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  1. Since I believe it sounds as if you booked these cruises yourself, through RCI, then you will need to call them directly to have these changes made.


    Do NOT cancel the cruises....let them handle this.  If you cancel then you relinquish all benefits associated with your original booking.  If you let THEM handle it, they can oftentimes move things sideways without cancelling anything....or move benefits from one booking to another.


    I know a lot of people disagree with me on this, but I have found that the customer service agents really do try and help you, if they can.  Sure, there are bad ones that don't go out of their way to help but for the most part, they do.  They will USUALLY tell you which is the better deal - the one you already have or the one you are looking to change to.  I have had customer service agents get it wrong before...but that is infrequent, in my experience.  You can ALWAYS call back and get another agent and trust me, I have done that MANY times.  There are also often different rules for rebooking reservations in different parts of the world so just b/c I am able to rebook doesn't mean that you can do it exactly the same way in Aust/NZ.


    Dan (DH) tells me that I trade cruises like they trade "futures" in the stock market.  Actually, he's right !  I book a bunch of them and then move the money around, consolidate, rebook, upgrade, reprice - even (God forbid) CANCEL a cruise every now and then.  It's part of the fun !

  2. I booked a couple of days ago but this means that I will now have to choose between this cruise and my already-booked Christmas 2017 cruise on Adventure out of SJ.  Decisions, decisions.


    I got a VERY good rate on the Adventure due to a computer glitch on "opening day".  I snagged an Owner's Suite at an already good price but when you add the Club Royale discount to it, it was really GREAT.  I would have to cancel that if I stay with the Harmony in Sept.


    Originally I booked a Crown Loft Suite on Harmony but really wanted a suite that qualifies for the Star level service.  Yesterday, I got it !  One of the 2 BR Aqua Theater Suites opened up and I snatched it.  This pretty much seals the deal on which cruise we will choose ! I hate to give up a good price deal on Adventure but I don't think I can turn away another 2 BR ATS !  I have one for our Feb. 2017 cruise (also on Harmony) and I think I will want that Star service again ! 


    Looks like we will probably be going with the group again !  We had such a blast last time !

  3. Thanks, Kat.  I am so glad that you're doing this "old school" blog.  I do not "scope" so this is my only way to follow along with you.  I am sorry about your sail-away.  I know how hard you worked on your beautiful sign and how much you were looking forward to being on deck.  As the others have said...just put it out of your mind.  It was still a beautiful day and you are on a cruise !!


    I read on CC that the decks were completely empty when the ship sailed away. Some were even speculating that the ship was empty !  ...so you were part of an exciting conspiracy theory.  Glad it wasn't true (not that it could have been !).


    BTW, when did they do the lifeboat drill ??

  4. Unfortunately, the first photo posted is just about what MIA looked like this morning at 8 AM. Got there 3.5 hours early and it took about 2.5 hours to get to the gate. That being said, flying to MIA early morning last week before the cruise was no problem. We flew out of 2 different airports on the first flights and it was a breeze.

    Glad you made it through ok !

  5. As a rule, the formal nights are on sea days/nights.  BUT that does not have to be the case. 


    With your itinerary, I would expect the formal nights to be night 2 and night 6.  Night 2 is a sea day...almost a guarantee that it will be a formal night.  Your last sea day is night 7 but formal night is rarely the last night of the cruise so I would expect your second formal night to be the day you visit Labadee, which is night 6. 

  6. Kris, I think that Lost Mayan Kingdom thing must be pretty new.  I have never heard of it until just a week or so ago.  It looks pretty cool !


    I think you probably are right to make the change.  While I LOVE Maya Chan, it's just another all-inclusive beach day and would not have the array of interactive stuff that the Lost Mayan Kingdom thing looks to have.


    ...and you're right about Cozumel.  There are dozens of options for an all-inclusive beach day there !


    I LOVE Costa Maya.  It is one of my very favorite ports.  I will be going there on the Freedom next month but unfortunately, Maya Chan was booked for the day that we will be there.  Will just have to settle for Mahahual (sp ???) with the $20 beach massages, the bucket of $1 Coronas and the freshly caught and grilled lobsters.  Tough life.

  7. This is a perk that gets me confused b/c there are some tours that are C&A level tours and some are suites perks.


    As I recall, there were 3 tours we could choose to take - all or none, if you wanted.  Bridge, Galley and entertainment.  Now, whether we were invited to those b/c we were in a suite or b/c we are D+, I'm not sure.


    We ALWAYS take the bridge tour.  I LOVE doing that one on every ship - even if I've been on that ship before.  We have done a number of galley tours now so we don't normally do that one anymore.  The entertainment tour was a *yawn* for us so we never take that one.  It was fun once...but don't need to see the dressing rooms and lighting and audio pit more than once.


    ...and as I've said many times before, I always recommend the All Access Tour.  It's a bit pricey but worth it, IMO.

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