look up how to train a horse to drink water though.
  6. We've sailed on the Jewel several times. I really like ship. The vast majority of of the staff are super helpful. I've been tempted by her Norway itinerary and almost booked it this week. Enjoy the ship.
  7. YOLO,... Just booked a cruise this week out of Bayonne in October. I will be checking train schedules versus driving ... Even though we are between Baltimore and Philly, I am already feeling nervous about missing the boat!
  8. We have thought about taking Amtrak to the Newark airport and ubering over to the cruise port. That way we aren't worrying over traffic and don't have a car to park at the cruise port. We haven't done this, but we live close to an Amtrak stop.
  9. We were on one of the Empress cruises this fall because we wanted to see Cuba. We decided not to go even withe 50% off they were offering. I keep looking at a world map and see how little I've experienced. I had booked non-refundable flight to MIA on AA. The return flights were on SW. So, I started to look at what we could or we could fly to that we haven't been to before or was too good a deal to pass up. So now we are flying to SXM and we can see the people on Maho Beach. We are going to do some diving and either take the ferry or a commuter flight to St Bart's, (it has been a bucket list it
  10. We've done three or four cruises (5 maybe?) out of San Juan. I love going to the southern Caribbean. I will go again as soon as the stars align. I haven't been able to find cheap airfare to go to aBonaire so it will to be another cruise so I can stare across the lagoon there and not go diving. I haven't been on that ship, but I wouldn't hesitate. I like to go out of San Juan since you are already in the Caribbean.
  11. This was years ago when we did a cruise in Europe that started in Barcelona. We met a couple who had seen people being denied boarding because their luggage had been stolen in the lobby of the hotel as they were checking in. The passports were in their luggage. The cruise compass said to carry nothing valuable in Rome. I'm glad I followed the instructions, the backpack I was wearing had every single compartment opened as I was walking. They didn't take my water or spare car key that I had forgotten was in the pack. our table companions, almost fell victim to the "baby" ploy at
  12. We've taken a few cruises out of San Juan. The mix has always been different, but fun. I prefer to go the southern Caribbean . The worst part is the over weight guys in their skimpy Speedos!
  13. I love you all. I constantly check and double check, especially after I did something like this. Years ago, when my girls were little we flew into Florida to go to Disney and visit relatives. I had booked the car for the day before! Luckily, there was another car available. i can't even blame it on a Muscato!
  14. A quick update on our future cruise credit. The email said it expires May 31, 2020 for us. The travel agent that I was using said we needed to be booked by then. I wasn't so confident about that so I called Royal and was told that we needed to use it by the end of May.
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