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  1. BeatArmy2010

    Wine in Puerto Rico

    We just got off the Jewel of the Seas. I don't have the receipt available but we found a place called the House that had a decent selection
  2. BeatArmy2010

    Happy January Sailing ⛵️

    5th and 9th Jewel
  3. BeatArmy2010

    Southern Caribbean Cruises

    San Juan is one of our favorite ports to leave from. You are already in the warmth. The old town is great... the only complaint I've ever had is one the taxi driver left us at the Celebrity ship when we were going on Royal Caribbean or maybe it was vice versa... plus if you sail out of San Juan, you're helping that island recover from the hurricane. we will be there in less than a month!
  4. BeatArmy2010

    Best and worst: aft balconies

    I'll add that to my list of cruising essentials! We've aft balconies booked on the Jewel and for Norway. thanks
  5. BeatArmy2010

    Best and worst: aft balconies

    Did you bring the hammock or was it already set up?
  6. BeatArmy2010

    Has anyone ever gifted a cruise?

    We gifted cruises to different family members one year. We left cards under their trees with a map of the itinerary, flight information, etc...
  7. BeatArmy2010

    Never know where cruising will lead...

    We did the Coast Starlight from LA to Seattle several years ago before a cruise. Both parts were great and I would do it again. We met people who said they do the train ride in every season because it changes so much. I also want to take the train between Seattle and Vancouver sometime. It is supposed to be a beautiful ride. one word of caution though. Make sure there is plenty of time built into your itinerary between the train ride and the cruise. Just as things can go wrong with flights so can they on train rides. On our trip, there was an onboard emergency. This delayed our train so the window for the track use had to be changed. I had built in 36 hours between the cruise and the end of the train ride and was glad I had. there are some trains I have been looking at in Africa and in Asia... so big a world, so little time!
  8. BeatArmy2010

    Scissors - can I bring a small pair

    We usually have scissors in the toiletry bag and have never had any issues. We have been called to the naughty room for a pocket knife.
  9. BeatArmy2010

    Dubai Cruises with RCI

    We were in Dubai about a year and a half ago on I think the Splendor of the Seas on one of its last voyages as an Rc ship. We stayed in Dubai for an extra day thanks to bad weather in DC cancelling our flight. there were lots of people selling tourist services at the hotel we stayed at. We hired a driver to show us Dubai. I didn't want to see the malls. We went to historic fort. That was interesting. We saw the entrances of some over the top hotels. I want some of the full sized gold colored horses! we took the rail line out to Palm Island. I was a little slow in realizing that the houses and waterways seen from above were what we were gazing at from the train. we drove past the royal residences. You couldn't really see anything. we went past all the car dealerships... We drove around the business district with the Burj Calif at night. The photos don't do it justice. the bonus day in Dubai, we got instructions on using the light rail line. We went to both ends to see everything. We went to the mall that has the ski slope and the penguins. Walked around downtown. there were camel rides and dune buggy experiences for sale. If we had time, I would have done a sailing on one of the traditional vessels. have a great time.
  10. BeatArmy2010

    Labor Day Sale

    I'm disappointed. A cruise I was looking at went up in price, along with airfare. My cutoff for a cheap cruise was exceeded along with more vacation days than I wanted to boss hadn't approved my leave request.
  11. BeatArmy2010

    Radiance Class Aft Balcony

    We are trying an aft balcony in January on Jewel of the Seas. I had heard they were nice on this blog. I love reading a book and looking at the ocean.
  12. BeatArmy2010

    Flights out of Rome to Philly

    It would be a hardship to have an extra day or two in Rome. Not. on a serious note, what about flying into Newark and taking a train to PHL?
  13. BeatArmy2010


    I've been looking and comparing cruises. I want to see all the architecture in Old Havana. I really like going to Cartagena for the old walled city. I was close to booking and remembered October is part of hurricane season.
  14. BeatArmy2010

    So about the remaining deployments...

    Jewel is doing two Panama Canal transits. i was wondering when May 2020 cruises will be posted. Thanks
  15. BeatArmy2010

    Favorite Cruise Drinks

    My oldest is in the Marines. I see you are in New Bern. Are you active duty? I've made many trips to the Providence area, Annapolis, New River area, Monterey, DC.